Thursday, May 12, 2011

Furious George's Mini-Me

Oh, by the way, did you know that George $oros, everyone's least favorite Nazi-collaborating billionaire socialist sugar daddy, has a son just as spooky as him ?
Here's his bio from the Roosevelt Institute (which we'll also explore) :

"Jonathan Soros is a Senior Fellow at the Roosevelt Institute where he explores the role of corporations in society. Mr. Soros is examining the reach and consequences of corporate 'personhood' in the after the Supreme Court’s decision in Citizens United. In addition, he is exploring the the emerging field of of social investment and the ways in which it mobilizes for-profit organziations for the production of public goods. Finally, Mr. Soros is working together with Bo Cutter on the Next American Economy project, which among other topics will test the role of the private sector as a deliberate agent of change in American economic life over the next twenty-five years.
In addtion to his work at the Roosevelt Institute, Mr. Soros serves as the President and Deputy Chairman of Soros Fund Management LLC. Mr. Soros serves on the board of directors of the Open Society Foudnations (OSF), the Soros Economic Development Fund, and the Central European University. He is also a member of the Next Generation Leadership Board at the Indian School of Business in Hyderabad.
Before joining Soros Fund Management in 2002, Mr. Soros clerked for Judge Stephen F. Williams of the United States Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit and co-founded the Fair Trial Initiative, a North Carolina-based non-profit organization that seeks to improve the quality of representation available to death penalty defendants. Prior to graduate school, Mr. Soros was a program manager at OSF in Budapest and assistant director for the International Foundation for Electoral Systems’ mission to Moldova. He also served as a staff member on the Clinton/Gore ’92 campaign and inaugural committees. He received his B.A from Wesleyan University and graduate degrees from Harvard Law School and the John. F. Kennedy School of Government."

Ahhh....but what is the Roosevelt Institute ?

"The Roosevelt Institute is a nonprofit organization devoted to carrying forward the legacy and values of Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt by developing progressive ideas and bold leadership in the service of restoring America’s health and security. We seek to reanimate the progressive movement through a three-pronged approach...

Generating Compelling New IDEAS & Bold Visions:

Through the Four Freedoms Center think tank, launched in 2009, the Roosevelt Institute incubates and promotes rigorous, progressive policy ideas and value narratives, and deploys the people who are their strongest proponents into the public debate. In short order the Institute has established itself as a leading voice for change. With Senior Fellows including Nobel Prize-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz and former chief economist to the Senate Banking Committee Robert Johnson, our work informed the consumer protection efforts of Elizabeth Warren as well as the financial regulatory reform law enacted in 2010; we continue to work with Ms. Warren and to ensure the law’s proper implementation as we delve into new areas including money and politics, progressive values, and the middle class.

Developing the Next Generation of Progressive LEADERSHIP:

The Roosevelt Institute recognizes that it must develop new leaders in order to grow new ideas. Since 2008, the Institute has been home to the Roosevelt Institute Campus Network, a powerful forum of some 10,000 politically engaged young people at 86 active chapters who discuss, promote, and implement progressive ideals, ideas, and policies. Campus Network members have presented policies on Capitol Hill, testified to city councils, and implemented legislation. The Network comprises a diverse cross-section of backgrounds; women and people of color lead more than half the chapters. In 2008, the Campus Network produced more Rhodes Scholars than any two universities combined. The Roosevelt Alumni & Young Professionals Network was launched in 2010 as a forum for early-career progressives and is designed to support and develop pathways for future progressive leaders.

Bringing Forward the Roosevelt LEGACY:

We promote the Roosevelt legacy and attract new audiences to their ideals and values. Our main vehicle for this effort is the FDR Presidential Library & Museum in Hyde Park, NY. Through this remarkable facility, the first US presidential library, we offer programs, create exhibitions, issue white papers and post blog content that tie historical precedence to contemporary challenges."

