Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Strange Bedfellows Indeed

Jimmy and Vivian appeared to be soulmates. They both felt that they met the ever so elusive "special someone". On their first date, they talked for hours after dinner. Neither one could wait for their second date. They constantly tweeted and texted each other as if they were teenagers with rampaging hormones. It was a match made in Heaven.

Vivian arrived at the posh French restaraunt her usual fifteen minutes late for their second date. Jimmy didn't care. He thought watching her enter a room was magical. She grinned like a cheshire cat and sat down after kissing Jimmy on the cheek.

"I hope you don't mind," Jimmy said smiling."But I ordered appetizers and a bottle of wine for us. Some Chatteau something 1984. We're also getting some duck sauteed thingie."

Vivian's heart started to race. What a gentleman! she thought. The only reason we're eating here is he knows I'm a big Top Chef fan. This guy wouldn't eat this stuff if his life depended on it.

"You know, we talked about a lot of stuff on our last date," Jimmy said as the waiter brought the appetizer. "I know you have two cats, you cry when you watch Bambi, you're a paralegal, and you broke your ankle skiing two years ago. Your favorite color is pink and you have a unicorn tattoo that I'll see when the time is right. Yet, I don't know a thing about your family. What are they like ?"

Vivian looked down. Apparently, Jimmy struck a nerve.

"Hey look. My family is a little crazy, too. I have this uncle Howard who's a little nuts. Whenever he's a in a large crowd, he yells 'YEAH!' at the top of his lungs. Maybe he has Tourrette's, I dunno. My mom, Joy ? She's a nut, too. All the the kids in the neighborhood call her 'Joyless'. "

"Well, okay. You have to promise that you'll still think the same of me after I tell you."

"Hey, if it isn't obvious, I'm crazy about you. Relax, Viv. Tell me all about it."

Vivian put her manicured hand on Jimmy's hand. She took a deep breath. Jimmy sensed that the subject was uncomfortable, but if this was the woman he was going to spend the rest of his life with, there had to be no secrets between them.

"Well...I have three brothers, all older than me. I don't know my parents all that well. After I was born, my mother changed her name to Moon Blossom and moved out to California to find herself. She died of a heroin overdose when I was eight. My father is on death row in Texas. When my mother was pregnant with me, my dad broke into a house and murdered a family of four. He claimed he was insane at the time, but the jury didn't buy it. Me and my brothers were raised for a while by my grandparents, until we found out that Grandpa was actually a Nazi war criminal. He died in a Soviet prison camp after he was arrested. Grandma killed herself soon after that. While cleaning out her closet, I found letters she sent to Grandpa during the war. It turns out she was sabotaging the war effort at the munitions plant she working at. Me and my brothers bounced around foster homes until we aged out of the system. My oldest brother, Chase, is homeless. Currently, he lives in a park in San Francisco at last check. My brother Damien is on death row in Texas, too. He got high on meth and killed the male prostitute he was with. Finally, we have Matt. Matt...I don't know how to say this...was the male prostitute Damien killed in Texas."

Jimmy didn't say much other than "yes" or "no" for the rest of the dinner. He barely made eye contact with Vivian. When they were finished eating, Jimmy drove Vivian home, claimed he couldn't "come upstairs for coffee" because he had an "early meeting" the next day. Vivian never heard from Jimmy again.


I swear to God there's a point to this story. Really, I promise.

We could say that Vivian is like what our Dear Leader, Barack Obama, was like during the '08 Popularity Contest. The BarackStar, like the fictional Vivian, was a witty conversationalist. He was easy on the eyes, (Just ask Chris Matthews.), and he made hearts race. (Again, just ask Chris Matthews.) He was also tight-lipped about his past, just like the fictional Vivian.

We could also say the majority of Americans during the '08 Popularity Contest were like the pre-revelation Jimmy. Sure, a couple of voices like Michelle Malkin and Sean Hannity tried to expose the real Chariman Obama, pointing out his past associations with terrorists like Bernadine Dohrn and Bill Ayers. However, Obamamania was stronger than Hulkamania and their voices were drowned out by the lamestream media and their willing Hollywood accomplices, like Oprah Winfrey and Sarah Jessica Parker.

