Saturday, November 28, 2009

Liberal Brain Twisters

Just for kicks, I like to give liberals mini strokes. No, I don't take their Milk Blu Rays and break them in front of them. No, I don't burn Bill Maher in effigy. Hell, I don't even throw a football at them and expect them to catch it. All of those things may be a lot of fun on a Saturday night, but nothing, and I do mean nothing, sends them into a near ischemic stroke faster than poking holes in their flawed logic by asking them semi tough questions.

Feel free to use these brain twisters when you're accosted by these mopes. Believe me, they work like Raid for liberals!

--If the health care scheme you liberals are trying to hatch is about "choice and competition", why are you so gung ho about a single payer health plan ?

--You do realize Al Gore majored in journalism and not science, right ?

--Why were you liberals so mortified by the Patriot Act, and yet you clamor for net neutrality and the Fairness Doctrine ?

--You liberals cried and cried about privacy during the Roe v. Wade trial and yet think it's a-ok that the government will be putting our medical histories in computer files they would be able to access at any time. What's the deal ?

--You realize your messianic savior, Barack Obama, received $110,332 in contributions from AIG, right ? (Thanks Morris & McGann and their fabulous book, Catastrophe.)

--Won't it be priceless watching Obama accept his Nobel Peace Prize after sending 30,000+ troops to Afghanistan ?

--Who said this priceless quote about the Iraq war : "A hard, fast, arbitrary deadline for withdrawal offers our commanders in the field and our diplomats in the region insufficient flexibility to implement that strategy." ? Give up ? I'll give you a hint. He was a Senator from Illinois and his middle name is Hussein. (Thanks Glenn Beck and An Inconvenient Book!)

--Allegedly, Carrie Prejean and Barack Obama share the same view on marriage: Neither one supports gay marriage.

--You do realize by banning DDT, the wacko environmentalists have condemned millions of children to die from malaria, right ?

--Here's one you won't find on the Organizing for America website: Chairman Obama recieved over $100k in campaign contributions from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. (Thanks once again to Catastrophe.)

--Remember that fantasy claim about how Obama would not sign a bill with earmarks ? One of the first bills he signed, the Omnibus spending bill, had over 9000 of them.

Be very careful not use all of these weapons at once on some hapless liberal. Overdose may cause cause the liberal permanent brain damage or you may hear incessant crying for hours.

The Show Trial From Hell

Recently, Kent Conrad (S-ND) remarked that those of us who don't think sleazoids like Khalid Sheikh Mohammad and his gaggle of  murdering Islamic fascists should get a trial should "leave the country."
*SIGH!* I know trying to sell Senator Comrade and others of his EcoNazi ilk on the concerns of people with common sense or the virtues of our Constitution is like selling ice cubes to Eskimos, but I'll give it a try. (Can we even say Eskimo anymore ? Are we supposed to call them Warmth Deprived ? Who the hell even knows anymore ? The last thing I need in this stage of my life is to be charged with a hate crime. That or Soviet-style health care rationing, but that's another round of bellyaching for another time.)
Let's look at the concerns of giving these murdering deathpigs their supposed day in court.
--Eric Holder, our wunderkind Attorney General who is supposedly acting independently of Chairman Obama, was instrumental in getting the FALN terrorists pardoned by the outgoing horny hick Bill Clinton. (If you'll recall, these creeps blew up Fraunces Tavern back in 1975.) It has been speculated by Morris and McGann in their awesome book Catastrophe that this was done to pander to Puerto Ricans during Hillary's Senate run in New York. Call me crazy and off my meds, but is this a person we want to have anything to do with prosecuting terrorists ?
--Chairman Obama, in his infinite wisdom, has already poisoned any jury by remarking that KSM and his gang will be found guilty and executed. Any lawyer, even the guys you see on those lame late night commercials while waiting for the 2am repeat of Glenn Beck, could easily claim that Obama was attempting the influence the jury. Scary thing is, the shyster would be right. Way to go, Dear Leader, way to go.
--Speaking of juries, where on God's green (and not to mention cooling) earth are they going to find twelve New Yorkers who haven't heard of  9/11 or don't already have an opinion ? (New York being New York, that opinion can go either way. Remember, this is the place who gave us Chuck Schumer, much to our chagrin.) What are they going to do, put seven year olds on the jury ? By the way, who in the hell would even want to be a juror ?  This isn't like being a juror in a case against the mob. al Qaeda isn't going to try to bribe anyone. They'll just mark the jurors and their families for a fiery, horrible end. The jurors would have to go into the Witness Protection Program. (Don't feed me a bunch of compost claiming the government would protect them, either. A couple trying out for a reality TV show just crashed a White House state dinner, so I'd be hard pressed in believing the government can protect anyone.) Literally, any juror in this case could spend the rest of their lives living under a death sentence. I don't think any citizen should have to shoulder that kind of burden just because Chairman Obama has a political axe to grind.
--KSM and his cohorts were not read their Miranda rights when they were captured. (Probably, and I could be spitballing here, that the Bush administration considered them enemy combatants and not US citizens elligible for Miranda rights.) I'm no lawyer and I don't play one on TV, but that would mean that any confessions made by these monsters would be inadmissable in court. I can see it now: Obama and Holder having long faces at a press conference called to announce KSM's confession will be not be admissable and it's all that evil George Bush's fault.
Isn't a scary thought that we have three more years of this ?

