Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Death Spiral Economics

I hate to be cynical, but you know, I think John Boehner is down playing the crisis that will be caused by Obamacareless. After all, he merely called it "armageddon", when the words "death spiral" are more appropriate. After all, that's what we're at the beginning of: America's death spiral.

Anyone who can't see the writing on the wall is willfully blind. When Catepillar, AT&T and others sent out notices that Obamacareless will cost them gazillions of dollars, they weren't kidding, despite what the Mayor of Whoville, Henry Waxman thinks. Those weren't CEO's bemoaning the fact that they can't buy another ivory backscratcher because they had to pay for the health care of their janitors, they were threatening layoffs. When the laid off workers can't find jobs in the coma like job market, they'll be on the government health plan, along with collecting unemployment. Big Mommy will be overwhelmed and will do the only thing she knows how to do: Raise taxes to pay for the added expenses. The economy will contract again. Then, these additional tax hikes will cause more contraction and more people will be on the government dole, so Big Mommy will do the only thing she knows how to do, she'll raise taxes, and maybe hand another $198 million dollars to Fillipino World War II veterans and call it a "Stimulus" plan. This vicious cycle will continue on and on, until our Not So Friendly Neighborhood Loan Shark buddy China decides to start nationalizing American businesses operating on Chinese soil. After all, the loans must be repaid, and it won't matter who pays it, Big Mommy or privately owned US corporations. Oh I forgot to mention, The United States's bond rating will be at FFF at this point and our currency will be worth less than Zimbabwe's. (Although, it will be kinda cool to have a billion dollar note in my wallet.)

The economy will break down like a 1978 Chevy that has over a million miles on it. Chairman Obama or some other Progressivevik half wit will decide that capitalism is dead, and not even crony capitalism can be trusted anymore. Thus, it will be in the "best interests" of the American Sheeple if Big Mommy runs the economy for a while, with a promise that once the crisis has abated, she will put down her emergency powers. However, that day will never come, since Rome wasn't built in a day, nor was it built on a scrap heap. Somewhere in Hell, Saul Alinsky will be smiling. America will be a Soviet Socialist Republic puppet state under China's control.

Hey barkeep! Give me another Victory gin with saccarine and cloves! I feel depressed again......

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The New Newspeak Dictonary

In George Orwell's novel Nineteen Eighty-Four, (Yes, that again. I daresay that it's closer than ever.) he introduced the concept of "newspeak", in which Big Brother controlled the denizens of Oceania by controlling their speech. Forget banning Free Speech, that's too much work, why not simply destroy words ? Create new ones ?

Our Progressivevik friends have been up to this for years, by screeching like rats with inflamed hemorrhoids when certain words were spoken. Certain words were now verboten like Founding Fathers, God, superior, victory, failure, socialism, Constitution, and Limabugh. Anyone caught using those words, and not the approved replacements like secular humanist founders, mother earth, exploitation, bailout, spreading the wealth around, useless hemp paper, and Cross Burner, you're likely to be sent to the Ministry of Love to be cured, or at very least be called a teabagging Nazi bigot homophobe who read Liberal Fascism at Walmart because you would never visit the eco-friendly library.

Well, I'm just as good at making words as the Overbearing Opposition. Below is a few examples from the Conservative Newspeak Dictionary, not in alphabetical order, mind you, since I'm an illiterate teabagger, right, Frank Witch ? Moron Dowd ?

Nostrilling-- The act of shoving your nose where it doesn't belong, like Henry Waxman, who has very large nostrils to say the least. See how Inner Party member Waxman demanded proof from those greedy CEO's that Obamacare would bankrupt them ? That's nostrilling.

Obamacareless-- A reckless wealth redistribution scheme that's completely unconstitutional and our President could care less. Obamacareless!

Yes We Can!-- A fascist war cry shouted by the Legislative Branch after they shove through legislation that no one in their right mind wants or needs. Can we rip the Constitution into tiny pieces ? Yes We Can! Can we off Grandma without sending her to Auschwitz but make it look we're trying to save money ? Yes We Can! Can we ban salt ? Yes We Can! Can we turn the United States into a third rate socialist banana republic ? Yes We Can! Can we take over student loans, banks, car manufacturers, and financial services companies and pretend it's not socialism ? Yes We Can! Can we stifle the opposition with the Fairness Doctrine ? Yes We Can!

Gay Rights-- Something far more important, than, oh, I don't know, than a fetus's right not be murdered by a vacuum cleaner.

The Lie/ False Religion of Global Warming-- A bizarre religion that involves bizarre poetry by its high priest Al Snore. An article of faith in this religion requires the adherent to believe that the earth has a fever in the middle of the most vicious winter in years.

Big Mommy-- A sinister form of fascist government that runs your life for you for your own good. Keep in mind, it may be construed as racist if you call minority politicians Big Brother, leading to a possible hate crime indictment. Watch what you think, Comrade. Some thoughts are illegal now, and you certainly wouldn't want to commit a thoughtcrime would you ?

As we can see, we can all make up words or change definitions. It's not hard. After all Rachel Maddcow did with the word teabagger, despite her amoeba like intellect.

Yes We Can, indeed.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

That Hopey Changey Crap

My favorite Sarah Palin-ism is "How's that Hopey Changey thing working out for ya ?" It's a polite way of saying "You voted for a socialist, you idiots." (I, being the miserable old Conservative that I am, would use much, much stronger language if I were allowed to.)

Well, how's that Hopey Changey thing really working out in some of Chairman Obama's stronghold states.? I had my lovely and talented assistant, Absolutely Nograhamnesty, work a little OT and this is what she found out.

Let's be fair and start with my beloved Florida, who helped Chairman Obama into power by handing him 51% of the vote over the old sourpuss, John McPain. As of February 2010's stats, Florida has its highest unemployment rate in its history at 12.2%. Under the evil George W. Hitler, in May of 2006, Florida had its lowest unemployment rate in its history at 3.3%. Hey, my fellow plastic white shoe wearers, how's that Hopey Changey thing working out for us ?

The lamestream media was all a-buzz after the Obamgasm in Virginia, in which the venerable state gave the future dictator 53% of the vote. The leftist pundits declared that Virginia was just as socialist as, say, California. (Believe me, we'll get to the Land of Fruits and Nuts shortly. There's no way in hell I'm letting those nincompoops off the hook.) What has happened since election night ? Virginia had the living sh-- scared out of them by Obama's socialist rhetoric, that's what. They immediately elected as governor Bob McDonnell, a man so Conservative, Rush Limbaugh calls him "sir". Virginia has no patience for that Hopey Changey thing, that's for sure. As of this writing, Governor McDonnell has signed a bill that outlaws Obamacareless in Virginia and is currently locking horns with the federal government. Ah, Thomas Jefferson would be proud.

The Soprano State of New Jersey, as was expected, rolled over for Obama in the '08 Selection. They too, realized what a big mistake our Dear Leader was and did not want to get the Ol' Bada Bing under the weight of Obama's socialist schemes. Their response to the creeping fascism of the Obama regime ? Bright Blue Jersey elected Chris Christie, the largest Republican in captivity. What has Christie done since his miracle victory over the hated Jon Corzine ? He's been busy slashing budgets like a coked out samurai warrior, much to the delight of his constituents. The Soprano State gave the Hopey Changey thing the Luca Brasi treatment.

Then, there's Kennedychusetts, the land where Camelot was born. After Teddy assumed room temperature, it was a given that some other Progressivevik would take his place. After all, Kennedychusetts had been hands down taken by Obama with a whopping 62% percent of the vote during the '08 Popularity Contest. Well, the spirit of the American Revolution hasn't quite died yet in Kennedychusetts. Scott Brown and that damn pick up truck wiped the mat with Marcia/Martha (I'm still waiting Congressman Kennedy. What was her name again ?) in the special election to replace the Chappaquidick Murderer. See, the folks in Kennedychusetts are more than just Red Sox fans. They realized full well that Obamacare was just a repeat of what they already had and hated. It would be just an unnecessary, brutal tax. So, they elected Scott Brown fully expecting him to be the 41st vote killing the monstrosity known as Obamacareless once and for all. Natually, Chairman Obama and his Merry Band of Socilaists ignored the will of the people and shoved it through, anyway. Tell me Kennedychusetts, how's that Hopey-Changey thing working out for you ?

Then, there's beautiful Nevada. The bright lights of Vegas handed Obama a 55% of their votes. Unfortunately, the marriage between Nevada and the Democrat party has been rocky, sort of like the marriage of Ace Rothstein and Ginger in Casino. Most of the state wants put the Democrat party in a hole in the desert. Harry "I Surrender" Reid would need to gain 10 points just have his approval rating aproach

anemic. Chairman Obama has twice insulted the city of Las Vegas prompting mayor Oscar Goodman (who was also in Casino) to proclaim that our Dear Leader was no longer welcome in his city. I guess Chairman Obama will have to go to Atlantic City to get comped. Oh, wait, Jersey's had enough of him, too. As of February 2010's stats, Nevada has its highest unemployment rate ever of 13.2%. So tell me, Nevada, is that Hopey Changey thing blackjack or a bust ? You can't even call it a push.

Hey, Indiana! You elected his Socialistship with 50% of your votes, right ? How's that Hopey Changey thing working out in Elkhart ? Yeah, I know, crappy, kind of like the performance Peyton Manning turned in against the Saints. That medical device tax in the Obamacareless scheme will work wonders for that 9.8 unemployment rate you have now. Tell me Elkhart, how's that Hopey Changey thing working out for you ? Do you like being the poster town of Feeding America public service announcements ?

There's the late, great state of Michigan. Things are miserable there. Things are so bad that the SilverDome sold for only $583,000! The unemployment rate is at a Depression-like 14.1%, despite the fact that Big Mommy bought two of the Mediocre Three car companies. Of course, Michigan voted for Chairman Obama at a 57% clip, since it's in the Third World and appreciated Obama's Third World politics. Well, now, how's that Hopey Changey thing working out for you ? From all appearances, it's miserable like the Detroit Lions and Tigers. Here's something for you to think about while you're waiting on line for "Obama money"( like in the infamous sound bite). They're building car manufacturing Joe Biden's home state of Delaware. I know you need the unions to do all your thinking, Michigan, but really, how's that Hopey Changey thing working out for you ?