Yes, that's the same Elizabeth Warren that Chairman Obama appointed to head up the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Call me bat-poop crazy and off my meds, but should an organization that has a $oros as a senior fellow and seeks to shove Franklin Dictator Roosevelt progressivism down America's throat have anything to do with finacial reform ? Can we say "crony capitalism" ? To quote our Dear Leader: "Yes We Can!"
Who else is a member of the Roosevelt Institute (and, in effect, in bed with George $oros) ?
  • Anna Burger, former SEIU toady and member of Chairman Obama's Economic Recovery Advisory Board
  • Deepak Bhargarva, a slimy community organizer with ties to ACORN
  • Joseph Stiglitz, one of the chief framers of the IPCC climate change scam
  • Jim Wallis, Chairman Obama's "spiritual advisor" and admitted communist

Well, if Mini-Me $oros' involvement with the Roosevelt Institute hasn't creeped you out yet, maybe this will: Mini-Me is also a member of the New America Foundation. True to form, this another progressive/socialist outfit. From Discover The

"NAF oversees numerous programs and initiatives designed to influence public opinion on particularized topics. These programs typically disseminate their ideas via policy papers, media articles, books, and NAF-sponsored events.
Among NAF's more significant programs are the following:

Health Policy Program: NAF approved of the the 2010 federal healthcare overhaul bill because: (a) it would 'offer a new image' of how Americans view dying; and (b) it would help 'patients and their families to recognize' that: '[S]ometimes ‘doing everything’ results in more burden than benefit. High-tech medicine can prolong life, but for some patients, it merely draws out
the process of dying.' In 2009, Health Policy Program director Len Nichols testified before Congress in support of a public
health-insurance option

Energy Policy Initiative: NAF advocates punitive taxation on the use of fossil fuels, for the purpose of forcing Americans to cut back their reliance on such energy sources. In 2010, NAF produced a policy paper in favor of implementing a 'Smart
,' a government-controlled energy use/delivery system.

Global Governance Initiative: The director of this program, Parag Khanna, contends that global governance is inevitable and that, in fact, America has already embarked on an unalterable course toward this destination. According to Khanna, the world at large sits on the precipice of an epoch that will be marked by 'fear, uncertainty, plagues, and violence,' which global governance will
ultimately relieve. Khanna lauds the efforts of "postmodern Medicis such as Bill Gates, Anil Ambani, George Soros, and Richard Branson,' who 'take it upon themselves' to 'cure pandemics, run corporate cities, undermine authoritarian regimes, and sponsor climate-saving research.'

Middle East Task Force: NAF’s Middle East Task Force is highly critical of Israel and sympathetic toward Palestinian Arabs, whose anti-Israel activities allegedly 'emulate the civil rights struggle [of blacks] in the United States and the struggle against apartheid in South Africa.' Advancing the notion that the Israeli government is “occupying” Palestinian lands, NAF has called for U.S. sanctions against the Jewish State."

Not for nothing, but Mini-Me $oros doesn't think too highly of how We The People elect our presidents. Like the markets, our health care, and our energy, Mini-Me wants to change that, too. Check out what he said in the Wall Street Journal:

"The Constitution is no longer in line with our expectations regarding the role of the people in selecting the president. Yet several previous attempts to eliminate the Electoral College through a constitutional amendment have failed, scuttled by the difficulty of the process itself and the tyranny of small-state logic.

Fortunately, a constitutional amendment is not necessary. Rather than dismantling the Electoral College with an amendment, we can use the mechanisms of the Electoral College itself to guarantee popular election of the president.
To understand how the proposal works, one needs to understand two basic principles. First, that state legislatures are basically unfettered in how they choose to appoint electors. And second, that groups of states can enter into binding agreements with one another in the form of so-called interstate compacts. There are many examples of such compacts, including the Port Authority
of New York and New Jersey and the interstate agreement that guarantees a driver points on a Virginia driver license when he or she speeds in Maryland.
Under the proposed National Popular Vote compact, state legislatures would agree to choose electors who promise to support the winner of the nationwide popular vote. For example, if a Republican were to win the overall national popular vote, even if New Yorkers favored the Democrat, New York's Electoral College votes would go to the Republican. The compact will go into force when states representing 271 Electoral College votes have entered into it to guarantee that the winner of the popular vote will become president."