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Another Socialist Scam

The Associated Depressed has reported that hackers have broken into the computers of the University of East Anglia, a "respected" climate change research center in Great Britain. Almost 1000 emails and 3000 documents have been posted all over the internet showing how some "scientists" in the US and UK have been playing hanky panky with climate change statistics to make things look worse than they actually are. In fact, the Associated Press actually reports Phil Jones, the center's director, even implores his colleagues to "hide the decline" when creating graphics that show recent global temperature changes.

Now, I'm not going to sit here and cheer for the hackers, they're criminals, no question about it. But, let's face it, they proved what any sane and rational person already knows: This climate change/global warming nonsense is just another way to redistribute wealth and push yet another socialist agenda. Rasmussen reported in its November 9th poll, that only 37% of Americans even believe that global warming is caused by man's actions. The only reason people like Al Gore, Father Earth himself, push this nonsense is redistribute wealth, preferably into his own pockets and also Jeffery Immelt's pockets, who is the CEO of GE, who will sell all kinds of energy saving snake oil products, which also happens to own NBC and MSNBC where you find that new and annoying green peacock and as much Chairman Obama cheerleading as you can possibly stand. I'm no Glenn Beck, but I know a screw job when I see one.

That screw job, ladies and gentlemen, is called Cap and Trade, or what we here at Absolutely Nobama call Crap and Traitor. We call it "crap" because the science behind it is sketchy at best and fraudulent at its worst. We call it "traitor" because it fritters away the sovereignty of the United States and places our country into the socialist hands of the United Nations. The science part is pretty easy to disprove. According to to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Admininstration's web site, the months of July and August were the third hottest months on record since they started keeping track in 1880. The hottest was in 1998. The second hottest was in 2005. Now, if 2009 had the third hottest, that would mean TEMPERATURES ARE GOING DOWN AND NOT UP. All it simply means that July and August this year was just too damn hot. Nothing more. The treason part is fairly easy to prove, too. Obama and his Merry Band of Socialists want to enter our country into binding treaties like the failed Kyoto treaty, which none of the EU members have lived up to.. (Their CO2 emissions have actually gone up, while most Europeans have seen their taxes rise over 50%.) The funny thing about it is, the Kyoto treaty exempted China, who in turn became an economic and manufacturing giant, while the signatories in Europe stagnated and are in actually far worse shape than we are.(Thank God our Imperial Senate did something right and did not ratify Kyoto. It dosen't in any way, shape or form excuse them from the rest of their bungling, but that's another story for another time.) The Copenhagen meeting Obama is all hopped up on would actually punish our country while putting the Third World Nations ahead of us, by exempting them from the unpleasantness of Cap and Trade. We would suffer, they would prosper. Last time I checked, putting any other country before ours is a traitorous act.

The way Cap and Trade works is simple. Utility companies and other "carbon polluters" buy "credits" for the right to emit CO2. Like stocks, they can be sold and traded in a marketplace. The reality is companies aren't buying them. You, the consumer will. Utility companies, with all sympathy of the Gestapo, will simply pass the cost of these carbon credits to you.The Shack of Representives have already passed their version of this garbage. (The Waxman/ Markey Bill passed the day celebrity child molester Michael Jackson retired to his grave, so no one noticed.) One of its sponsors, Ed Markey (S-Massachusetts) had the nerve to claim it would only cost the consumer "a postage stamp a day". Others have suggested it will end up costing American families over $1700 a year. (Even if we take Markey at his word, that still comes out to $176 a year! Keep your filthy, socialist paws out of my pocket, if you don't mind.) GE fits in by hawking all kinds of energy saving doodads, netting them billions. Al Gore, Father Earth, will get in on the ground floor of this scam, netting him billions in the Cap and Trade Exchange. NBC and MSNBC are simply the public relations arm of this scam.

Hey, didn't they throw Bernie Madoff in jail for crap like this ?

Saturday, November 21, 2009

How Do You Solve A Problem Like Sarah ? Trash Her!

Recently, the socialist rag known as Newsweek asked a question: How do you solve a problem like Sarah ?

Granted, the question should have been: How do you solve a problem like the recession ? Or better yet, How do you solve a problem like no readers ? Instead of doing yet another hit piece on Sarah Palin, the high priest of the Obama cult, Newsweek editor Evan Thomas might have done well to ask those questions in an attempt to actually look like a news magazine.

Ok, Evan, I'll bite. At this point, I almost feel sorry for you.

The real reason why the left hates Sarah Palin has nothing to do with her being a Conservative woman. After all, we've had plenty of those in our history, such as Nancy Reagan and Barbara and Laura Bush. They were mildly attacked, but it was nothing compared to the savaging Palin has gotten from Katie Couric and her ilk. I don't buy the cattiness arguement about women attacking other women, how she's pro life, she's feminine, actually happily married to her husband, lost the baby weight, blah blah blah.

