Thursday, March 25, 2010

We The People Or We The Sheeple ?

Over the last year and some change, I've been called a lot of things by leftists like Rachel Maddcow and The Human Rat Keith Olbermann. I've been called an extremist, a terrorist, a racist, a hatemonger, a homophobe, and climate change denier, which at last check was far worse than being a Holocaust denier, and a traitor. For months, I've collected evidence and quotes proving that I'm right and not some deranged loon. Now of course, the Progressiveviks always guffawed at my proof, with their cries of "That's taken out of context" and "You're trying to rewrite history!". It was always a rejection of the truth that would have made Ingsoc proud.

At the lowest point of the whole Obamacareless power grab, along came a legislative fossil from the late, great state of Michigan to save the day and my sanity. His name is John Dingellberry, an old politico who first cut his teeth in politics by helping Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble organize a union at the Bedrock Quarry against that fascist goon bag slave driver, Mr. Slate. I never thought that some warmed over commie would do anything positive in my life time. But alas, I was wrong on that point. John Dingell has proven me right.

How did he do that, exactly ?

After a Depends change, which always makes Herr Congressman feel better, he said this:

"It takes a long time to do the necessary administrative steps that have to be taken to put the legislation together to control the people."

Really ?

If that's not proof that that Obamacareless isn't about control, then I don't know what else is. If this isn't an attempt to play God by the incompetents in the District of Communsim, then tell me, what is it ? An act of compassion ? A morally right act ? An ethical attempt to balance the scales of social justice by taking the money and health care of others and give it to someone else at gunpoint ? Is this what it's come to ? The first step towards dictatorsip ? Well, if that's the case, allow me to be the first to to say: Hey barkeep! Another round of Victory Gin for the boys, and don't forget the saccharine and cloves! Let me be the first to toast our Dear Leader in his moment of triumph! I assure you this is a big f-ing deal!

Let me ask you, whether you're a straight-laced Bible thumping member of the Religious Right and a proud as heck deep red Republican or a San Francisco marching, liberal as hell, keep the government out of our wombs, bright blue Democrat, is this acceptable on any level ? Do you need people who can't deliver mail or find weapons of mass destruction running your health care and determine whether or not you live or die or what your quality of life should be ? Out of curiosity, who in the United States voted for anyone to be God ? I know I didn't, and I can say with 99.4% accuracy, you didn't either. (I had to take into consideration idiots like Evan Thomas who thinks Chairman Obama is "like God" and all the Leg Tinglers like Chrissy Matthews for that last statistic. Whether I like it or not, these people are pseudo-Americans, and unfortunately, I don't have the authority to make them leave the country.)

So what is it, America ? Is it We The People or is it We The Sheeple ? Do we stand for freedom or do we stand for incompetent tyranny that calls handing Fillipino WW II vets $198 million dollars an economic stimulus plan ? Are we the inheritors of George Washington or serfs working on the manor for people like John Dingellberry ? Are we the people who rose the flag at Iwo Jima or are we Michael Moore ? (A guy who better shed a few pounds if he knows what's good for him. Big Mommy wants us to be thin. Just ask his wife, who's proud of her country for the first time.) Have we gone from "Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country." to "Where's my welfare check ? I hope my unemployment check gets here soon. I want health care and I want it now." ? Do we do justice for the boys who died at Valley Forge, Gettysburgh, Okinawa, the Chosin Resevoir, Tet, and Fallujah with our acceptance of this monstrous, fascist take over ?

So, America, tell me, We The People or We The Sheeple ?

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