Finally, there's California, the state that's even more broke than your Uncle Ralph with that pesky gambling problem. I don't even know where to begin. This is the state that gave us the joys of watching Babs Boxer and the Plastic Surgery Disaster Nancy Pelosi in action. Sure, they have a Republican governor that Mark Levin lovingly nicknamed "The Jerkinator". California has its highest ever unemployment rate of 12.5, according to their February 2010 statistics. The federal government has turned off the water pumps in the San Joaquim Valley, the most fertile land on earth to save the Delta Smelt, forcing farms to close, and get this, to import food to feed farm workers. Businesses are leaving in droves and the state handed out IOU's instead of tax refunds. Really, Cali, put down the bong for a second and tell me: How's that Hopey Changey thing working out for you ?

Tell me America...How's that Hopey Changey thing working out for all of us ?

Sources: CNN election map and Bureau of Labor Statistics

A Kick To America's Collective Groin

Recently, Chairman Obama requested 2.8 billion smackers for more aid to Haiti. In a letter to the Plastic Surgery Disaster known as Nancy Pelosi, Big Mommy wrote: "This request responds to urgent and essential needs," and my personal favorite "Therefore, I request these proposals be considered as emergency requirements." (Thanks, BBC!)

You know, it's funny how those words never flowed from our Chairman's lips or his pen when describing the situation in Afghanistan. During his speech at West Point that the cadets used as a sleep aid, he made a special point to moan about the cost of the surge, despite the fact that it was a question of national security. It's funny how those words never flowed from our Chairman's lips or his pen asking for actual tax cuts that would spur the economy. It's funny how those words flowed from his pen on the eve of the greatest tax hike in human history via the mystery meat known as Obamacare.

It's as if America took a kick to the groin without a cup.

I know, I'm a teabagging Nazi bigot homophobe who doesn't recycle while praying to St. Beck, I got it. I'm afraid I'm not letting this go, however. If I have to be the only Conservative in the United States to cry and sob about this, so be it. I don't care. I don't care because this money is coming out of my children's piggy banks. Their future is being mortgaged by nonsense like this. After all, we're broke. This money is being borrowed from China. Yes, I'm fully aware this isn't even 1% of the Stimulus bill. I know at this point 2.1 billion dollars is a rounding mistake when you take into consideration the massive costs of the government created stalemates in Iraq and Afghanistan, the Omnibus bill, Obamacareless, TARP, and all the other assorted bits of crap that the government fritters away our money on.

I'll be the first person to ask this, regardless of how many prayer vigils take place on my front lawn afterword: Why is this the on the backs of the American tax payer ? Why don't I have a say in where my money goes ? Given my druthers, since the money is going to be stolen from me no matter which party is in power, why not shore up the Indian Health Service ? There's a saying on the reservations that says: "Don't get sick after June" because that's when the funding for the IHS dries up. Those are Americans, original Americans might I add, being left to die. Why not beef that up ? Oh, that's not sexy enough for Obama's socialist and commie friends like Chavez and the Brothers Castro ? Ok, why not use that cold hard cash on The Big Tickle Fight on Terror ? I'll bet 2.1 billion smackers could buy a whole heap of ammo, body armor, and maybe some more drones to drop some more steel rain on al-Qaeda. Not only would that make loads of sense, it would be a 100% Constitutional expenditure. I know that may be foreign to Chairman Obama and his Merry Band of Socialists, but wouldn't it be cool if our Dear Leader had that same sense of urgency when it came to our troops ?

Yes, I understand it's a" humanitarian" thing to do, but I can say with 185.98% certainty that large amounts of this money will be wasted by Haiti's corrupt government. (But not as corrupt as "Crook County" in Illinois. Guess which city is in "Crook County" and guess which President started his fascist rise to power in that city.) They'll be back, hat in hand, begging for more. Now, of course, Chairman Obama will be more than happy to snatch more money out of his fellow citizens' hands, since they have enough already, and let's face it, it's good for everyone when you spread the wealth around. It doesn't matter that some working stiff is working longer hours than ever for it. It doesn't matter that every dollar we borrow from China bleeds a little more our sovereignty away. By God, that money doesn't belong to the individual, it belongs to the collective, not just the collective in the United States, but the collective of the whole world! We must think globally, as the Progressiveviks demand!

I'm fairly certain that this next paragraph will be thrown into the memory hole when I'm sent to The Ministry of Love for reeducation, but what the hell, I've got some time to kill while I'm waiting for my hate crime indictment for daring to question the left's newest sacred cow. I want the best for the people of Haiti, I really do. Here in Florida, we have a very large Haitian diaspora population, and as a whole, they are salt of the earth people. You won't meet a warmer or kinder people on God's green and not to mention scientifically proven cooling earth. There isn't a single nation on earth that doesn't deserve better than history has given them, that's for damn sure. There is a burning desire in Haiti to be free of oppression that pulls all the Libertarian strings in my heart, but I can't condone robbing Peter to pay Paul. We simply can't afford to adopt Haiti, not now, and certainly not after the Obamacareless debacle that was shoved down our throats. I've said it before, and I'll say it until the death panel offs me for being diabetic, private charities should be leading the way in Haiti, not the bloated, broke as hell federal government. We have a bunch of dolts running our federal government who couldn't lead ants to picnic, much less rebuild a country. (Do I really have to point out the difficulties we've had in endeavors such as this ? Do the words "Iraq" and "Afghanistan" ring a bell ? Sure, the situations in those hell holes are markedly different, but the failures in those countries don't give me any reason to believe Haiti will turn out any different.)

Do us all a favor, Chairman Obama. Kindly remove your jackboots before you kick us in the groin. It hurts!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Government Run Health Care...It's To Die For!

It takes a big man to admit it when he's wrong. After months and months of pissing and moaning about government run health care, I've actually found two examples of it being run well. Gosh, if I were sick, I'd go to these places if I didn't already have insurance that I PAID FOR MYSELF BY WORKING MYSELF TO DEATH AND NOT ONE PENNY WAS STOLEN FROM SOMEONE ELSE. Oh , never mind the stories you've heard about veterans getting hepatitis at VA hospitals from colonoscopies being performed with equipment that wasn't sterilized. Accidents happen, right ? Oh, those troubling rumors about the Indian Health Service ? You mean the one that has inspired the saying "Don't get sick after June" because the funding runs out ? Don't worry about that. It must be those Native American Teapartiers up to their old tricks again, don't fall for it! The government can run health care, and I can prove it!

At the "evil" place known as Club Gitmo, I found medical nirvana, but not quite the nirvana Chrissy Matthews gets when he thinks of Chairman Obama shirtless. Here's the four star review it got from on Feb. 18 2005:

"In every case, enemy combatants held here recieve medical care that is as 'as good as or better than anything we would offer our own solidiers, sailors, airmen or Marines,' the general in charge of US detention center said."

Nice, eh ? Our own guys go to filthy Walter Reed or get hepatitis at VA hospitals that have the cleanliness of a Turkish prison, but monsters like Khalid Shiekh Mohammed are treated like medical royalty. Why in the hell should we should close Gitmo ? We should use it as another Mayo Clinic! But you know, these scions of all that is unholy about humanity are people, too. If you think otherwise, you're a bigot Nazi teabagging homophobe that wears fur and doesn't recycle while listening to Rush Limbaugh and smoking. You know, nothing is too good for the fascist goon bags that want to murder innocent Americans and enslave us with Shariah law. No sir. To make sure these little lambs are good and healthy for their next jihad they, according to article, have Navy Corpsman (not Corpse-men, your Messiah-ship.) visit the cell blocks every two days or, "WHENEVER A DETAINEE REQUESTS CARE". That's right, Massachusetts, you of the Scott Brown miracle victory over Marcia/Martha whatever the hell her name was. (So, Congressman Kennedy, what was her name anyway ?) Yes, Commonwealth of the 50 Day Wait to See A Doctor, a dirt bag IED thrower who blew the legs off of a nineteen year old Marine can get medical care anytime his stone heart wants, but you, the tax payer who foots the bill, has to wait 50 days if you get a case of the sniffles or 70 days if you want to visit an OB/GYN. Gosh, I've never felt so patriotic.

So, as we can see, government health care works wonders for those who want to ram planes into buildings, but what about your plain jane crack and meth dealers ? They're people too, just like the pedohiles and rapists the Progressivevik left wanted to give Viagra to. According to the District of Coulumbia's FAQ for their Department of Corrections site:

"All inmates have access to a medical care review on a daily basis in their housing units."

My o my, is that compassion or what ? Rapists and murderers recieving all sorts of care on demand! Gee, if that were the policy in the Indian Health Service, maybe Ta'shon Rain Little Light of Montana would still be alive. Oh, you've never heard of her ? Why would you have ? Her grandmother wasn't a liberal activist. She wasn't left to die by evil private sector insurers. No, this little girl who loved to dress up in her Native American traditional clothing and dance as her ancestors did, was left to die by the incompetent IHS, and that would have certainly peed on our Chairman's big parade, and we couldn't have that, could we ? Ta'shon's mother constantly brought this poor girl to the IHS clinics because she couldn't walk and her stomach always hurt. IHS said it was "depression", but the sad reality is, she had terminal cancer. This poor child died in a hotel bed at Disneyworld. (A charity sent her and her family there as a dying wish for the child.)Whatever you do, don't take my word for any of this. Check out Ta'shon's story at under the article "Indian Health Care's Broken Promises." that ran Jun 15, 2009.

Yup... Government run health's to die for unless you're a terrorist or meth dealer.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

We The People Or We The Sheeple ?

Over the last year and some change, I've been called a lot of things by leftists like Rachel Maddcow and The Human Rat Keith Olbermann. I've been called an extremist, a terrorist, a racist, a hatemonger, a homophobe, and climate change denier, which at last check was far worse than being a Holocaust denier, and a traitor. For months, I've collected evidence and quotes proving that I'm right and not some deranged loon. Now of course, the Progressiveviks always guffawed at my proof, with their cries of "That's taken out of context" and "You're trying to rewrite history!". It was always a rejection of the truth that would have made Ingsoc proud.