No, the real reason they spit vemon at Sarah Palin is she represents everything the left despises. She represents the common every day folk who have had enough of liberal idiocy and want common sense answers to our country's problems. She isn't particularly partisan nor is she interested in fighting wars of attrition on Capitol Hill. She, as a politician, is a problem solver. (If she ever does become President, she would be our first Libertarian President. Sometimes, she sounds like a refreshing combination of Ron Paul and Ronald Reagan.) Attacking Sarah Palin to them is a round about way of attacking normal folks who want nothing more in life than to cash their paychecks, send their kids to a decent college, buy white plastic shoes and retire to Miami Beach. She's the loudest voice in America that says what we're all thinking: Leave us the hell alone, already!

Sarah Palin is not a problem. She's a solution.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Sneaky Liberals

"I'll take Married Socialists for $100, Alex"
"These two socialists came up with a plan to destroy the capitalist American society by overloading the system."
"Who are...Barack and Michelle Obama ?"
[Error buzzer goes off]
"Actually we were looking for 'Who are Frances Fox Piven and Richard Cloward ?' For getting this wrong, you will be sent to a political re-education camp and, no, your mother can't have her hip replaced now. Thanks for playing Country in Jeopardy."

In 1966, Richard Cloward and Frances Fox Piven came up with a little scheme to overthrow the government and replace it with a socialist utopia. These two were much smarter than your usual imagination-less liberals like Bill Ayers who thought that violence would end our capitalist society. These two little Lenins realized the only way to bring down the governement was to overload the system through entitlements, such as welfare. They demanded in their 1966 article in The Nation that the Democratic party do more for the poor by having a "guaranteed annual income" and planned to do it by the "outright redistribution of income." (Hmm...What Presidential candidate mentioned this in 2008 ? Stuck ? Read the title of this blog.) Naturally, this would overload the system of entitlements already in place (Thank you very much Franklin Delano Freaking Roosevelt and way to go, LBJ!) and cause a political and economic crisis.

The article remained liberal canon for years, revered the way normal people revere the Book of Exodus or The Gospels. The rantings of Cloward and Piven remained dormant until 1977, when everyone's least favorite peanut farmer and noted anti Semite Jimmy Carter signed a supposedly harmless bill called the Community Reinvestment Act of 1977. This act outlawed "redlining" or the supposed discriminatory lending practices of banks refusing to issue loans to minorities. (The reality of the situation is banks found it financially sound to only loan money to people who could pay them back. Novel concept, eh ?) This new, illogical law then woke up groups like ACORN who believed everyone had a right to a home, regardless of their ability to pay for it. The liberals had a new weapon and weren't afraid to use it. This was the first step of the Cloward/ Piven strategy of overloading the the system, as leftist activist groups formed "partnerships" with the banks who were afraid of getting on the wrong side of Uncle Sugar or being sued for violations of the CRA. Over the course of many years, many loans were made and the recipients of the loans were unwilling or unable to pay them. The banks became more and more desperate to recoup some of the money lost, so they packaged them up in cute little socialist packages and sold them to Wall Street.  Things in this shell game worked out for a while until 2008 when the house of cards came crumbling down as anyone with one functioning brain cell realized the loans were worthless and the financial system of the United States started its death rattle.

The liberals were in ecstasy. Phase one of the Cloward/Piven strategy was in full effect. All they needed was a front man posing as a Messiah to "rescue" America. Enter Barack Hussein Obama, the charismatic street agitator from Chicago. He said all the right things to people hoodwinked by Cloward/ Piven strategies, like "spread the wealth around" and "Wall Street greed". With the media in full compliance, the man who has never run a thing in his life became the 44th President of the United States, much to the chagrin of anyone with an IQ over 50.

Now, we as a nation, are entering phase two of the Cloward/ Piven strategy.

I can hear the liberals guffawing, just like the way Conservatives guffaw at Bill Clinton's "vast right wing conspiracy". However, unlike the liberals, I am capable of independent thought and reasoning and I am quite sure that 2+2 does not equal 5. Under our new socialist leadership we have had:

--The proposal of Cap and Trade, a brand new energy tax that would throw millions of people out of work. The Republicans, in their new roles as rational human beings, attempted to create bench marks that would derail the nonsense, such as ending Cap and Trade if gas hit $5 a gallon or unemployment reaching 15%. The liberals shot them down in a heartbeat.Why would they shoot down common sense amendments like that if they weren't trying to overload and destroy the system ?

--The proposed health care "reform" that has taxes and fees in it that no one can pay because the economy is in shambles thanks to the liberals. If the government can't pay for health care because it's collecting less taxes, and can't run its precious little public option, it will be total anarchy. Why would the government propose something it has absolutely no ability to pay for or run correctly ?

Look out America. Look out.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

No, And Here's Why

Recently, I pondered the following: What if Chairman Obama got his way and all of his left wing fantasy legislation became law ? To expand my mind, I went to Congressman Barney Frank's special "friend" in Maine and picked up a mind enhancing "product" and I pondered. Here's what I came up with:

The end. The end of America.