2009 was like the fictional Vivian revealing her past. In 2009, we learned all about Chairman Obama's socialist ties to the Tides Foundation, the Democratic Socialists of America, and how our Dear Leader was a Alinsky trainer for the Con Artists Formerly Known As ACORN. We also learned that the Failed Messiah had some interesting friends and associates, like ReichsFuhrer Cass Sunstein, our UNELECTED Regulatory Czar who wants animals to have the "right" to sue humans. We also met UNELECTED Manufacturing Czar Ron Bloom who claimed that all political power comes from a gun and that the free market is "nonsense". Last and cetainly least, who could forget Van Jones, the disgraced UNELECTED Green Jobs Czar ? These and many other associates, like Andy Stern, the "former" head of SEIU who claimed "Workers of the world unite...It's not just a slogan anymore." These folks, and many others, are like Vivvian's weird brothers.

As the Midterm Elections loom closer and closer, we have to ask ourselves: As Americans, are we the Jimmy in love or are we the Jimmy who had an "early meeting" ? The point is this: We have had stunning revelation after stunning revelation during the first two years of Imam Obama's Reign of Incompetent Terror. The Failed Messiah isn't mystery meat anymore. We know what he is. We know what he's up to. Why on God's green, and not to mention, cooling earth would we enable him by giving him more power by leaving Congress in his hands ?

C'mon, America. Let's tell Barry we have an "early meeting". Let's all channel our inner post revelation- Jimmy. If we don't, well--

God help us all.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Want Spooky ? Check This Out!

One of the fastest ways to get cursed at on Twitter is to compare Nazism to socialism or communism. The Progressivevik trolls who spend day after day on the microblogging social network will defend the "honor" of these failed political systems to the death. Of course, they do so in their near infinite ignorance, since Nazism, socialism, and communism are the same thing.

Let's consider the following talking points I found on a fringe political website. This isn't for the faint of heart, folks.


"Environment: Transfer all funds from public welfare system and extraneous government into environmental cleanup. Restrict the amount of land that can be used. Redevelop inner cities. Reward with tax breaks those with few electrical appliances. End frivolous and pointless industries, and force widespread recycling in detail."


"Economics: The economy will serve the State, which serves the Nation, composed of its people. Speculative economics replaced by investment in human capital, agriculture, manufacturing and learning."


"1. Tax cuts for environmental objectives

Closing the chapter of environmental disaster in human history is our first objective. A simple mandate for change will not achieve its goal, as business is an ecosystem unto itself, and must be given a chance to transition gracefully to a new way of doing things, much as it absorbs any new cost or technology. Over a seven-year period, we will increase taxes while offering large tax cuts for those businesses that achieve environmental objectives; only those businesses which do not produce tangible goods or services, such as pornography and media producers, will remain at the higher tax rate. These tax cuts will be sizable enough to allow businesses to invest most of their income into adapting to environmental requirements, and at the same time, building up infrastructure and becoming more competitive.

The same program will be applied to individuals. Those households which own fewer objects, use less power and produce less waste, will be given a larger break than those who do. Television use will be a means of measuring a family's excess time and wealth. This will not be used excessively into pressuring individuals into a spartan existence, but to encourage limits on the excessive consumption of families as currently seen in the industrialized west."


Now where would I get these wacky ideas ?

Would it be --

A) Van Jones, the dearly departed UNELECTED "Green Jobs" Czar ?

B) The Tides Foundation ?

C) The Communist Party USA ?

D) The Libertarian National Socialist Green Party ?

The answer is : D (Hey, don't take my word for it. Check out http://www.nazi.org/ and click on the platform tab.)

While thumbing through the website, something was missing, There wasn't the usual howling that everything was the fault of "international Jewish financiers" or "we must act to prevent the horrors of race mixing". (In other words, Geraldo Rivera would have a very boring show if he put these jokers on.) In fact, Steve Martinez (Yes, there's a Neo-Nazi out there named Steve Martinez. I guess they don't want to hear it from the ACLU.) writes in one of their blogs:


"As critically thinking individuals, we must be honest and admit Judaism is superior to our current culture, which is a hybrid of democratic thinking, Christian morality and an ethic of convenience regarding profit motive. Where contemporary culture in the West comprises two layers, one of spaced-out rhetoric of individuality and equality, and the other of directionless profit motive, Judaism unites the two around a single goal: ethnic-religious consciousness."


Not exactly Mein Kampf material is it ?

Definitely not, but the above snippets, minus the one extoling the virtues of Judaism written by Herr Martinez, sure do sound like leftist blogs like the Daily Kos, or one of the columns one might find in the HuffingtonandPuffington Post.

Therein lies the danger.