At the lowest point of the whole Obamacareless power grab, along came a legislative fossil from the late, great state of Michigan to save the day and my sanity. His name is John Dingellberry, an old politico who first cut his teeth in politics by helping Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble organize a union at the Bedrock Quarry against that fascist goon bag slave driver, Mr. Slate. I never thought that some warmed over commie would do anything positive in my life time. But alas, I was wrong on that point. John Dingell has proven me right.

How did he do that, exactly ?

After a Depends change, which always makes Herr Congressman feel better, he said this:

"It takes a long time to do the necessary administrative steps that have to be taken to put the legislation together to control the people."

Really ?

If that's not proof that that Obamacareless isn't about control, then I don't know what else is. If this isn't an attempt to play God by the incompetents in the District of Communsim, then tell me, what is it ? An act of compassion ? A morally right act ? An ethical attempt to balance the scales of social justice by taking the money and health care of others and give it to someone else at gunpoint ? Is this what it's come to ? The first step towards dictatorsip ? Well, if that's the case, allow me to be the first to to say: Hey barkeep! Another round of Victory Gin for the boys, and don't forget the saccharine and cloves! Let me be the first to toast our Dear Leader in his moment of triumph! I assure you this is a big f-ing deal!

Let me ask you, whether you're a straight-laced Bible thumping member of the Religious Right and a proud as heck deep red Republican or a San Francisco marching, liberal as hell, keep the government out of our wombs, bright blue Democrat, is this acceptable on any level ? Do you need people who can't deliver mail or find weapons of mass destruction running your health care and determine whether or not you live or die or what your quality of life should be ? Out of curiosity, who in the United States voted for anyone to be God ? I know I didn't, and I can say with 99.4% accuracy, you didn't either. (I had to take into consideration idiots like Evan Thomas who thinks Chairman Obama is "like God" and all the Leg Tinglers like Chrissy Matthews for that last statistic. Whether I like it or not, these people are pseudo-Americans, and unfortunately, I don't have the authority to make them leave the country.)

So what is it, America ? Is it We The People or is it We The Sheeple ? Do we stand for freedom or do we stand for incompetent tyranny that calls handing Fillipino WW II vets $198 million dollars an economic stimulus plan ? Are we the inheritors of George Washington or serfs working on the manor for people like John Dingellberry ? Are we the people who rose the flag at Iwo Jima or are we Michael Moore ? (A guy who better shed a few pounds if he knows what's good for him. Big Mommy wants us to be thin. Just ask his wife, who's proud of her country for the first time.) Have we gone from "Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country." to "Where's my welfare check ? I hope my unemployment check gets here soon. I want health care and I want it now." ? Do we do justice for the boys who died at Valley Forge, Gettysburgh, Okinawa, the Chosin Resevoir, Tet, and Fallujah with our acceptance of this monstrous, fascist take over ?

So, America, tell me, We The People or We The Sheeple ?

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A Human Right, Eh ?

Posted by Absolutely Nobama AKA Alan Levy on Wednesday, March 24, 2010 12:30:35 AM

Is health care a human right ?

It's a thorny, loaded question, almost unanswerable by man, since man cannot create rights, they must come from The Big Conservative Upstairs. You may recall reading that in a little memo called the Declaration of Independence, assuming you were not educationally abused in our shoddy public school system. Well, now that the Declaration and Constitution have been rendered null and void by Chairman Obama and the Plastic Surgery Disaster known as Nancy Pelosi, we'll have to take our grievances to a far Higher Court, and no, we're not taking it their boss, George Soros. No, we'll ask the the Ultimate Ethicist, and if you can't guess who I'm talking about by all the crazy capitalization I'm using, I'll reveal it for you:

His Name is God.

Now, I'm sure you're scratching your head and wondering whether or not I'm suffering from writer's block, but really think about it. Is there any higher authority than the Lord ? Even if you're an atheist, you have to admit there is something bigger than man. So, without further ado, it's my honor and privilege to bring you a very special guest, St. Mark. Take it away, St. Mark:

And Jesus said to them, "Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar's, and unto God the things that are God's." And they were amazed at Him.--Mark 12:17

Thank you, St. Mark.

Jesus saw that mixing religion and government was a terrible idea, as did The Founding Fathers. What Jesus wowed the crowd with was a belief that governments, whether run by Romans or leftist idealogues, were incapable of creating ethics and morals, despite what the Progressiveviks would have you believe. Jesus would have cringed at the whole idea of "social justice". He believed that man should give out of charity and love for his fellow man, not because some wild-eyed idealogue says the magic words "human right" and everyone must have zombie-like reverence and be forced to give by the government. In other words, Jesus taught there was a division of church and state that had to be respected. That idea took over 1500 years to finally bear some fruit, and it did in a marvelous way when a bunch of Right Wing Extremists threw some tea into the harbor and told King George where to go and how to get there. (You may or may not have heard of this, it was called The American Revolution.) They had it up to here with monarchs deciding they were ultimate authority with the force of their government backing them up. One of the forces that drove the Patriots was the belief that governments were not speaking for God, and it was a belief well worth dying for.

My, how times have gone backward. We're back to the government attempting to create ethics and morals again. We're back to governments deciding right and wrong again. It should have galled anyone with the slightest bit of common sense when the Plastic Surgery Disaster claimed that Big Brother was making health care a "right". Um, Nancy, that job was already completed waaay before you came along and had your face stretched out beyond human comprehension.

We all think God did a great job creating our rights. He needs no editing help from you.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Forget Something ?

I may be a "Nazi bigot teabagger" and unable to think for myself and I might need Glenn Beck's permission to go tinkle, but I have a question for the Progressiveviks in their moment of socialist glory:

Did you forget something ?

No, I don't think so. Let's see, I have my Little Red Book. I have Bart Stupidak's manhood in my back pocket. PETA card ? Check. ACLU membership card ? Check. Acid bumps ? Check. Greenpeace key chain for my hybrid ? Check. Hammer and Sickle necklace ? Check. Che t-shirt I haven't washed in two weeks ? Check. I don't have a job, so I don't have a paycheck, so tell me hatemonger who doesn't recycle, what did I forget ?

I wasn't speaking to you, waste-oid, I was speaking to your leaders, Big Mommy himself Chairman Obama and the Plastic Surgery Disaster Nancy Pelosi. Did either of you forget anything, O Exaulted Bringers Of Socialism To Us Ignorant Americans ?


Oh, yes you did, walking cess pools. You forgot to add illegal aliens to the price tag of Obamacareless.

Herr President said they weren't going to covered, you doubleplusungood dumbkopf!

That's right, he did, for all to hear. However, as is always the case with Chairman Obama, you have to watch the other hand. He's a cagey one, I'll give him that. According to all the talking heads on cable news, the next stop on our path to the scrap heap of history is immigration reform, which will make Obamacareless a bigger scam than it already is. The CBO numbers for this charade was computed without illegal aliens, since the criminals would be inelligible for coverage. Now, if folks like Chairman Obama and Lindsey Grahamnesty have their way, most illegal aliens will be put on a fast track to citizenship, making them elligible for coverage. The funny thing is, no one really knows how many illegals are actually here, since they hop across the border back and forth all the time, despite the wonders of the Virtual Fence. Thus, there's an X factor involved in the cost of Obamacareless. It could balloon into a three or four trillion dollar disaster in no time at all, faster than you could say "Damn, I should have voted for Ron Paul."

Now, let's look at this in a more cynical light, if that's possible. Let's say the bill will only cost the baragin price of 940 billion dollars as originally advertised and my nightmare scenario, however likely, doesn't happen. That would mean Joe Wilson was right when he courageously screamed "You lie!" at Chairman Obama. It would mean that the Dear Leader was planning to scam the American people all along, knowing full well Obamacareless was going to screw the American people, raising taxes to help keep illegal alien criminals healthy. Social justice is the name of this crap-ola, but let's call it what it really is, social injustice.

I'm getting cranky. I know what I forgot. I forgot to drink the Victory brand kool-aid so this would make sense and not bother me so much. At least it tastes better than Victory brand gin.

Monday, March 22, 2010


I intend to depress you further as an American citizen. It is my duty as a columnist to tell you the truth, not sugarcoat it. What I am about to tell you breaks my heart. I'm sorry, but the truth will set you free, even if it's unpleasant.

We're screwed. We lost. We not only lost the power struggle, we may lose our country.

Assuming the states lose their court cases, Big Mommy Chairman Obama, now has a large bargaining chip to push the rest of his socialist, Ingsoc-like agenda. Oh, you want to whittle a piece off of this monstrosity ? Maybe get rid of "shalls" or "musts" or move around some commas ? Close Gitmo. Oh, you want to keep the old people alive ? Give me Cap and Trade. Too bad Bart Stupidak is no longer in office, now that deal is null and void. Oh, you want to stop federal funding of abortion ? Give me immigration reform. There is no limit to the abuses that will go on from here. Chicago Way ? No siree, try the Two Plus Two Equals Five And If You Don't Believe It We Will Put You On The Rack And Give Electric Shocks To Make You Agree Way. He's a cagey one, Our Dear Leader. He now has the entire

Inner Party chanting "Yes We Can!" What madness is this ? Barack Obama has now gone from a Keystone Cop, to a dangerous, dangerous man. He now holds all the cards, even if the Conservatives take back Congress. He now has some oomph to back up his vetoes. Chairman Obama will go from wide-eyed radical loon to the most powerful man in human history with one stroke of his pen when he signs this bloated pig of a bill into law.

To the future and to the past, we have failed you both.

From the age of death panels and big government and politicalcorrectspeech--We're sorry for doing this to you.

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Awwww....Poor Barney Fwank....

As of this writing, the Clown Prince of Legislation, Barney Fwank, has just whined to Greta Van Susteren that he's "disappointed" by the "anger" and "bigotry" shown to him at today's power grab.

Um...Earth to Barney...We're disappointed that the federal government will now be able to deny health care to American citizens by way of fiat and edict by some nameless and faceless bureaucrat, effectively giving the federal government the right to exteminate anyone they deem not worthy of life.