Let's examine this to its logical conclusions.

If Obama and his Merry Band of Socialists in Congress have their way and Cap and Trade, Health Care "Reform", and Card Check passes, the effects would be devastating, especially when mixed because they all contradict each other. For example, how on God's green (and not to mention cooling) earth can the tax payer afford to pay higher taxes to pay for the new Soviet health care system when they are being hammered by the fuel price increases caused by Cap and Trade ? Here's another one: How can businesses afford to hire anyone new when Card Check forces employees into joining unions that have big fat union demands on salaries ? If corporations and small business owners can't hire anyone, who the hell is going to pay for all this ?  Does anyone have an answer ?

I do. No one will be able to pay for this and our country will be the first industrialized nation to willfully join the the Third World.

If  unemployment keeps growing and less and less tax payers exist to pay for the Soviet health care system, the health care system will crash and then you will see real rationing, the type of rationing that includes no doctors or nurses and hospitals becoming soup kitchens. At this rate, you'll see unemployment rates higher than the Great Depression because Obama and his cronies have scared away manufacturers with Cap and Trade and Card Check. The small business owner will be on the soup lines with us, and it won't be to keep us company. He'll be ruined by all this government interloping, too. Ever wanted to live in a banana republic like Liberia ? Here's your chance. America will descend into anarchy, willfully it seems.

In one of Chairman Obama's less presidential moments, he whined that the Republican party was the party of "no". He's right. "No" is not enough. The Republican party must become the party of "No, and here's why:"

Saturday, November 14, 2009

This Is What They're Worried About ?

"I haven't worked in six months."
"What do they mean by 'death panel' ?"
"What do you mean my utilities bills are going to skyrocket ? Why would you do that to me ?"
"Gas prices seem to be getting higher."
"I haven't worked since this guy got in office."
"I took a pay cut."
"My son is going to Afghanistan for the third time."
"My daughter is going to Iraq for the fourth time."
"My job wasn't saved, and I'm still waiting for one to be created."
"So my mother can't have the surgery ?"
"But I pressed 1 for English!"
"What do you mean killing 13 people while screaming in Arabic is not a terrorist act ?"

Despite what Obama and his Truth Squads will have you believe, this is a smattering of what America is actually worried about. If you'll note, none of the above statements have anything to with the 9/11 plotters getting a fair shake in court. Quite frankly, the only people who are going to all giddy by this news will be the leftist loons at the Huffington Post, or my pals at Most Americans with jobs and insurance that Obama's bungling threatens to take away could care less if Khalid Sheikh Mohammed was taken out to a field and shot in the back of the head Sopranos style. The grand majority Americans aren't worried about due process for the murderers of 3000 innocent people. If KSM and his buddies rotted at Club Gitmo for the rest of their lives, so be it.

Now, here's the ten thousand dollar question: Why is Chairman Obama risking one of these monsters walking by providing a civilian trial to vermin who simply don't deserve the benefits of our Constitutional rights or protections ? What is that rascal up to now ?

One can only guess why our Wise Leader would insult the people of New York by having a big show trial in their city. One can only wonder why Obama would risk leaking classified information in a civilian court. Despite what Evan Thomas of Newsweek believes, Obama is not God, and his motives aren't divine. Here's my theories:

1) Obama must accomplish something. --If you haven't noticed, our failing President hasn't accomplished a blessed thing since his selection by the media to replace the Almighty. The Stimulus Plan has failed and now unemployment is at 10.2% and climbing. Sending more troops to Afghanistan won't provide immediate results, to well, whatever it is he is trying to accomplish there. (The real reason we have troops in Afghanistan is to stop the Taliban from taking over Pakistan and its rather large nuclear arsenal. You certainly wouldn't know that from listening to Obama, however. In fact, he's been annoyingly tight lipped on the whole thing.) Obama was humiliated in the Olympics fiasco, and let's face it, he has egg on face after the populist revolt on his health care plan. At this point, Chairman Obama doesn't care if it's a bad idea or not. He just wants to see something through, from beginning to end.

2) The show trial would be a great way to get indictments against the Bush administration-- Now, I wouldn't put it past Eric Holder to cut into the Bush administration, would you ? Imagine the euphoria of actually being able to put Cheney or Ashcroft on the stand! Top secret info ? Who cares ? We have Republican war mongers to put on trial! Actually winning the case would be irrevelant, even if, God forbid KSM walks. The trial would be about the waterboarding of these dirtbags, not about what they've done. I can just see it now: Eric Holder with a big ol' smile on his puss as some bleeding heart liberal judge declares any information gleened from waterboarding as inadmissable. Boy o boy will Chairman Obama's hacks have a field day with that one!