Folks, the American New Left, whether they want to call themselves Progressives, socialists, communists, Libertarian National Socialist Green Party members, or anything else their imaginations can come up with, are a clear and present danger to our way of life. The left couldn't care less about poverty, the environment, and whatever the pet cause is for this week. They are only interested in power and telling you how to live your life. Social issues are merely tools to these folks.

Make no mistake about it: I'm not interested in becoming the next Juan Williams- like casualty in the Lefty/Righty war. I'm not saying the Libertarian National Socialist Green Party is one of George Soros' puppets. I'm willing to bet these people are just another fringe group. It is, however, rather spooky that these weirdoes sound eerily similiar to George Soros' puppets.

And a certain socialist President.

God help us all.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Six Degrees of...It Ain't Kevin Bacon, Folks!

From Wikipedia:


"Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon is a trivia game based on the concept of the small world phenomenon and rests on the assumption that any individual can be linked through his or her film roles to actor Kevin Bacon within six steps. The name of the game is a paraphrase of the "six degrees of separation" concept. In 2007, Bacon started a charitable organization named SixDegrees.org."


My wife and I love to play this little game on long car trips or when we become bored during one of Chairman Obama's speeches. It's pretty amazing how many people owe their career to Kevin Bacon.

Look, pal. Pot isn't legal yet. Are you stoned out of your mind ? Who gives a flying crap ? What the hell is the matter with you, anyway ? The country is going to hell in a socialist hand basket and you want to talk about Kevin Bacon ? Like I said, you're either stoned out of your mind, or you're taking journalism lessons from Keith Olbermann.

I swear to to The Big Conservative Upstairs I'm going somewhere with this. Instead of of playing "Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon", let's play a little game I call "Six Degrees of Communism". Ready ? Here we go!

Let's start with....Oh, for craps and giggles, our Dear Leader himself, Chairman Obama.

Chairman Obama-- received $60 million in campaign donations from SEIU during the '08 Popularity Contest --SEIU's "former" Kommissar Andy Stern says that "workers of the world unite" isn't just a slogan anymore-- SEIU stands with the Communist Party USA during the 10/2 One Nation Rally.

Well, that one was pretty easy, I'll admit. (I could have just cheated and mentioned the Communist Party USA endorsed the Failed Messiah in '08.) Sorta like shooting paralyzed fish in a barrel with a shotgun. (Yes, PETA, I shoot paralyzed fish just for fun! Fear me! Bwahahaha!) Ok...let's try another.

Let's go with...drum roll, please....everyone's pal, Illinois Imperial Senator "Little" Dickie Durbin.

"Little" Dickie Durbin-- provided a testimonial for Robert Creamer's book, Listen to Your Mother: Stand Up Straight! How Progressives Can Win.-- The founding dork of MoveOn.org, Wes Boyd also provides a testimonial for jailbird Creamer-- MoveOn.org is funded by socialist sugar daddy George Soros-- George Soros also funds the Apollo Alliance, who not only wrote the Stimulus Bill, but also stood with Communist Party USA at the 10/2 rally. (Speaking of non-elected officials writing bills, did you know Robert Creamer wrote the Obamacareless bill ? He did it in jail, no less.)

Now, for Van Jones-- [CENSORED] [Message from the Glenn Beck Legal Department: Van Jones has made our client, Glenn Beck, quite wealthy and famous. Mr. Beck retains all rights to making fun of Van Jones. We suggest that you find your own communist. Or else.]

Well, jeez...be a killjoy. Fine. I pick...."Republican" Senator Richard Lugar, another "Little Dickie".

Richard Lugar-- Helped Joe Bite Me slam the "Global Poverty Act" through the Imperial Senate Foreign Relations Committee, which was sponsored by someone you may or may not have heard of, Barack Obama. The bill would have committed billions upon billions of dollars to "humanitarian" causes around the world. The bill, like everything else the Reverse King Midas touches, went to crap and died, thankfully.--Barack Obama says he'll turn to people like Lugar for advice on foreign policy during his debate against fellow Progressivevik John McPain. --Imam Obama is endorsed by the Communist Party USA.

Now of course, we could go on and on, with Hillary Clinton's ties to Saul Alinsky, UNELECTED Energy Czar Carol Browner's ties to international socialism, and God knows what else. For my the sake of my sanity and yours, before we start believing that 2+2=5, I think we'll stop here.

God help us all.