Call me crazy and off my meds, but I think our disappointment is far greater than yours.

The Beginning of The Fourth Reich

The fix is in. As of this writing, Bart Stupidak (S-Mich) sold us down the river and caved. It looks like Aktion T4 is back from the dead. Adios, Grandma!

Nice going, Bart.

You're crazy if you think we're going to forget this. You're crazy if you think you won't be in the fight of your life in November. If you think you've been through hell and back, just wait. I think I can safely speak for the rest of the opponents of this creeping fascism when I say we will do our best to make you pay for this treachery. Your career, sir, is over. You are going to become a political unperson. You respect life, but you support health care rationing ? That's why from now on, in this column, until I take my last dying breath, you'll always be Bart Stupidak, socialist traitor from Michigan.

When a grandmother is told that she can't have a life saving procedure, her blood will be on your hands. When the flimsy Executive Order that you sold your soul for is rescinded by the next leftist Progressivevik who seizes power with the help of our king maker lamestream media, the blood of those unborn children will be on your hands. Was it worth it ? Is your $165,000 salary worth it ? Are your little perks worth it ? Are your luncheons and dinners with lobbyists worth having your name attached to this legislative power grab ? This genocide ?

Make no mistake about it. You will be held accountable this November, along with the rest of your fascist brothers, sisters, and whatever that plastic surgery disaster Nancy Pelosi calls itself. There will be no more playing nice. We will send you into an early retirement so you can have plenty of time to reflect on your role in this travesty. From here on out, you'll be remembered as the man who sold out the Pro-Life movement for thirty pieces of silver and a song.

Enjoy your new nickname, Mr. Stupidak. You've certainly earned it.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Damn Kids Have No Respect!

Recently, in Washington Township, NJ, a little punk got on a Walmart public address system and said, "All black people, leave the store now" as a prank. The little snot was arrested after the Washington Township PD discovered several postings on the teeny-bopper sites Facebook, MySpace, and YouTube by the perp. The kid was with a friend and his mother, who may face charges of not reporting a crime, according to Washington Township Police Chief Rafael Muniz. The perp will be charged with "bias" and "intimidation" which could land him a year in juvie.

Seriously, are you #@#$$ing me ?

Now, I'll admit the kid is a little creep who breathes out of his mouth, but a year in juvie for this ? Really ? Is this really the best use of the justice system ? And, the people he was with may be charged with not reporting a crime ? I sit here stunned.

The reason why I'm stunned is: Why isn't Al Sharpton sitting in a jail cell ? After all, back in 1991, Al tried to start a race war between Jews and blacks with colorful quotes like "If the Jews want to get in on, tell them to pin their yamulkes back and come on over to my house." If spewing hatred is a crime, why isn't Jeremiah Wright in jail ? We could certainly charge him "bias" and "intimidation" after his ever so cuddly "God Damn America" "sermons". What about Big Lou Farrakhan ? At times, he makes David Dukes look enlightened, doesn't he ? I don't know about you, but I found his "The white Right is trying to have Obama assassinated" far more offensive that what this little snot puppy did. It's rather funny that the New Black Panther party has yet to see one indictment for their truly intimidating voters in Pennsylvania during the 2008 selection process, I mean, election. (Sorry, I get confused sometimes.) Why isn't Jay-Z sitting in a cell after his pronouncement to a crowd on Inauguration Day: "No more white lies...The m-fing President is black." Why wasn't the ACLU disbanded after trying to get permits for the American Nazi Party to have the right to march on Skokie, Illinois back in the 70's ? Talk about intimidation! Skokie had, at the time, a very sizable Holocaust survivor population. Where were the bracelets of justice then ?

See, none of those offenses are punishable since we have this little thing called the First Amendment. I may not agree with anything Big Lou Farrakhan or the rest of the clowns I just mentioned say or do, but I'll go to my grave protecting their right to say it. I may think they're dorks, but that doesn't give anyone the right to shut them up, no matter how offensive and repulsive their views are. Now, what the kid at Walmart did has nothing to do with the First Amendment, since you can't just go about causing trouble as you see fit. What does bother me are the "bias" and "intimidation" charges. I'm not a lawyer, but couldn't the Township have found something else to charge him with ?
What's even more, to steal a liberal phrase, troubling about this sordid affair is the inequality of the application of justice. If it's a crime for some, it's a crime for all, or better yet, if it's not a crime for some, it's a crime for no one.

No one ever promised Liberty would be easy.

F.U.N. With Acronyms!

Acronyms are a whole heap of fun, especially when you're at work and it's really slow, despite the fact that our all-knowing and all-seeing Chairman Obama has declared the American economy fit for human consumption. Hopefully, the few I was able to come up with will give you a laugh as We, The Victims wait for Princess Nancy, Ruler of The People's Republic of Pelosi, to drop the axe known as Soviet style health care on our collective necks. To shamelessly rip off Greg Gutfeld, enjoy, enjoyers!

DAD-- Democrats Are Dangerous (Look at today's vote, for further details.)

OPEC-- Obama Produced Economic Calamity (Shouldn't we drill for our own damn oil ?)

DOD-- Defenseless On Demand. (As in unilateral disarmament, I'm not making fun of the military, I can assure you of that.)

AIG-- America Is Gone (Poetic, eh ?)

VAT-- Vicious Arbitrary Tax (Need I say more ?)

FBI-- Failed Bureaucratic Initiative (No, I'm not making fun of the FBI. Please remove the snipers from my roof.)

SEIU-- Socialist Empire In Utero (The Purple Shirts are lurking in the shadows! Beware!)

GE--Government Electric (Licking their chops for Cap and Trade, aren't they ?)

IRS--Internal Rationing Service (Last time I checked, they'll be enforcing Obamacareless, so we might as well let them do this ugly little job, too.)

UAW--United American Waste (As in tax payer money.)

ACORN-- American Conservatives Organizing Resistance Now! (No funny business, I got dibs on this URL.)

CNN-- Communist News Network (That Anderson Cooper rocks, Comrade!)

TSA--Terrorists Struck Again! (See Christmas Day Skidmark Bomber for further details.)

NSA--Neo Socialist Agenda (See my explanations for FBI and DOD. My hands are starting to hurt, and I hear carpal tunnel syndrome can send you to the scrap heap under our Dear Leader's plan.)

TARP--Troubled Asset Recycling  Program (I'm fairly certain nothing was solved by yet another failed, yet remarkably expensive, government blunder. It's a safe bet to believe this problem will be back.)

CRA--Communist Redistribution Act (I dare anyone to say that that 1977's CRA wasn't a commie plot.)

CIA--Come In, Attack! (This sure seems to be the message Obama is sending with his foreign policies, isn't it ?)

Wasn't that fun ?  It was almost as fun as getting taxed for ten years and only getting six years of benefits.

The Truth That Really Hurts

Once you push aside the kittens and lollipop promises of health care utopia for all, once you recover from the doubleplusungood kool-aid hangover, once you pry open the disgusting running sore and push the pus and infection to one side, once you recover from the ethical bypass that Congress (emphasis on the "Con" part) has inflicted on the American people, you are not only left with a run-on sentence that would make an English teacher retire in protest, you are left with the biggest question in the whole Obamacareless hubaloo: Can the federal government create rights ?
This, by and far is the biggest question on the docket. It's just as big as some Mengele wanna-be offing Grandma at a death panel hearing.
The Progressivevik, traitorous left has always thought so. FDR tried create a Second Bill of Rights during World War II. It never gained any traction with the American people, since most Americans believed in the Constitution and, well, let's face it, FDR was starting to freak out the folks, despite the personal popularity FDR enjoyed. (I realize this may seem a little out there for some of you, especially if you were educationally deprived in our nation's shoddy public school system. So, to that group, I say this: put down the Wii controller for a second and really think this through. Not terribly long after FDR's death, the Twenty-second Amendment was ratified to limit Presidents to two terms. The Amendment excluded Harry S. Truman, but he got the hint and did not run again for office. If World War II taught us anything, it taught us politicians holding on to their offices for too long with unheard of power was a terrible idea.) The Progressiveviks, however, are slow learning group. One might even say they're "f-ing ret"[Message from Thought Police: *Ahem!* Room 101 is mighty cold this time of year.--Just sayin'.] to coin a phrase from Rahm Emmanuel. They tried the same con in the late 1960's with LBJ's Not-so-Great-quite-frankly-it-sucks-Society. This time, they pretended that welfare was a right. Unlike FDR's imaginary Second Bill of Rights, this dangerous notion had consequences, and it helped begin the urban decay of the 1970's. As we can see from the mistakes and outright stupidity of the last two generations, the idea of Big Mommy creating rights is a giant (insert favorite curse word here. Void where prohibited by ceremonial proclamations in broke Left Coast states that gave us the joy of watching Babs Boxer in action) up.
It's not going out on a limb to say that the Progressiveviks ignore history's teachings. If they did, they would never utter that "health care is a right" nonsense that is poisoning the debate. Health care is not a right; it's a service. Yes, doctors are bound by the Hippocratic oath to save lives and yes, for the sake of public sanity, I think states have every right to say that hospitals can't turn anyone away who needs help. However, the responsibility of maintaining one's health with doctor's visits and additional care rests on the shoulders of the individual, if they are physically able to do so, or are mentally competent enough to do so. There's no need for any mandate on this matter. Just good ol' common sense and tons of case law that goes back to the beginning of the 20th century. By stating that health care is a right, you remove the personal responsibilty of the matter and deem it morally permissable to take health care from one individual and give it to another. The Progressiveviks have the nerve to call this social justice, the rest of the human race calls it health care rationing and socialism. There is also the threat of the government taking away rights that they create, which is as unAmerican as it gets. I see you're staring at my Official Insider Extreme Glenn Beck tinfoil hat. Perhaps you think it's a tad too tight or I've read Nineteen Eighty-Four way too many times. Fair enough, but what do you make of the fact that the Constitution was never amended for Social Security, Medicare, Medicare, The VA's veterans benefits, and most recently, the give away known as S-CHIP ? Why weren't they made into rights ? Easy. The federal government would not be able to pull the plug on them when things got hairy, or they when they got another swell socialist idea like Obamacareless.
It's not terribly hard to decode the Progressivevik code. The Progressiveviks are like the Riddler, leaving absurd little hints all over Gotham City about his next nefarious plot. It's up to a Conservative Batman like me to put the puzzle together. Chairman Obama, Big Mommy himself, wasn't kidding when he claimed we were "five days away from fundamentally changing America." David Axelrod, Obama's chief advisor and my vote for Political Hack of The Year, recently told the New York Slimes even slimier Magazine "There's a constant tension between the need to get things done within the system and the commitment to CHANGE the system...Finding that line at any given moment is really, really difficult." (From the "Limits of Rahmism" on March 14th's issue. Don't worry. I force myself to read this crap so you don't have to. What I won't do for my fellow Americans...)
C'mon David! It's not so hard, especially if you're ignoring the Declaration of Independence, The Constitution, and making it up as you go along. Yes, creating rights that don't exist in the Bill of Rights is making it up as you go along.
Just sayin'. [Message From Thought Police and Glenn Beck's lawyer: Make up your own damn catchphrase.]