Here's the bottom line: Yes, George $oros is still the most dangerous man on God's green and cooling earth. That can't be denied, nor should it. However, that miserable Jew-hating SOB can't and won't live forever. Eventually, he will, as Rush Limbaugh puts it, "assume room temperature". It's not a reach to think that Jonathan is being groomed to be the heir apparent. (The other $oros spawn don't appear to be as politically active.) In other words, it's sort of like that cheesy movie where some Nazis in South America cloned Hitler.....
God help us all.

Monday, May 9, 2011

This Changes Nothing....

"No wonder the president’s top generals call him 'a Cool Hand Luke.'
After giving the order for members of a Navy Seals team to execute a fantastically daring plan to, let’s be honest, execute Osama bin Laden, Barack Obama put on a tuxedo and gave a comedy speech Saturday night in a Washington ballroom of tippling journalists and Hollywood stars."--- Moron Dowd

The next time I hear anyone give Chairman Obama any praise for bringing down Osama bin Laden, I'm going to scream.

Before I get started, let me be, as our Dear Leader likes to say, "perfectly clear". I couldn't be any more proud of the brave Navy SEALs who shot bin Laden in the face. Bin Laden got what was coming to him, no question about it. This rant is obviously not about them, but about our Communist-In-Chief.

First of all, let's take an objective look at what Chairman Obama did. He was given information that Osama bin Laden was living it up in some mansion in Pakistan. Thus, he gave the order to send al-Qaeda's lead singer to Hell where he belongs. That's it. He didn't draw up the mission plan. He didn't pilot the helicopter. He wasn't watching anyone's "six". All Chairman Obama did was give the go-ahead, which every President we've ever had (except for Jimmy Carter and Bill Caligula who didn't have the Spauldings to do it when he had the chance.) would have done. This wasn't an example of bravery like Moron Dowd would have you believe. This was the act of a desperate, failing President fighting for his job.

Obama's presidency has been an utter failure. Poll after poll shows that a great majority (75%!) Americans think that the country is doomed. ( The economy is in shambles. (You don't need a link for that, do you ?) We've been bullied into a third, needless war in Libya by the UN, EU, and the Arab League while our own wars in Iraq and Trashcanistan have become expensive quagmires. (This is certainly not due to a lack of effort by our troops, but a lack of will by the empty suits that are our elected "leaders", and most of the blame needs to be heaped on Obama's puny shoulders since he put the wars on his "pay-no-mind list" since Day One of his Reign of Incompetent Terror.) He's hatched a health care scam that some in the media have called "creeping euthanasia". Obama's administration has had scandal after scandal, ranging from his mysterious birthplace to his involvement with eugenicists and communists like UNELECTED science czar John Holdren and the dearly departed Van Jones. With a track record like that, why wouldn't Commandante Obama not jump at the chance to do in America's most deadly enemy since Adolf Hitler, especially with an election around the corner ?

The most infuriating thing about this is the fact that Chairman Obama didn't give the order to whack bin Laden out of any sort of patriotic feeling. It's been rather obvious that he hates this country and all that it stands for. (Remember when he called the United States "arrogant and dismissive" ? People like Moron Dowd and Chris "I'll Have Another Drink" Matthews might forget these things when they have their Obamagasms, but those of us who live in Literalville, as Rush Limbaugh calls it, NEVER forgive or forget insults to our country like that. No damn way.)

Here's the choice we have folks: We can chant 2+2=5 while pretending Chairman Obama is some sort of great leader, or we can see the truth. And the truth, as ugly as it is, with its open sores and oozing pus is this: this changes nothing.

God help us all.