3) Chairman Obama must pay back the far left-- It doesn't look like Herr Obama's beloved public option will see the light of day. Obama is losing the support of the gays and let's face it, he doesn't have the mystique anymore to push through Cap and Trade or Card Check. Our Enlightened Leader is getting nervous. He knows full well the consequences of alienating his base, and does not want to end up the way Bush ended up after he alienated his base. (What Conservative doesn't groan when he hears the words "virtual fence" or "compassionate Conservatism" ?) If Obama can't give his base what they elected him to do, the show trial will at least keep the leftists busy for a while. Dealing with far left idealogues is like dealing with small children. Sometimes you have to give them little treats to keep them happy. Dispensing European non-justice to terrorists will shut them up until Christmas. (OOPS! I forgot the word "Christmas" can be construed as hateful. What I meant to say was Kwanzaa or Winter Holiday Season. Sorry.)

Be afraid America. Be very afraid.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Economic Slavery

The Thirteenth Amendment of the Constitution reads: "Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States , or any place subject to their jurisdiction."

Among the many other changes Obama's "Hopey Changey thing" has brought, the near nullification of the Thirteenth Amendment is the worst.

I'm talking about the economic slavery Obama has brought to our country in his quest for "social justice". (Or whatever term the liberals find fashionable these days to hide their hatred of capitalism.) In this little scheme, we have masters (the welfare recipient), the indentured worker (anyone with a job) and chains. (The Cloward/Piven strategy that Obama and his Merry Band of Socialists consider canon.)

Think I'm kidding ? Think it's a lousy thing to say ? Let's examine this closely.

Meet my friend "Bob". He has a sales job he once loved because he made a lot of money at it. It wasn't a physically grueling job and he liked his co-workers. All was right in the universe, and "Bob" was reasonably happy with his middle class existence. Then, the housing market went belly up and the recession hit, despite Barney Frank's assurances that there was no call for concern with either Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac. "Bob" didn't pay attention because he was stiill doing well personally and had survived recessions before. Things like that were simply part of life. Without warning, a certain street agitator was elected President who firmly believed in "spreading the wealth". "Bob" became vey concerned at that point. "Bob" never gave a rat's behind about politics before, but there was something about this demogogue named Obama he didn't trust.

"Bob" watched in horror as the economy floundered due to Obama's fear mongering. He watched his carefully planned out investments go up in a cloud of smoke. "Bob" was lucky, in one sense. He didn't lose his job, but he had a take a 25% pay cut to do it. "Bob" was no longer happy at his job. In fact, he had noticed despite Chairman Obama's Stimulus Scheme, the unemployment rate was rising way above the bench mark of 8%. "Bob" became glued to his TV and watched FOX News religiously. There was no way he was going to miss any important information again, or be ambushed by these warmed over socialists in Washington. In fact, "Bob" even started to go to tea party protests to show his displeasure with current government policy.

Despite all of "Bob"'s protesting, and the protesting of millions of others, the Imperial Government in DC still passed its mammoth health care "reform" and its "cap and trade" scams. "Bob" became very bitter as he knew, as long as he had a job, he would have to help foot the bills for all of this governmental generosity. "Bob" became angrier and angrier as he saw the government extend unemployment benefits instead of creating jobs. "Bob" felt like he was a slave to the supposedly disadvantaged. What's worse is "Bob" is terrified to leave the job he had learned to hate because he was afraid of losing his health coverage and being at the mercy of the government. "Bob"'s supervisor took full advantage of the situation and started to treat "Bob" and his co-workers poorly. If anyone didn't like it, they could leave, and good luck in your future endeavors became "Bob"'s employer's new policy. In short, "Bob" and his remaining co-workers were screwed and they knew it. "Bob" had become an indentured servant to his job and a slave to Obama's skid row constituents who were benefiting from his hard work. (Let's not forget who the government forcefully takes their cut from "Bob"'s paycheck and the joys of April 15th.)

Folks, is that not slavery ? In our story, "Bob" isn't working to better his station in life, he's working to keep others afloat and his supervisor rich. The American Dream of getting fed up with your boss and striking out on you own is becoming impossible with Obama and his cronies running the country. They're all hopped up on the Cloward/Piven strategy of overloading the system with dependents. (You don't believe me ? Here's an example: The Democrats actually defeated an amendment to cap and trade that would shut that mess down if unemployment reached 15%. Why on God's green and not mention cooling earth would the liberals want to sponsor a bill that could lead to 15% unemployment ?)

America, we have a choice to make. Freedom or economic slavery.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Yes Chris, Calling al Qaeda Is A Crime!

Last night, the clown prince of political commentary Chris Matthews wondered aloud if calling al-Qaeda is a crime. "It's not a crime to call al-Qaeda is it ?" asked Matthews. Wow. The lengths the liberals will go to protect Chairman Obama is indeed frightening.

The leftist press has begun its spin, calling alleged Fort Hood murderer and traitor Nidal Hasan a crazed gunman, rather than what he is: a terrorist and a traitor. Mother Nature forbid that Chairman Obama's softness on jihadism should be revealed for what it is: A weakening of of our defense from terrorists and their heinous acts. The leftist press did the same thing with the Little Rock Army recruitment station shooter Abulhakim Mujahid Muhammad (AKA Carlos Bledsoe). Muhammad admits to having to religious and  political motives for his actions, but you sure wouldn't known that if you had followed the state-controlled media's coverage of the event. (Don't take my word for it, check out  The word terrorist is used exactly once and only to descibe the charges against Muhammad, not Muhammad himself.)