Thursday, March 18, 2010


In George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four, there's an interesting character in it named Emanuel Goldstein. He has no specific dialogue, and in the end, no one really knows whether or not he existed. (Much like Big Brother, but certainly unlike Chairman Obama. He always has something to say, doesn't he ? At this point, we all wish he was a figment of our collective imaginations, but alas, he is quite real.) Goldstein was, according to Ingsoc, the prototypical enemy of the state. He was the reason why the Party was unable to deliver paradise on earth. It was that pesky Goldstein and his damn book that always got in the way. (Or so we're meant to believe. Later in the story, it is revealed that Party Member O'Brien actually wrote the book.) Goldstein gave the Party a scapegoat and an intellectual boogie man to keep the masses in utter confusion.

Hey...this sounds familiar. Instead of Goldstein, here in America, we have George W. Bush. Shout! Shout out his name!

Is it me, or has Amsoc (aka the Democrat Progressivevik Party) created their own Emanuel Goldstein in Bush ? Is it me, but even after the man has been out of office for more than a year, they're still scapegoating him and they're still using terms like "mess I inherited" ? Like Ingsoc, they've created their own mythical dragon to slay over and over to make themselves look pristine and heroic. What are the facts, exactly ? Let's take a look see. (Keep in mind, George W. Bush is not on my Christmas card list, and in no way would I accept him as a friend on Facebook.)

Amsoc Lie Number One: Bush and his cronies are at fault for the economic downturn.

Actually, according to the IMF (International Monetary Fund), the OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development), The World Bank, and the ICP (The International Comparison Program), Bush actually expanded the economy by 19% from 2001-2008. In other words, he took what was left to him by Arkansas's Horniest Hick and made it 19% better. I'd be hard pressed to call that a lousy job, wouldn't you ?

Another thing to consider is that under Bush, GDP per capita under Bush was $41,813 in 2005. (This is in purchasing power parity dollars.) Chairman Obama's beloved socialist Europe fared much poorer. The GDP per capita in Britain was about a third lower, Germany finished 37% lower, and Japan finished a whopping 38% lower. Gee, isn't selfless socialism supposed to create stronger economies than selfish capitalism ?

Amsoc Lie Number Two: Bush and his cronies let health care become a national crisis.

That couldn't be further from the truth. In 2007, the US Census reported that 84.7% of Americans had some sort of health care coverage. Under Bush's watch, there was an increase of 3.6% from 2006's total. The funny thing is, Bush did this without tearing down the health care system and replacing it with something akin to creeping euthanasia. The average life expectancy in the US rose to 78 in 2006, up from 77 in 2000. The funny thing about this is it's the same as Germany's that has univeral health care along with insane taxes. In other words, Bush proved, in his Forrest Gump-like way, you can actually improve the health care of the American people by staying the hell out of the way.

Amsoc Lie Number Three: The Bush years were only kind to the rich.

US unemployment from 2001-2007 averaged at 4.7% which is a far cry from from approximate 10% we have now. (I can't trust the numbers Obama's Merry Band of Socialists throws out there on this issue. Remember these are the same folks saving and creating jobs in imaginary congresssional districts, so I'm sure you'll give me a little lattitude when I doubt their numbers.) That compares favorably to the 5.2% unemployment under Clinton and that's waaaay better than the 8.3% in tired, bland, socialist Europe for the same time frame.

Don't get me wrong: A lot went wrong under Bush, and let's face facts, he wasn't the greatest President we've ever had. Govenrment grew at alarming rates under Bush. There was the amnesty for illegal, criminal aliens fiasco. There was the unconstitutional No Child Left Behind crap-ola. There was also the Patriot Act, which I have no doubt that will be turned loose on the American people with gusto by the Obama Gang. Yes, he did give us nightmarish deficit numbers, but at the same time, what President since FDR hasn't ? But to blame him for things that never happened, well, that sounds a little too Ministry of Truth for me.

The next time some Progressivevik starts chanting their Anti-Bush rhetoric, tell them to shove it up their memory hole.



Sometimes, when something is descibed as having layers, that's a good thing, like layers of oozing mozzarella, or gooey chocolate and nougat. Sometimes, when something is described as having layers, it's a bad thing, like layers of pus and infection. Clearly, there are good layers and bad layers.

See, capitalism and the free market is like layers of mozzarella or chocolate and nougat. The bottom layer is the customer. He ascends to the first layer by purchaisng a good or service. If that product or service is good, he stays on that layer, which in capitalism happens most of the time. If the customer is annoyed by a shoddy product or an obnoxious customer service rep snapping her gum on the phone, the customer moves to the next layer, a competitor. The customer can keep moving up these layers as much as he wants in a free market capitalist system. If that widget or service caused him harm or terrible inconvenience, he can skip many levels and take his case to court, and eventually the Supreme Court if need be. Like Nona's lasagna, these are layers filled with goodness.

When Big Mommy, also known as the federal government takes over producing goods or services, there are layers, too, and just like layers of pus and infection, these are less than desirable layers. For example, let's take Obamacareless. If Big Mommy lets you down with her fascistic yet maternal hugs, where is there any resolution to any greviences ? If you're unhappy with government service, tough toenails. You're stuck with it because Big Mommy doesn't allow competitors. In other words, if the death panel says no to that kidney transplant, it means no. There's no next layer, other than another bureaucrat who will bamboozle you with all kinds of nonsense and idiotic forms. Everything that the death panel says or does won't have your best intentions at heart, it will have the best intentions of the collective. "I'm sorry Ma'am...there's nothing we can do. Follow the green line to the exit."

Is that the American way ?

Under single payer health care, which is and always has been Chairman Obama's goal, people you don't know and didn't vote for will have your life in their hands. I know there's always the Progressivevik out there who will scream "The insurance companies do that, too!" Maybe, but your participation in their programs is voluntary, and it behooves the purchaser of a policy to read it and ask questions if they come across something they don't understand. With Big Mommy running the show, there is no choice in the matter. Do it their way or drop dead. I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm boning up on my Webmd skills, and if this monstrosity passes, I suggest you do the same. After all, Webmd may soon replace your doctor.

I hate to pee on everyone's parade, but it seems like no matter what we say or do, this socialist beast is going to pass the Shack of Representatives by hook or by crook. Therefore, it's imperative that this wave of elections in 2010 be dedicated to repealing Obamacareless. That should be the first thing any sane voter looks for when deciding who to vote for. I've said it before, but it bears repeating: I don't care if the candidate makes Barry Goldwater look like a bleeding heart liberal. If he isn't going to repeal Obamacareless, he isn't getting my vote. Same thing goes in 2012. If the GOP screws the pooch again and nominates another one of those bland moderates like John McPain, I'll make sure I'm one of the ten people nationwide voting for Ralph Nader or the "Who the hell is that ?" Libertarian candidate. (Hey, I may be a Libertarian, but I know damn well they'll never win the White House. Being a Libertarian is like being a Cubs fan. There's always the next election.)

Layers of mozzarella or layers of pus and infection.....The choice is yours, America

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Big Mommy Is Watching You!

To the future or to the past, to a time when I could put as much salt on my food as I desire, when women had real breasts and could smile--to a time when saccharine does not exist: From the age of overbearing edicts, from the age of the Salt Police, from the age of Big Mommy, from the age of politicalcorrectthink--greetings!

Recently, the Big Mommy regime in everyone favorite socialist dystopia known as New York has decided to ban salt.

That's right. The state of New York, billions of dollars in debt with a governor who has the ethics of a feral alley cat, has decided that stopping salt intake was a top priority.

On March 5, when the clocks were all striking thirteen, Brooklyn Assemblyman Felix Ortiz (Do I really need to say what party this guy is from ? I'll give you a hint: It's the same party as Big Mommy himself, Chairman Obama.) put through an edict known as A101029 that would ban salt in the preparation of food in restaurants all over the Galactic Empire State. Food preparation was DEFINED, yes Big Mommy wants to define what that means so it's crystal clear, as food meant for consumption on the premises or consumption off premises (AKA--YOUR HOME). Big Mommy has threatened a $1,000 fine for every infraction.

Where does this end ? They control our money and take whatever they deem necessary. They control our education. They want to decide who will live and who will die. They want us use approved light bulbs and approved toilets. They want to decide who is and who is not a journalist. They want meters to see how much energy we use IN OUR OWN HOMES. They want to control the internet. They want to know what your race is, how many times a week you get drunk and high. (I did not make that up. In Buffalo, Stimulus dollars were set on fire to study this. Don't bother to google it. Only in America can such stupidity be possible.) Honest to The Big Conservative Upstairs, I think I'd rather have Big Brother running the show than Big Mommy.

See, Progressiveviks, even junior ones like this Ortiz character, always say it's for "public safety" , "public health" or my personal favorite, "the common good". There's never any regard for personal freedom or personal responsibility. God is dead and the Progressiveviks are next in line. With everyone of their maternal Big Mommy hugs, a little more of our freedom dies. What will we do when meat is next ? Meat clogs arteries, right ? What if they decide we're not exercising enough and put forth a mandatory morning exercise regimen, with some party hag leading the way, like in Nineteen Eighty-Four ? What would have never passed the laugh test five years ago is dangerously close to becoming reality.

