Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Forget Something ?

I may be a "Nazi bigot teabagger" and unable to think for myself and I might need Glenn Beck's permission to go tinkle, but I have a question for the Progressiveviks in their moment of socialist glory:

Did you forget something ?

No, I don't think so. Let's see, I have my Little Red Book. I have Bart Stupidak's manhood in my back pocket. PETA card ? Check. ACLU membership card ? Check. Acid bumps ? Check. Greenpeace key chain for my hybrid ? Check. Hammer and Sickle necklace ? Check. Che t-shirt I haven't washed in two weeks ? Check. I don't have a job, so I don't have a paycheck, so tell me hatemonger who doesn't recycle, what did I forget ?

I wasn't speaking to you, waste-oid, I was speaking to your leaders, Big Mommy himself Chairman Obama and the Plastic Surgery Disaster Nancy Pelosi. Did either of you forget anything, O Exaulted Bringers Of Socialism To Us Ignorant Americans ?


Oh, yes you did, walking cess pools. You forgot to add illegal aliens to the price tag of Obamacareless.

Herr President said they weren't going to covered, you doubleplusungood dumbkopf!

That's right, he did, for all to hear. However, as is always the case with Chairman Obama, you have to watch the other hand. He's a cagey one, I'll give him that. According to all the talking heads on cable news, the next stop on our path to the scrap heap of history is immigration reform, which will make Obamacareless a bigger scam than it already is. The CBO numbers for this charade was computed without illegal aliens, since the criminals would be inelligible for coverage. Now, if folks like Chairman Obama and Lindsey Grahamnesty have their way, most illegal aliens will be put on a fast track to citizenship, making them elligible for coverage. The funny thing is, no one really knows how many illegals are actually here, since they hop across the border back and forth all the time, despite the wonders of the Virtual Fence. Thus, there's an X factor involved in the cost of Obamacareless. It could balloon into a three or four trillion dollar disaster in no time at all, faster than you could say "Damn, I should have voted for Ron Paul."

Now, let's look at this in a more cynical light, if that's possible. Let's say the bill will only cost the baragin price of 940 billion dollars as originally advertised and my nightmare scenario, however likely, doesn't happen. That would mean Joe Wilson was right when he courageously screamed "You lie!" at Chairman Obama. It would mean that the Dear Leader was planning to scam the American people all along, knowing full well Obamacareless was going to screw the American people, raising taxes to help keep illegal alien criminals healthy. Social justice is the name of this crap-ola, but let's call it what it really is, social injustice.

I'm getting cranky. I know what I forgot. I forgot to drink the Victory brand kool-aid so this would make sense and not bother me so much. At least it tastes better than Victory brand gin.

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