Thursday, October 14, 2010

I've Got Your Number, Chairman Obama

You can forget all the screeching and babbling from the talking heads on TV. You can forget about the academic eggheads writing book after book that no one reads. You can certainly forget about the lamestream media, which is as useful as a screen door on a submarine. (Or as useless as male nipples, if I'm allowed to recycle a joke.)

None of the above have Chairman Obama figured out like I do. I've got your number, Chairman Obama!

You see, Chairman Obama is nothing more than an amalgam of three leftist theories: Saul Alinsky's Rules for Radicals, Cass Sunstein's Nudge, and the Cloward/Piven strategy. There's no originality of thought to be found here. Every one of his dastardly plots follows this basic pattern:

•Demonize and isolate your opponent. (Alinsky)

•Nudge the people into doing what you want. (Sunstein)

•When the nudging fails, destroy the system. (Cloward/Piven)

I see you remain unconvinced. Unlike Keith Olbermann, I am more than a talentless hack who talks to hear himself talk. I provide facts.

The best example I can give on this is how Obamacareless was inflicted on the United States. Demonizing ? Plenty of it. Nudging ? It was tried and failed. Destruction ? On its way, very, very quickly like an asteroid with Earth's name on it.


"Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it." --Saul Alinsky, Rules for Radicals


Back when Obamacareless first reared its socialist, ugly head, Chairman Obama had nothing nice to say about insurance companies and doctors. He told wild tales about doctors amputating the feet of diabetics and removing tonsills for no other motive than money. He also spun yarns about how insurance companies left the helpless to die. Of course, the facts weren't on his side, but who cares about that ? There's wealth that needs to redistributed, after all. Obama also encouraged Princess Nancy, Ruler of The People's Republic of Pelosi, to get in on the act. However, Princess Nancy loves doctors since they have money (and, not to mention, also perform plastic surgery.) and give to political campaigns quite generously. Not willing to slay the goose that lays the golden egg, Her Majesty attacked the grassroots Tea Party Movement that opposed Obamacareless by calling them "astroturf". Like all Obama's other plots and schemes, Obamacareless began with demonization.


"In other words, we argue for self conscious efforts, by institutions in the private sector and also by government, to steer people's choices in directions that improve their lives." -- Richard Thaler and UNELECTED Regulatory Czar Cass Sunstein, Nudge


The big nudge of the Obamacareless scam was the the Dreaded Public Option. Under this lie, the Big Mommy Regime would provide an alternative to private health insurance by running its own health care company, despite the fact that the federal government can't deliver mail or count votes accurately. Naturally, the Right threw a hissy fit and the Public Option died a horrible death at the hands of Joe Lieberman, also known as The Only Liberal I Have Any Respect For. Despite the fact that the United States is trillions of dollars in debt, let's take the money aspect out of the Public Option. The only reason why it was on the table was to nudge the proles towards government run health care. The Public Option would obviously be cheaper than private sector insurance, so companies would start dumping their employees on it. Within a couple of years, Big Insurance would have been gone like the Dodo Bird. Luckily for us all, the nudging failed and Chairman Obama found himself demonized by the affair, much like the doctors and insurance companies he slandered.


"How can the poor be organized to press for relief from poverty? How can a broad-based movement be developed and the current disarray of activist forces be halted? These questions confront, and confound, activists today. It is our purpose to advance a strategy which affords the basis for a convergence of civil rights organizations, militant anti-poverty groups and the poor. If this strategy were implemented, a political crisis would result that could lead to legislation for a guaranteed annual income and thus an end to poverty." --Richard Cloward and Frances Fox Piven in their infamous article "The Weight of the Poor: A Strategy to End Poverty"


When the Public Option went belly up, Chairman Obama and his socialist allies in Congress were in a fix. This was a humiliation that was not to be taken lightly. Demonization had failed as had nudging. It was time to overload the system, as the communist lovebirds Richard Cloward and Frances Fox Piven had written about in 1966. When the final draft of Obamacareless was voted on, it had many booby-traps in it for private sector insurance like kids staying on their parents' insurance until they turn 26, no preexisting conditions could bar one from purchasing health insurance, and many other goodies. All of that on paper looks really, really good, but like everything else Chairman Obama does, it secretly sucks. The sad reality is the fact that these goodies were shoved into Obamacareless to purposely force insurers to raise their premiums. Uh-oh. We have a problem, Houston. Insurance costs were supposed to go down, not fly into hyperspace. Chairman Obama will then be "forced" to do the only thing he knows how to do: grow government. To alleviate the crisis he created, our Dear Leader will be "forced" to take drastic steps. In other words, the Public Option will be back from the dead, and then after Big Insurance assumes room temperature along with our personal freedom, single payer health care will become the norm in America.