But who are we to blame ? We can't just blame the Progressiveviks. After all, we knew they were power hungry fascists going in. We must look in the mirror to find the truly guilty party. We, the American people, are at fault.

I won't insult your intelligence and say I'm not indicted by that last statement. I'm sitting in the prisoner's dock right along with everyone else. I stand before you guilty on all counts. I voted for George Bush twice. I cheered for the Patriot Act. I thought Bush's Medicare Part D was right on the money. I was a Republican drone who at one point had no idea what a Progressive was, even though it was right before my eyes. Two or three years ago, if I bothered to buy a newspaper, I kept the sports page and threw away the rest. I fell right into their hands, willfully. It's as if I plucked out my own eyes to be part of the blinded herd.

See, one thing we have got to move past, and quickly, is the fascination with parties and really examine who we're sending to our state capitals and the District of Communism. What should matter is Right and left. Believe me, fellow victims, there is very little tangible difference between the Donkey and the Elephant. What should matter is whether or not the candidate is a Progressivevik or a Conservative. Progressiveviks are the ones making the big promises. Progressiveviks are the ones who want to give lollipops and kittens to everyone. A true Conservative makes no such promises, since he already knows you can't create Heaven on Earth, even if it has been scientifically proven to be cooling. A true Conservative promises to protect your freedoms, which I believe, is far more important than lollipops and kittens and hugs from Big Mommy. We can never have the power to succeed if we never have the freedom to fail.

Under the spreading Chestnut Tree,

I salted my food and you ratted on me.

A Texas Sized Boot In The Rear

Recently, the Progressiveviks from AMSOC took a size 15 cowboy boot to the rear.

Was it on Obamacareless ? Cap and Traitor ? Card Theft ?

Nope. Nay. Negative.

The Progressiveviks took a beating in their own arena. The public schools.

For far too long, our children have been forced to swallow lie after lie in the cesspools that disguise themselves as public schools in our country. Ever since the Great Disruption of the 1960's, children have been taught enough socialist propaganda to make Karl Marx queasy. They've been taught that that capitalism only exists to exploit the working man, the Founders were racist atheists, Columbus was no better than Hitler, and only The Big Conservative Upstairs knows what else has been crammed in the young skulls full of mush, to coin a phrase from Rush Limbaugh. Friday changed all of that with a stunning 10-5 vote by the Texas Board of Education for actually teaching kids the facts about the history of our country, not some Ingsoc-like thought control and revision of facts. The great thing about this is where Texas leads, America follows, since textbook publishers base their curriculum on Texas Board of Education requirements since they are the nation's largest purchasers of textbooks.

This is vitally important if we're going to halt this slide into the Third World that our country is experiencing. Without this brave decision by the Texas Board of Education, we wouldn't just have one Chairman Obama, we would have a series of them, since many Americans were victims of this education malpractice plot hatched by the Progressiveviks in the 1960's. I'll use myself as an example of this. I am a college graduate. I am also on the wrong side of 30, yet, until recently, I had never read Nineteen Eighty-Four, Common Sense, or for that matter, the Constitution. When I told my mother that I read Nineteen Eighty-Four for the first time, she asked me, "Didn't you read that in high school ? It was required reading back when I was in school. So was Common Sense, did you read that ?" She then proceeded to tell me that I don't call enough, so that was my cue to inform her I was on my way to work. The point is: What else have they not taught me ? Granted, I did learn that Heather Has Two Mommies and how to put a condom on a banana, so I guess my public school years weren't a total loss.

Now, don't expect the Progressiveviks to take this lying down. Take a look at the hysterics by Board Member Mary Helen Berlanga, who stormed out of the Texas Board of Education meeting sobbing "They can just pretend this is a white America and Hispanics don't exist. They are going overboard, they are not experts, they are not historians....They are rewriting history not only of Texas, but of the United States and the world." Of course, no self respecting Conservative would do that since we are the ones trying to put back history the way we found it: unbiased and unchanged. No Conservative in his right mind would put a stamp of approval on some of the darkest chapters in our history such as slavery or the mistreatment of migrant workers, since most Conservatives live and die by the old saying: Those who don't study history are doomed to repeat it, which is quite different from the Progressivevik mantra of: America sucks, capitalism sucks, revolutions are started with young, and Sieg Heil. Oh, I almost forgot another part of their mantra: God is dead and don't forget to recycle.

Here's some of the topics Berlanga and her fellow drones found so disagreeable:

--ending the myth of a division of church and state in the Constitution

--The Conservative Resurgence of the '80's and '90's

--The Contract with America

--The unintended consequences of  LBJ's Great Society, affirmative action, and Title IX

--The fact that Americans of German and Italian descent were also interned during World War II

--Actual facts about the McCarthy era and the Venona papers.

--The truth about the violence of the Black Panthers and how Republicans actually voted for civil rights legislation.

--Adding Milton Friedman and other Conservatives to the list of economists to be studied.

--The importance of  personal responsibility in making life choices. (In other words, sociology is a fraud and society does not force anyone to do anything. No wonder the Progressiveviks cried foul when this one came up.)

A quick scan of the above list certainly shows why the AMSOC gang is so up in arms. They can no longer control the past. As Orwell put it in Nineteen Eighty-Four:


Well put, George. No wonder they didn't have us read you when I was in school.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

So You Want Government Run Health Care, Do You ?

Gather 'round, fellow Right Wing Extremists! It's short story fiction time!

It was a cold winter morning. Mary Jane was happy she wasn't pregnant during the summer. All of her friends who had been pregnant during the summer were universally miserable. This cool weather was a welcome treat, as she remembered that awful time in Florida when she and her husband Ric went to Miami to celebrate The Chairman's 5th term in office.

Her appreciation of the wonderful Detroitoronto winter soon melted away into worry. Dr. Charrington,  Mary Jane's assigned OB-GYN, wanted to see her right away. Like most doctors, he was unwilling to discuss the matter fully on the phone. Mary Jane started to really push on the gas, trying to make her Smart Car go faster than its usual top speed of 25 mph. She glanced down at her gauge, and remembered that due to the month's electricity rationing, she was unable to plug her car in. Despite her worry, Mary Jane slowed down to the speed limit of 15 mph for fear her car would run out of juice.

After an eternity, Mary Jane arrived at the OB-GYN center that was in her sector. She sat in the reception area for about two and half hours after her arrival. The room was very crowded, since Ontariogan's other center was shut down after several outbreaks of hepatitis from examining equipment and gloves being used over and over again without being sterilized.

Finally, as the third hour of waiting had begun, Mary Jane's number was called. Nervously, she went to the receptionist's cubicle that was  encased in bullet proof glass. Executive order 102365 called for all medical receptionists to be protected by bullet proof glass, especially after the Vancouvereattle incident occurred, when an irate cancer patient killed a receptionist. It was quite the scandal. A handgun hadn't been seen in CanAmerica since the Second Amendment was repealed on Freedom From Random Violence Day.

"Umm..hello ?" said Mary Jane quietly. The receptionist, engaged in her conversation on her GE/Apple/Microsoft/i-phone, ignored her.

Pushed to her limit with pregnancy hormones coursing angrily through her veins, Mary Jane angrily knocked on the glass to get the receptionist's attention.


"I'm sorry," Mary Jane said sadly. "It's just...Well....I'm a little nervous. Dr. Charrington called and said he needs to see me right away."

"Your name ?"

"Mary Jane Sanchez Cohen"

The receptionist hacked away on her keyboard for about two minutes. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, she looked up.

"Go to room 101. Counselor O'Brien will see you."

"Counselor ? I came to see my OB, not some counselor."

"Ma'am...That's what I have. Please report to room 101. Follow the green line, please."

Annoyed, Mary Jane did what she was told. Along the way, she muttered many curses, but was careful to keep her voice down. Executive Order 7896-A made cursing against the law, and since she hadn't worked in almost a year, a twenty Amero fine would mean not eating for the rest of the week, even with her Entitlement Code being raised to Orange.

Arriving at room 101, Mary Jane nervously knocked on the door.

An older man in medical scrubs answered the door. His face was weathered and weary and his hair was combed neatly. It seemed to Mary Jane that the man was made of metal, not human flesh. Something about this guy just isn't right, she thought to herself.

"Hello," Mary Jane said. "I'm Mary Jane Sanchez Cohen."

The man motioned her to sit down. The stark room had no decorations, not even the tasteless, generic paintings that are usually found in doctor's offices. All that stood in the egg-shell white room was two leather chairs, a big, black metal desk, and a GE/Apple/Microsoft Greenleaf  Thoughtpad on the desk.

"I'm Counselor O'Brien. I have unfortunate news for you. I regret to inform you that that your section's CanAm Health Board has deemed it necessary to terminate your pregnancy. Your required amniocentesis has shown that your fetus has a 9% chance of having Tay-Sachs disease and an 11% chance of being born with spina bifida. Ultrasounds were inconclusive, but the Tay-Sachs and Spina Bifida scores are above the allowed limit."

"Wait a minute! I'm not even Jewish! At my required Lamaze class, they told us that only Jewish couples had to worry about Tay-Sachs!"

"Also, French CanAmericans. According to your file, your mother was born in Quebec, was she not ?"

"Well, yes, but my father..."

"Doesn't matter. Before your husband was killed on the Malabar front, he tested positive for the gene. However, AMSOC records show he was called for duty before his scheduled sterilization. Accidents do happen, it seems. Your scheduled termination date is 30 March at 0900 hours. Be sure to have your Nat-ID card with you and someone to drive you home. If you do not have anyone to drive you home, we will provide you with transportation home for 20 Ameros."

"I'm seven months pregnant! That's a little late, isn't it ?"