The reality is this: Under Obama's less than stellar leadership, we have had two terror attacks and his softness on terrorists is to blame. We've heard more from Obama's gang about the horrors of the Bush administration than we've heard about the horrors of those the Bush administration sent to Club Gitmo. All of Obama's touchie- feelie-let's- make- nice- with- rabid- killers nonsense is having deadlier and deadlier results. Muhammad only killed one solidier, Hasan allegedly killed 13. How much longer do we have before civillians start getting killed, too ? Every time Obama and his leftists attack the brave men and women in the CIA, more and more lives are at risk. Want to know why no one in the Army did anything about Hasan's behavior ? No one wanted the hassle. No one wanted to be charged with a hate crime or be dragged before Eric Holder and be called a racist or intolerant. You reap what you sow. If you start criminalizing protecting our country, why would anyone want to do it ? (Don't get me started on giving captured terrorists Miranda warnings and the cute terms Overseas Contingency Plans and Man Made Disasters, either.)

Underground bunkers and hoarding food are starting to look like great ideas, aren't they ?

(PS--Chris--You might find this definition helpful--treason (n) Violation of allegiance toward one's country or sovereign. Webster's II New Riverside Pocket Dictionary, 1991. See, when al-Qaeda is killing American troops, it is generally considered treason for an officer in the US Army to send them emails. Last time I checked, treason is against the law, you dimwitted drone.)

Monday, November 9, 2009

"Yeah, But..."

Is it me or all of Chairman Obama's drones unable to come up with a reasonable defense of their leader's failures ? Every time a Conservative brings up a valid point, they bring up the "yeah, but..." defense. For example:

Conservative: Obama's stimulus plan has failed. Unemployment is at 10.2%, the highest since 1983.

Drone: Yeah, but at least he's trying to do something. Bush never did anything. Gotta go collect my unemployment check. Later, dude.

Really, folks, is this what it's come to ? Do we really have to sit back and accept this below average perfomance from our government ?

Is Barack Obama's only accomplishment is that he's not George Bush ? Exactly what has been done to fix any of our country's problems ?

I'm doing my best not to be partisan here, so I'll come right out and say it: George Bush did a masterful job defending our country and taming the rogue dictators that Obama is attempting to cozy up to. I'll give him that. Did he ruffle a few feathers in Europe ? Sure, but Europe owes the US a debt of gratitude it could never, ever repay, so who cares ? Bush also did many questionable and downright incompetent things, too, like cutting taxes and not cutting spending. There was also his amnesty for illegals attempt and the utterly un-Constitutional No Child Left Behind nonsense. There were many things I admire Bush for and many things I criticize him for. I'd even be hard pressed to call Bush a Conservative, seeing how much government grew under his watch. Many Conservatives feel the same way. The main difference between the left and the right is we never use the "yeah, but..." defense. When our Conservative leaders fail, we are are usually the first sharks in the water, attracted to the scent of yet another government failure. (Just like Laura Ingraham was all over Bush's immigration fiasco, or Sean Hannity railing against Medicare Part D.)

Notice how the left never, ever does this with Chairman Obama. Sure, Cindy Sheehan meekly protested Obama during his 35 thousand dollar per week vacation at Martha's Vineyard, but the leftist press didn't even give her the time of day. She, like Iraq, was yesterday's news. The reason: Obama, like many other banana republic leaders, has a carefully cultivated cult of personality, which in a republic like ours can have devastating consequences.

Like yesterday's health care debacle in the House of Representatives and the Democrats' "yeah..but" mentality.

Imagine all the "yeah, but..." defenses you'll get with Soviet style health care. "The death panel said my mother can't have a hip replacement!" "Yeah...but now everyone has health insurance!" "I have to give up my private insurance because I can't afford the insurance and these hiked up taxes." "Yeah...but everyone has to have health insurance!" "I was laid off because my employer can't afford all these new taxes." "Yeah...but Obama got us health care!"

Really, America, don't we deserve better than "yeah...but" ? Does the country that Washington fought for deserve a "yeah...but" government ? Is this what Lincoln fought the Civil War for ? The "yeah...but" mentality ? Is this what thousands of US Marines died for on countless Pacific islands ? So we could accept the "yeah...but" excuse ? Is this drivel what eighteen year olds died for in Vietnam ? Iraq ? Afghanistan ? So we could have a government that can only be defended with the words "yeah...but" ?

We deserve better. We really do.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

What Would You Do, Smarty Pants ?

Recently, a jobless Obama drone asked me this question: "All of you Conservatives do is whine ! What would you do if you were in Washington ?" Briefly, I was impressed at this show of near mammal intelligence. "Well, I'd cut--" "No! No! Can't mention taxes or healthcare!" the drone cried. Now that's interesting, I thought. What would I do ?