Did you ever wonder why I end each column with "God help us all" ?

Now you know.

(Hey, I could have been a real smart ass and said that I know Obama's number and that number is 666. Who says I have no restraint ?)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I Don't Care What Awards He "Wins", Olbermann's Still A Hack

Recently, Keith Olbermann won an Edward R. Murrow award for writing.

Geez, and I thought Chairman Obama's Nobel Peace of Crap Prize was an insult to my above average intelligence. I guess 2+2=5, after all.

The World's Largest Ego won the award for his work on "A Baseball Fan Named Marie", which was for his mother who had passed away two days before its airing. Now, don't get me wrong. I don't have anything against Marie Olbermann. It was touching, but honestly, is that award winning news ? Call me crazy and off my meds but hasn't:

  • Megan Kelly, of FOX News, blown open the scandal at the Department of Injustice, who allowed the New Black Panther Party walk away unscathed from their voter intimidation case ?
  •  Glenn Beck, also of FOX News, expose Van Jones, a communist serving in the Obama Administration ?
  • Greta Van Susteren, again from FOX, risk her life by doing stories from North Korea ?
  • Bill O'Reilly provided nights upon nights of feisty, two sided debates for years on end ?

Well, where was the hardware for these folks ? Say what you will about FOX's supposed Right Wing slant, (Which is a tenous argument at best, when you consider FOX News is also the home to many leftist nutjobs like Doug Schoen, Bob Beckell, Marc Lamont Hill, and Alan Colmes. Who could forget Juan Williams, who is on 23 out of a possible 24 hours on FOX ?) but haven't these folks done far more than The World's Largest Ego to promote "excellence in electronic journalism" ?

Political sniping aside, The World's Largest Ego isn't a journalist. He's an opinion guy, and quite frankly, not very good at it. The World's Largest Ego never books opposing voices, like Sean Hannity and Bill O'Reilly do. All he does is shake his head like a bobblehead doll as one committed leftist after another reads their talking points from the DNC and the HuffingtonandPuffington Post. Then, it's time to smear a Conservative. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a George Soros funded crybaby like the dorks at Media Matters and Moveon.Org. We have a First Amendment and The World's Largest Ego has the right to say whatever the hell he likes. I don't care, but least be competent about it,

I don't care what awards he "wins", Olbermann's still a hack. Hacks don't deserve awards.

God help us all.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

As Useless As Male Nipples

Is it me or is the lamestream media as useless as male nipples ?

We just had the President of the United States, Chairman Obama, endorse a rally that was also endorsed the Communist Party USA and yet, all we hear is crickets. Sure, Bill O'Reilly and Glenn Beck asked some questions, but where was Katie Couric ? Barbara Walters ? UpChuck Todd and the rest of the 2+2=5 Mafia ? Where the hell were they ?

If the lamestreamers gave a damn, they'd ask Robert Fibbs the following at the next propaganda session:

•The President's website, Organizing For America, endorsed the 10/2 One Nation rally. Did that endorsement come before or after the Communist Party USA's endorsement ?

•SEIU also endorsed the One Nation rally. Many of their former executives such as Anna Burger, Patrick Gaspard, and Andy Stern play big roles in this administration. Do they also stand with the Communist Party USA ?

•Were government funds used to bus UAW members to the 10/2 rally which was also sponsored by the Communist Party USA ? If so, what is the President's position on tax payer money being used for a political rally ?

•Does the President agree with the comments that were made at the 10/2 rally he endorsed ? For example, Harry Belafonte called the Tea Party "miguided".

•Which parts of the rally did the President actually agree with ?

•Was the President the least bit disappointed how the Lincoln Memorial was trashed by the 10/2 rally attendees ?

We The People deserve answers. We aren't talking about something harmless, like the Idiot-Pallooza that Stephen Colbert has planned. We are talking about the President of the United States rubbing hammers and sickles with bonafide communists. The last time I checked, the communist ideology was responsible for the deaths of 100 million people, from Stalin's purges to Pol Pot's "Reeducation Camps". That's almost three times as many victims as the Nazis had. (The Nazis, who were also leftists, killed 35 million people.) How is that not a story, lamestreamers ? You got a damn Pulitzer in your laps, ya idjits!