"Executive Order BF6002360006 gives the CanAm Health Board broad powers to determine when a pregnancy may be ended, especially if the fetus is determined to be too costly to be born. A baby with Tay-Sachs usually dies anyway. It's best to discard it and start again. I understand at your age that may be hard to do. This is why Executive Order 2296-B was written, to discourage women from having babies in their forties. Your fetus's gestational age puts it about 18 days before the order was enacted, so I can't find you in violation."

"His name is Hunter...."

"Who ?"

"My baby's name is Hunter, sir. I'd appreciate it if you called him Hunter, and not 'it'."

"It is a fetus, not a living person. It's best if you start thinking that way now, so the procedure won't be so traumatic for you."

"What if I refuse ? What if I don't allow you to murder my son ?"

"Again, it is not a person, like you or me. It's like having your appendix removed if it were to become inflamed. Would you be so attached to a rupturing appendix ? Now, keep in mind, it is a Class C Felony to give birth without consent of the CanAm Board, which would carry a one year reduction in your Entitlement and could subject you to possible Reeducation. Is that tumor in your womb really worth it ?"

Counselor O'Brien droned on, but Mary Jane wasn't listening. She knew it would be futile to resist, and she would be looked upon as a pariah since matters like this quickly became news, especially since the HIPAA laws were overturned by Executive Order 9665-AB. Everyone in town would know that she selfishly brought a baby into the world that would need extra care, and during a Doctor Union strike, things could get ugly. She and little Hunter would never be at peace. After a few moments, Mary Jane's rationalization mechanisms kicked in. Everyone has a right to health care and it would be selfish of me to take health care away from Board sanctioned babies. Health care may be a right, but it is the duty of the citizens to make sacrifices so everyone can have access to health care.

Finally, after an awkward pause, "Does it hurt ?" Mary Jane asked sheepishly.

Yup...Government run health care....It's to die for!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Freedom Is Slavery

One of the lines from Nineteen Eighty-Four that hits me the hardest is: Freedom is slavery.

Three simple words. It takes almost no lung capacity to say it. It takes but a fraction of a second to say. Yet, those three words sum up the Progressivevik position better than any old pile of musty books form the Haw-vard library. Those three words can sum up the direction our country is headed in a whole lot better than 10 episodes of Glenn Beck.

The funny thing is, there's been no effort by the Progressivevik fascist left to hide their tracks. They'll always shoot the messenger by calling him a racist or a homphobe. They'll drum up illogical hatred of societal institutions and norms. Hell, they'll even try to snuff out Grandma with death panels before they'll defend themselves from the charges that insist that the Progressivievik movement is all about destroying the Constitution and Individual Liberty.

Need proof, do you ? Show you, I will. Clear your mind, Padawan. Unlearn what you have learned. [Message From Thought Police: Kindly refrain from ripping off more than cultural icon at a time. Or else.]

Let's look at Obamacareless, for example. It promises us lollipops and kittens along with universal health care coverage for all. Yet, there's possible jail time for malcontents like yours truly who think being forced to do anything but pay taxes or going to war when drafted is unConstitutional. Following the dictates of Uncle Sugar ensures my freedom from prison but kills my Liberty. Yet, to the Progressivevik, that very Liberty to do as I please is the real slavery, since to them, I'm just another one of the sheeple who's too stupid to take responsibility for myself and act accordingly. The only freedoms Progressiveviks are interested in is the freedom from responsibilty and the freedom of the government to run roughshod over everything and everyone. The Progressivevik earnestly believes that ensuring Liberty reigns supreme is slavery.

Princess Nancy, Ruler of the People's Republic of Pelosi, had an interesting exchange with a reporter from CNS who had the nerve to ask her if she thought the current health care power grab was Constitutional. Her reply ? "Are you kidding ? Are you kidding ?" No, Your Royal Highness, no one is kidding. Unfortunately for us, she was genuinely puzzled by the question. Her Majesty honestly believes that the freedom to make your own choices is slavery to a system that she finds unfair. So to free us, she'll make us slaves. I ask you: Is that "Change We Can Believe In" ? Are we willing to trade the cherished Liberty that we have taken for granted far too long and become wards of the state ?

I'd say keep the Change if I could, but change is all I have left.

Good Morning Oceania!

Are we heading into fascism ?

The pieces are in place. We have a government hell-bent on establishing a social utopia that is ultimately doomed to becoming dystopian. We have wars being fought that no one seems interested in winning. Our history is being rewritten to suit the leadership of special interests that are quasi-branches of the federal government. Our ability to pucrhase goods and services is being hampered needlessly. Much of our news is distorted to suit those previously mentioned special interests.

Do we live in George Orwell's fictional Oceania from his novel Nineteen Eighty-Four ? Or do we still live in America ?

Let's really look at this. Let's take off the partisan rose-colored glasses for a second.

For example, we have the mystery meat known as Obamacare, or as what here at Absolutely Nobama call Obamacareless. It promises to bring us the utopia of free health care for all and lollipops and kittens for everyone. Yet, there's the hidden little thorn of a threat of jail time for not going along with the program. I don't know about you, but the thought of an all powerful death panel deciding the medical fate of free citizens just doesn't pass the smell test, does it ?

Is that Oceanian or American ?

Oh, I get it! I'm crazy! A malcontent! I'm bitter because I'm clinging to my guns and my Bible! Oh, yes, yes, I'm a racist homophobe who doesn't recycle! Baaah! Look! I'm one of the sheeple!

Another thing to look at is the War on Terror. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not one of those Ron Paul types that blames America for the actions of these animals that walk like men. I think they should be hunted down and killed like rabid wolves. Unfortunately, our government does not share my views on the matter. It's almost as if there's almost a willful attempt to drag these wars on and on for no apparent reason. Use your head for more than a hatrack for just a momment and you'll see I'm right. The United States military is the finest fighting force in human history and yet, we can't find a bunch guys in caves ? It almost seems that the federal government wants to keep the wars going instead of dropping the axe. Why ? War is peace. Not the kind of peace you're thinking of, but domestic peace. The kind of peace that has Uncle Sugar in full control. Notice how Chairman Obama extended the Patriot Act, and I'm hard pressed to believe that it's in the name of national security. If our Dear Leader was interested in that, he sure as hell would not have our brave men and women giving Miranda Rights to terrorist goon bags captured on the battlefield or try to close Gitmo. (Don't get me started on the terror trials, either.) What the government craves is the control war brings over the population, ala Woodrow Wilson. It's rather odd how after eight years of the War on Terror, the whole idea of national ID cards has come up again. (Thanks alot Schmuck Schumer and Lindsey Grahamnesty!) The point is, the War on Terror could be won hands down if the government had the testicular fortitude to get the job done, just like the War on Terror could be won if the Progressiveviks didn't have so much to gain by its stalemate.

Oh, I know, I know, I'm a hatemonger. But what are we to make of the rewriting of American history ?

In classrooms all over the country, our children are being taught lie after lie about the Founding Fathers. They were atheists, they introduced the Three Fifths Compromise because they hated blacks, American history starts in 1877, the Constitution is outdated, and other Ingsoc-like lies about the past. Of course it doesn't stop there. As far as the Progressiveviks go, all human history is fair game. Look at they way Che Guevarra has attained a cult like following, as well as Anita Dunn's beloved Mao. Everyday there's a new lie that instantly becomes truth. There's a concerted effort by the Progressivevik movement to prove Ignorance is strength. And just like Ingsoc, the Nazis, and the Communists, it begins with the children. Who leads this charge ? Groups like the Tides Foundation and the Apollo Alliance that have wormed their way into the bureacracy. These special interest groups wield the real power in our government, as do crony capitalists like Government Electric CEO Jeffrey Immelt. Let's not forget Andy Stern, the Mafia Don who lords over SEIU. Just think of what he has to gain when childern are taught from Head Start ages to college graduation that capitalism is evil and unions are the only way to go, and think of the untold riches and power and power Immelt would wield if he had an entire generation believing in the lie/false religion of Global Warming.

No, my views do not exist because Obama is the first black President. [Message from Thought Police: Keep it up. Keep it up.]

Call me crazy and off my meds, but isn't odd how there's always something more important to Chairman Obama than working on fixing the economy ? Now, of course, there's the dog and pony show job summits where non profits and unreadable New York Slimes columnists run the discussion, but has there been any real progress ? Of course not. Why is there no progress ? Actual human progress is the enemy of Progressiveviks the world over. Everyones favorite f-ing ret--[Message from Thought Police: Don't go there if you know what's good for you.] Rahm Emmanuel's most famous quote is : "Never let a good crisis go to waste." If America has a strong economy where goods and services are easily obtained, who in their right mind would need these warmed over Commies ? Progressiveviks only thrive in poor economies where their socialist views are welcomed. See Franklin Delano Roosevelt and his crappy New Deal for further details. Just like Ingsoc figured out in Nineteen Eighty-Four, there's a whole lot of power to be gained when the population is on the brink of starvation.

I know, blah, blah, blah, another Glenn Beckian conspiracy theory. Maybe, but what about the press ?

At this point, I'd sooner trust Ingsoc's Ministry of Truth a whole lot faster than I would the lamestream media, that's for damn sure. Yes, we can point to FOX and say "At least they're telling the truth". Unfortuantely, too many of our fellow Americans don't see it that way and they believe Katie Couric is the end-all-be-all of American journalism. They compare Couric and the rest of her ilk to FOX and scream that FOX is heavily slanted to the Right and thus many fence straddlers in our society don't know what to believe, and thus the truth never gets to the people who would benefit the most from it. That's why folks like George Soros would never let MSNBC die its well desrved death and that's why Ted Turner is still propping up his Communist News Network. Despite near coma like ratings, these fountains of misinformation are critical to the success of the Progressivevik movement. The glut of news and misinformation in our society creates legions of drones for them since no one knows what to believe anymore.

Well, that's the way it is! See you at Victory Square during Hate Week! It's to die for!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

What'sa Massa You ?

Another week, another Progressivevik from the socialist dystopia known as New York goes down in flames.

In case your cable is down, or you've been hiding in a cave with Osama, Eric Massa (S-NY) is the latest sexual deviant from the Rotten Apple to step down. The freshman Congressman has resigned in disgrace after it came out that he was doing his best Mark Foley imitation and was sexually harrassing one of his male staffers. Unlike Charlie Rangel, at least Massa is going to be interesting on his way to to the Scrap Heap of Progressivevik Failure. Forget the laws of Omerta when it comes to this guy. Like Sammy The Bull, Massa's naming names.