Here's my answers :

If I were President, I'd get rid of the Department of Energy which creates no energy. I'd give the death penalty to the Department of Education that doesn't teach children, say adios to the EPA since each state has its own environmental agencies. When I submit my budget to Congress, I simply wouldn't fund any of the agencies. If the left started its hysterics, I would threaten to veto any bill that hit my desk until my budget was passed. If that didn't penetrate their thick skulls, I'd inform the left that I was more than willing to let the federal government grind to a halt until I got my way. I would actually add a czar--The Kill Useless Departments and Waste Czar. Bottom line, I would have the states fend for themselves and let states handle things on a local level the way the Founders intended.

If I were President, my next act would be to dissolve the relationship between the United States and the UN. Clearly, the UN is a complete and total failure and is eating away at the sovereign power of the United States. Our allies wouldn't change and neither would our relationships with our trading partners. I would be more than happy to plunge a wooden stake in the heart of that socialist beast.

If I were The House Speaker, I'd introduce a law that says any Representive under indictment or under any ethics investigation cannot participate in any votes, must step down from any chairmanships they have, and be barred from their offices in the Capitol until they're cleared of any wrong doing. If they're found innocent, they can have chairmanships back. (Really, what are the odds of any of them being found innocent ?) I'd also have introduce a law that while serving in the US Congress, if found guilty of any crime, the sentence or fine would automatically be double. The point is, if you make laws, you should have to live by them. (Crazy thought, I know.)

If I were a Supreme Court Justice, I'd vote overturn Roe V. Wade. (Let's not get into the whole thing. I'm pro life and I will not apologize for it.) I'd also begin each of my written opinions with the following words: "According to the Constitution"

If I were a lobbyist, I'd become really, really rich. Just kidding. I can't become a lobbyist because I still have a soul.

I Can Solve All Of America's Problems

I have the solution to the health care mess. I have the solution to the now 10.2% unemployment problem. I have a plan to fix the auto manufacturers' problems. I can fix our nightmare deficit problem. I can even end poverty, if you want. I can do it with one word:


We're not talking about Obama's lollipops and unicorns eco-captitalism, with everyone driving those crappy Smart cars. No, I'm talking about rolling up your sleeves, reading the Wall Street Journal on the train to work capitalism. I'm talking about putting your tools on your truck while smoking a Marlboro capitalism. I'm talking about the kind of capitalism that actually lets someone save a little jingle and pack up the wife and the 2.4 kids and head to the Grand Canyon or see the Alamo kind of capitalism.

What Obama and his Merry Band of Socialists in DC fail to understand is capitalism is the engine of this country. Did Alexander Graham Bell have an UNELECTED manufacturing czar tell him how to make the first phone ? No. Did Thomas Edison have a crazed communist UNELECTED green jobs czar shrieking at him until he invented the light bulb ? Negative. Did some half cocked Stimulus plan create Microsoft ? Nope. It was the magical lure of fame and fortune that drove these folks. Were there bumps on the road ? Sure. Do ideas and enterprises fail ? Absolutely! No one ever said life was fair.

Entrepreneurs, while they chase the American Dream, come to a realization that they can't do it all themselves. They need help. They interview prospective employees. They make a decision and hire the best possible applicant. (Hey, look! I just solved unemployment!) Now, if this newly hired employee works out and does an excellent job, the entrepreneur will realize that the competition may want the employee's services, so the entrepreneur offers the employee perks, like say, a great health care plan, (Uh-oh! Health care problem solved!) or more money to stick around. (Poverty ? Solved!) As the entrepreneur becomes more and more sucessful, this process is repeated thousands of times. (Wow! I just turned poverty into prosperity! Maybe I'm the American Messiah, not you-know- who!) Note how the words "federal government" do not appear in the above story.

Now, of course, the entrepreneur needs paved roads and protection from foreign enemies to succeed, so he pays a REASONABLE tax to the government, who in turn stays out of his way and lets him succeed. Naturally, the governement, after many years of failed and useless social programs and entitlements, is in deficit hell. But since the above story was repeated hundreds of thousands of times all over the country, entrepreneurs and their employees pay REASONABLE taxes and the deficit slowly goes away. (Deficit solved!) To ensure the REASONABLE taxes stay REASONABLE, the entrepreneurs and their employees use common sense while selecting memebers of the government. Then with all the country's problems solved, they all lived happily ever after.

Really, it's that simple. I promise.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Political Correctness Is A Danger To Us All...

Our country is in danger.

It is something worse than Nancy Pelosi's death panels. Worse than Barack Obama's destruction of our economy. Worse than Al Gore's climate change scam. Worse than Lindsey Graham's let 'em all in strategy in dealing with illegal immigration.

Political correctness is a clear and present danger to the security of the United States. Look at the carnage at Fort Hood if you need any further proof.

Since the 60's, political correctness has grown like a cancer in our country. One can not make any Conservative statement without being branded a bigot. Against gay marriage ? You're a homophobe. Against illegal immigrants coming across the border and letting them soak up as many benefits as they can ? You're a bigot. Deny Obama's divinity ? You're a racist and probably a rightwing extremist. The stupidity never ends.

What does that have to do with the murdering traitor Nidal Hasan, a disgrace to the US Army ?

Political correctness is almost as responsible as Hasan for his one man jihad.