If we don't have a media that asks tough questions, the Republic is finished. It isn't just FOX News' job to ask tough questions, it's the lamestream media's job, too. Sure, watching Carl Paladino threaten to whack Fred "Little" Dicker is fun. Sure, we'd all like to know all about Meg Whitman's hiring practices, and yes, Christine O'Donnell's flirtation with witchcraft makes for fun copy. Got it. In the end, those stories don't add up to a hill of beans when compared to a sitting President of the United States standing with the Communist Party USA.

Lamestream media, please, just for once, stop being as useless as male nipples.

God help us all.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Thank You, Progressiveviks

I would like to take the opportunity to thank the community organizers who worked tirelessly to bring us the "One Nation" rally. Hats off and congrats. Perhaps the 2+2=5 Gang is good at something after all. Really, bravo and bully!

No, True Believer. I haven't jumped ship. Yes, I'm still a Right Wing Extremist Zealot. But, I must admit, the little Rally That Didn't will always occupy a special place in my heart. Wanna know why ?


That's right. I said it. Let me be the first, and hopefully, not the last to say it with absolute certainty. It works like this: The Communist Party USA co-sponsored the event, as did Chairman Obama's favorite union, SEIU. (Although our Dear Leader did not have the "cojones" to cheer on the May Day rally in October in person, his website, Organizing for America did. I guess Saul Alinsky is smiling in hell as you read this.) The NAACP, you know the one that warns America of the "dangers" of the Tea Party movement, was also marching with the Communist Party. So did the teacher unions that represent the teachers who teach your children. The UAW bussed their thugs in on the tax payer dime, since they now own GM, thanks to government largesse. See where I'm going with this ? A chalk board demonstration isn't necessary, is it ?

So tell me rank and file Democrats, do you stand with the Communist Party like Ed Schultz ? (who just happened to be the dullest speaker at the rally.) Do you stand with the Communist Party USA, whose roots originate in the horrors of the Russian Revolution ? If you stand with the communists, you're also standing with the vicious Viet Cong who murdered children. If you stand with the communists, you stand with Chairman Mao who starved millions of Chinese peasants to death. If you stand with the Communist Party, Democrats, you stand with the killers of over 100 million people. Is that who you stand with, Democrats ? Is that what you've devolved into ?

Is this "Change We Can Believe In" ? Is this what Chairman Obama meant by "fundamentally changing America" ? Standing with the communists?

God help us all.

Friday, October 1, 2010

I Want And Demand Answers.

You know what ? I want answers. I don't care if the truth is as brutal as watching Keith Olbermann with a hangover. By God, I WANT AND DEMAND ANSWERS.

The main question: Why wasn't investigating Chairman Obama's crimes included in the "Pledge To America" ?


Don't get me wrong: I think the Pledge is a step foward. A baby step that was made by a baby who wasn't aborted, perhaps, but it is a step foward. However, I find myself questioning why some of Chairman Obama's court intrigues aren't being questioned. Yes, I know the economy is and must be the priority, but let's consider:


•A sitting President of the United States appointed a communist,Van Jones, to work in his administration.

•Eric Holder, the Attorney General of the United States, is refusing to prosecute the obvious voter intimidation of the New Black Panther Party.

•Jobs were offered by the Obama administration to Andrew Romanoff and Joe Sestak to drop out of their Imperial Senate races. (Hint: This is called "high Crimes and Misdemeanors". Last time I checked, bribery is against the law.)

•A sitting President of the United States is supporting a rally that is also being supported by the communist party. (Not for nothing, but the communists of the USSR were the sworn enemies of the United States. Let's not forget the 100 million people that were murdered by the communists world wide, either.)

•A sitting President of the United States has ties to an organization that has been indicted all over the country for voter fraud. (Remember The Con Artists Formerly Known As ACORN ?)


All of these things must be investigated. These aren't little things. These aren't like a speeding ticket back in '98 or questions about what one has inhaled. These issues are either out and out crimes or spooky as hell. Shouldn't this be looked into ? These issues aren't conspiracy theory fodder, they are verified facts. Call me crazy and off my meds, but shouldn't someone be looking into this ? Well, Republican party ? Shouldn't there be questions asked ? Hm ?

I've said it a thousand times, but what the hell, I'll say it again. We can no longer in times where we can just shrug our shoulders and say "That can't happen here". We live in times that demand that we say "Gee, I hope that's not true". I also say this on a daily basis:

God help us all.