In a bizarre monologue that would confuse Glenn Beck, Massa states that the Socialist Democrat party dumped him because he had previously voted against Cap and Trade and Obamacareless. He even cited an episode where a buck naked Rahm Emmanuel poked him in the chest while trying to intimidate the hapless Congressman in the locker room at the Congressional Gym. (On a side note, why the hell do we have to pay for a gym for these people ? With their $165,000 salaries, these mopes could afford to go to LA Fitness, right ? Not every member of Congress goes to the gym, so why should we, as tax payers, pay for it ? Judging by the beached whale photos that have surfaced of Charlie Rangel, it's pretty apparent he's not going to the gym, that's for sure.)

The funny thing is, I believe Massa's story and I also believe the stories about him. I do believe that the beady-eyed Steny Hoyer leaked the story about Massa's escapades, just like I believe they're true. I also believe the Socialist Democrat party dumped Massa for his refusal to go along with the program. Remember, this is the party of the Horny Hick Bill Clinton. This is the party of John "Baby's Daddy" Edwards. This is also the party of Peter "Lesser Known Baby's Daddy" Orzag. They can always absorb scandals like this and come out smelling like a rose. That's how I know Massa is right when he says he was dumped for not goosestepping in lockstep with the rest of the Progressiveviks. The Progressiveviks are known for their deviant, Caligula-like behavior. What's one more log on the fire ? Even more puzzling, Massa didn't blame the Conservatives or the Tea Parties for his troubles. He went right to the source: Chairman Obama, his hitman Deadfish, and the beady-eyed Steny Hoyer.

You know, it's funny how things work out. Our Dear Leader Chairman Obama promised us proles transparency, and finally it has come to pass. We were given the transparency to view how innately disgusting the District of Communism has become. Move over Sodom and Gamorrah, we have Washington DC. It's such a travesty that the seat of our government, named after the man who defeated the British Empire against all odds to give us Freedom and Liberty, has become a toilet full of poop-ulism and used condoms. I hate to be graphic, but this little episode has shaken my remaining belief that America can still succeed despite the failures of our "leadership". How can we even remotely succeed if our "leaders" are no better than feral alley cats ?

So...What'sa Massa You, eh ? Gotta no respect ?

Ah, Washington, shut uppa you face!

The Pitcher Gets Shelled

Recently, Jim Bunning, A former Major League pitcher and current Imperial Senator, caught a whole heap of flak from hysterical leftists because of his blocking of an unemployment benefits extension. Bunning (Socialist Lite-KY) explained that his blocking of the bill was due to the fact that it violated the imaginary PayGo rule that says all bills must be paid for.

To many Conservatives, Bunning is a hero. "Not I," says the Cat In The Hat.

See, what annoys me most is the fact that Bunning reached into his baseball past for this strategem. Bunning walked Bush to get to Chairman Obama. Where was this call for fiscal sanity during the Bush era (error) ? Bunning happily voted along with the rest of his cronies during the Bush years to throw money into the Memory Hole time and time again, but with a Democrat in the Oval Orifice, he stops like a mule with a broken hoof. Far too little, far, far too late. It's sort of like going to the bullpen after your starter gives up two grand slams in one inning.

Don't get me wrong: I agree with Bunning, but I just wish he had the contents of a jockstrap much, much earlier and quite frankly, I wish he hadn't used the PayGo excuse, either. I wish Bunning had stood up and said "This isn't fair to everyone else who is still working." Those of us who are lucky enough to still have jobs are going to be paying for this. Remember, Chairman Obama has stated that he's "agnostic" to a middle class tax hike and often uses troubling statements like "Nothing is off the table". In other words, those of us who are struggling to even remotely call ourselves middle class are going to feel the pinch. That's what Bunning should have stood up and screamed to the heavens. Instead, he based his arguement on on the PayGo rule that isn't worth the paper it's printed on.

There's nothing lower than a fair weather fan except for fair weather Conservatives.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

So, What Are You ?

Everyone these days is going label crazy. This one is a Conservative, this one is a Progressivevik, this one is a liberal, blah blah blah. The funny thing is, most people have no idea what their political leanings actually mean. Most people, who don't know a Bill of Attainder from a hole in the wall, answer Democrat, Republican, or the nebulous Independent.

Well, I'm here to tell you the ugly truth: The labels, Democrat and Republican, are now useless, like Keith Olbermann. The real issue is, as it has always been, Progressiveviks vs. everyone else.

The grand majority of Americans are actually Libertarians, whether they profess it or not. Don't believe me ? Go to a DMV and listen to the people waiting in line. Every one of them will be cursing up a storm, proving my theory. Most Americans hate the idea of the government breathing down their necks. Most Americans don't want to be taxed to death. Most Americans rightfully view the government with suspicion. Most of the political movements that have been for the good of America had their roots in Libertarian theory. Civil Rights ?

A Libertarian theory. Abolition of slavery ? Definite Libertarian theory. When push comes to shove, the American people will always choose freedom, because they realize that big government is a terrible idea.

Some people are liberals. At one point, I often used liberal as an insult, now I'm just calling it misinformed. Most liberals are fairly reasonable. They are willing to put up with the government on economic matters, but ultimately, they still believe in the freedom of the individual. They're unwilling to give the government power over their private lives. Unfortunately, liberals are often misled by Progressiveviks and support horrors like the Pro-Choice (Or should I say Pro-Murder ?) movement and anti-gun laws. Again, when push comes to shove, liberals will always fight when their liberties are threatened.

Conservatives believe that the state has to step in when it comes to morals and acceptable behavior. Now don't get me wrong, I agree with their social positions, but I don't feel that the government should enforce them. For example, I don't believe in gay marriage, but I also believe this is a States Rights issue. I think every state should have a referendum. What flies in New York may not fly in Oklahoma or Texas. I'm ok with that, whatever the result is. Same thing with marijuana laws. These are matters for the governed to decide, not the government. While I am very Conservative on social issues, I don't think that's the province of the federal government, and especially federal courts, to legislate matters like this.

I may let liberals off the hook slightly, but there's no mercy at all in my heart for Progressiveviks. To me, Progressive thought leads to fascism, Nazism, and communism. I see you remain unconvinced. Let's look for example at Chairman Obama's Obamacareless proposal. Our Dear Leader's plan would have the government making decisions on who gets what care and when they get it. I'd be hard pressed to call that mainstream. I'd also be hard pressed to even call that a liberal thought, since most liberals do have a respect for individual freedom, even if they don't mind big government. Every Progressivevik movement results in a loss of freedom. Look at what the environmental whack jobs like Van Jones propose. Regulation after regulation, all designed to kill individual freedoms. The same goes for nationalizing banks, car manufacturers, student loans, too. If that isn't fascism, tell me what is. Every policy the Progressiveviks push on others always seem to have the words "must" and "shall" in them.

Notice how the words Democrat or Republican are absent in my above examples. Why ? Those labels are completely outdated, thank the Big Conservative Upstairs. For example, there's a huge difference between a union worker who's a working stiff, and some Progressivevik Democrat taking his talking points straight from Karl Marx. Both may call themselves Democrats, but the difference between them is like night and day. Another great example is the Tea Party Republicans and establishment blowhard Republicans, like Lindsey Grahamnesty and John McPain. The Tea Party crowd are Conservatives and Libertarians first and Republicans second. Grahamnesty and McPain are Progressiveviks first and Republicans second. They still believe government has the answer, but folks in establishment Republican party don't even know what the question is, so how could they have the answers ? Let's not kid ourselves, the beginning of our slide into the Third World started when the Republican party abandoned its Conservative and Libertarian philosophies.

So what are you ? What a loaded a question!

We Are Winning!

Every day, we are gaining ground on the AMSOC Progressivevik party. Conseravtives, look no further than the March 5th Rasmussen poll that states 69% of likely voters say cities don't have the right to restrict handgun ownership.

Thank The Big Conservative Upstairs. I was getting a little worried.

Despite what gun grabbers like Rosie O'Donnell would have you believe, the Right to Bear arms is one of the most important rights we have as American citizens. The Right to Bear Arms guarantees peace between government and citizen. The Founders realized that the open society they were creating left the door wide open for a maniacal dictator type and the citizenry needed to be able to take up arms against that hypothetical tyranny, which, thank God, has yet to happen, and it never will, as long as the people can be armed.

Yet, the Progressiveviks want to take that right away. Why ?

The Progressiveviks would have you believe that guns cause crime, despite the fact that gun bans actually cause an increase of gun related crimes. Only law-abiding citizens comply with gun laws. Criminals have no such compunctions. They see it as the government making targets much easier to dominate.

Let's take Great Britain for example. In 1997, the British government banned the ownership of handguns. By 2001, the left leaning BBC reported that gun crimes had risen by 40% since the ban. Now that the people were turned into sheep, they were left defenseless against the criminal wolves. Why ? Criminals lost the fear that the person they were robbing or mugging might be packing some heat. Criminals saw it as a golden opportunity, since anyone with some spare change could get a "Saturday Night Special" but law-abiding citizens had to hope that the police would arrive in time to save the day. Call me crazy and off my meds, but that doesn't seem fair, does it ?

Now, don't get me wrong, psychos and loonies use legally purchased guns all the time. (See Nidal Hassan for further details.) The real solution to that problem is very easy. Commit a crime with a gun, you get the death penalty. It's that simple, and even someone like Keith Olbermann with his barely simian intelligence could understand that. Forget all the legal mumbo-jumbo. Kill someone with a gun when it's not self defense, you go to the chair and fry like bacon. I, as a rational person, can't condone punishing the many for the crimes of a few. Too bad the Progressiveviks don't see it that way.

If it doesn't gall you that citizens have to go all they way to the Supreme Court to defend the most straight forward right in the Bill of Rights, like they did in DC and are doing in Chicago, then you should move to Britain.

I hear they're looking for new victims. The old ones are dying out.