Monday, March 22, 2010


I intend to depress you further as an American citizen. It is my duty as a columnist to tell you the truth, not sugarcoat it. What I am about to tell you breaks my heart. I'm sorry, but the truth will set you free, even if it's unpleasant.

We're screwed. We lost. We not only lost the power struggle, we may lose our country.

Assuming the states lose their court cases, Big Mommy Chairman Obama, now has a large bargaining chip to push the rest of his socialist, Ingsoc-like agenda. Oh, you want to whittle a piece off of this monstrosity ? Maybe get rid of "shalls" or "musts" or move around some commas ? Close Gitmo. Oh, you want to keep the old people alive ? Give me Cap and Trade. Too bad Bart Stupidak is no longer in office, now that deal is null and void. Oh, you want to stop federal funding of abortion ? Give me immigration reform. There is no limit to the abuses that will go on from here. Chicago Way ? No siree, try the Two Plus Two Equals Five And If You Don't Believe It We Will Put You On The Rack And Give Electric Shocks To Make You Agree Way. He's a cagey one, Our Dear Leader. He now has the entire

Inner Party chanting "Yes We Can!" What madness is this ? Barack Obama has now gone from a Keystone Cop, to a dangerous, dangerous man. He now holds all the cards, even if the Conservatives take back Congress. He now has some oomph to back up his vetoes. Chairman Obama will go from wide-eyed radical loon to the most powerful man in human history with one stroke of his pen when he signs this bloated pig of a bill into law.

To the future and to the past, we have failed you both.

From the age of death panels and big government and politicalcorrectspeech--We're sorry for doing this to you.

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