Retired Colonel Terry Lee, who served with Hasan, recently revealed to FOX News that Hasan was very hostile to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and made many treasonous statements, even claiming Muslims all over the world should stand up to the "aggressors". "Lock it up, major." was Lee's only reply to this verbal treason. Why was that ? Why didn't Lee and others report this very odd behavior to military police, civillian authorities, or at least his own commanding officer ?

I'm not a mind reader, so I can only speculate. Colonel Lee probably didn't want to be called a racist. Lee did not want to be recommended for sensitivity training and be made to feel he's in the wrong. If this is the case, I can't blame Lee. That sort of nonsense could have real detrimental effect on an officer's career and there's no possible way he could have known something like this mindless slaughter could be a result. Political correctness is so inbred into our culture that it's becoming hard for some to use common sense.

To illustrate that point, all one has to do is look at the coverage this tragedy has received from the leftist media. Other than FOX, most of the state-controlled media attempted, in a round about way, to blame Hasan's fellow solidiers for this tragedy. The media couldn't wait to blame this on racism by Hasan's fellow solidiers. (Hasan was a major, not some hapless private. A major is two steps away from becoming a general, so it's not clear who could have picked on him. Sounds like a bunch of psychobabble, doesn't it ?) Most in the media have ignored the inspiration for the attack--radical Islam. Yes, the Fort Hood killing spree was an act of terror.

We, as Americans, have to be more vigilant. Does that mean we rat on our neighbors for every little comment ? No, that only happens in Obama's Socialist Utopia. When you see something, tell someone. Use a little common sense. I promise it won't hurt. What ever you do, don't become a PC lemming like the lackwit who wrote this in today's Miami Herald's letters to the editor:


On 9/11 we were attacked by cowardly enemies who hate everything our nation stands for. They hate our freedom, our innovative spirit, and our good will. They label us imperialists who wish only to attack Islam and Muslim nations. What is our answer as a nation ? We take 7.5 tons of steel from Ground Zero and use our innovative spirit to meld debris taken from the ashes of destruction into a new warship. [The USS New York]

Imagine the message if we used the steel to forge a new school, a center for religious tolerance or, dare I say a mosque in New York. Imagine the cognitive dissonance it would create in the minds of those who hate us if we had built a mosque with the very steel from a building destroyed by those who think we as a nation hate Islam.


See ? Political correctness is a cancer. Apparently, it causes brain damage.

PS-- The USS New York is a beautiful ship, but I would have rather seen the steel used to build hydrogen bombs with the words "Good Bye Ayatollah" and "See you in hell, Kim Jong Il" painted on them. Unfortunately, no one asked me for my opinion.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Let's Not Get Cocky

This week, Conservatism took it to the Socialist Democrats, bouncing Jon Corzine from the Governor's Mansion in New Jersey and Creigh Deeds was turned into a laughing stock in Virginia. All is well, right ?

Nope. There is still work to do.

While Cristie and McDonnell ran fantastic campaigns, we as Conservatives have to keep our eyes trained on the Republican Party before they screw it all up again. We can't allow another Scazzofava mishap that was perpetrated in New York 23. Dede Scazzofava, if you'll recall, wasn't to the right of anyone. This loon made Fidel Castro look like Rush Limbaugh. Then, in a momment of sheer stupidity, Newt Gingrich endorsed Scuzzo-fava, for the sake of party "unity". When Scuzzo-fava was outed as a Socialist by Glenn Beck and Fox News, her campaign whithered, after wasting 900k from the RNC's coffers that should have gone to Doug Hoffman's campaign, Scuzzo-fava endorsed the Pelosi drone Bill Owens and the seat was lost. It was almost as if Gingrich and the RNC was thumbing its nose at the Tea Party Movement.

Not wise, Newt. You should have known better than to endorse someone ACORN and The Working Families party endorsed. Where were you, Michael Steele ? Don't you think you should have stepped in ?

Make no mistake about it. We in the Tea Party movement are still angry at the Republican party. We want Conservatives running our country. We have lost our patience with the John McCains, Lindsey Grahams, and Charlie Crists of the world. We don't give a rat's rear end about big tents, we want our country back. The days of voting for somebody with -R at the end of their name and hoping for the best are over. The Tea Party Movement is not an outgrowth of the Republican party, but a reaction to the party's many failures the last nine years. I won't speak for the others, but I'd vote for a Conservative Democrat long before I'd vote for a Susan Collins, Olympia Snowe, John McCain, and definitely before Lindsay Graham. (That goes triple for you, Charlie Crist! I still remember you acting like an Obama groupie begging for Stimulus money!)

Here's a little reminder list for the RNC so they don't screw up 2010:

We want smaller government.

We want far lower taxes.

We want pro-life candidates.

We oppose gay marriage.

We oppose Obamacare. (If it passes by some fluke, we want candidates who will work to repeal it.)

We oppose Cap and Trade.

We don't believe in hate crime legislation.

We oppose gun control laws.

We value free speech.

We do not want any part of Obama's agenda.

We want to fight the War on Terror to win it.

Any questions ?