Sunday, August 7, 2011

Warning: Dark Days Are Ahead....

According to Real Clear Politics, everyone's least favorite Failed Messiah, Barack Hussein Obama, has a 46.6% approval rating. It would not be a stretch to say that our Dear Leader's chances for reelection are slim. The economy is in shambles. Gas prices are through the roof. The housing market has ceased to exist. The stock market is more schizophrenic than the Middle East. The War on Terror has become a quagmire with no end in sight. Unemployment is at nightmare levels. Things are so bad there are unsubstantiated rumors that professional atheist Christopher Hitchens has started a prayer group.
Odds are Chairman Obama will be replaced in 2012, and assuming the RINO herd doesn't throw a socialist-lite wrench in the works, our Dear Leader will be replaced by a Conservative. (I have my favorites, you have your favorites. This column is not, and never will be about, shilling for candidates. For the rest of this article, this person will be known as "Generic Conservative".)
Obviously, that would be a good thing. Now, more than ever, the United States needs the common sense solutions that only Conservativism can supply. We don't simply need another Ronald Reagan. We need Ronald Reagan on steroids with Barry Bonds as his personal trainer.
Assuming Generic Conservative does end Chairman Obama's Reign of Incompetent Terror in 2012, all of the problems I've listed above will still be there, eating away at the Republic. On top of all of that ,there will be another problem. I fear this problem will be worse than the ones listed above.
The 2+2=5 far left will become violent and this could plunge the nation into chaos.
I know, I know. I'm not Glenn Beck. My tinfoil hat is too tight. Blah, blah, blah. Yadda, yadda, yadda. Got it. But understand this: We no longer live in a time that allows to shrug our shoulders and say, "Naaah. That couldn't happen here." We live in times that force us to say, "I hope to God that isn't true."
Check this out:

“[I] want to focus on one particular suggestion you had about using the wonderful digital tools that are newly available for the reinvigoration of democracy. Now, they have been around for a while, but they are spreading far and wide and more people are getting involved. We need to have an American spring — you know, the Arab spring. The non-violent part of it isn’t finished yet, but we need to have an American spring, a kind of an American non-violent change where people on the grassroots get involved again. Not the, you know, not in the Tea Party-style.” ---Former Vice President Al Snore, in an interview with his new puppet, Keith Olbermann.

Let that sink in for a moment. This is a former Vice President of the United States calling for the same kind of revolution that we saw in the Middle East that has brought Libya to a civil war, Egypt to a military dictatorship, and the beginnings of civil war in Syria, Bahrain, and Yemen.
Now, we have already seen beginnings of this in Wisconsin. Check out what I found at the International Socialist Review, as the author describes the protests against Wisconsin governor Scott Walker and his plan to have state workers contibute to their own health care and retirement:

"Sick outs by Madison teachers were initiated by the rank and file. By Tuesday evening, so many had called in to say that they would not be at work the next day, that the school district cancelled classes. The teachers stayed out for the rest of the week and the following Monday, with union leaders scrambling to catch up, and teachers from other districts around the state joining the action as the week progressed.
The occupation [empahsis added] of the Capitol building began on Tuesday night, with hundreds of protesters staying inside demanding to testify before the Joint Finance Committee, which was required to hold hearings on the bill. The occupation [empahsis added] was initiated by students, but soon had enthusiastic labor participation, with particular unions designating certain nights for their members to sleep over.
This huge and militant [emphasis added] response led all 14 Democrats in the Wisconsin Senate to leave the state on the third day of the protests, depriving Republicans of a quorum necessary to pass Walker’s bill. For nearly three weeks the legislature was gridlocked. In response to threats of layoffs, the South Central Federation of Labor passed a resolution saying that it would support a general strike. Others pointed out that the budget deficit would disappear if corporations and the wealthy paid their fair share of taxes.
The mood to escalate action was there [emphasis added], but union leaders were terrified of things going too far. From the beginning most said they would accept the economic concessions contained in Walker’s bill in exchange for the preservation of collective bargaining and other union rights, sacrificing their members’ paychecks to defend their own positions.
After the teachers returned to work, union officials were unwilling to call more job actions, and instead starting channeling resources into recall campaigns against eight GOP senators. This allowed Walker to wind down the occupation [emphasis added] by slowly making access to the Capitol more difficult. Rallies continued outside, but on March 9, in a legislative maneuver, the Senate detached the anti-union sections from the rest of Walker’s bill and voted to pass them without the Democrats present.
The result was a huge and spontaneous outburst of anger around the city. Several thousand of us retook [emphasis added] the State Capitol in the early evening, climbing through windows and pushing past cops [emphasis added], who eventually gave up trying to stop people from entering. The mood was electric, and the many teachers who had joined the occupation were waiting for word from their union to walk off the job again the next day. If that had happened, other workers might have joined them."

The author, Phil Gasper, wasn't just some hack at Mother Jones or The Huffingtonandpuffington Post. He's a communist activist and editor of The Communist Manifesto: A Road Map to History’s Most Important Document.
Now, if you add the above to the left's history of violence (Lee Harvey Oswald, the Weather Underground, Sirhan Sirhan, the Unabomber, the G8 riot in Pittsburgh, just to name a few examples) to the attitude I've illustrated above, Generic Conservative is going to have his or her hands full, especially if he or she must make an economic decision the far left doesn't like. Washington DC will turn into Athens at very best or Tripoli at very worst.
Dark days are ahead.
God help us all.

Will The Real Terrorist Please Stand Up ?

From the poison pen of former Ted Kennedy hack William Yeomans:

"It has become commonplace to call the tea party faction in the House 'hostage takers.' But they have now become full-blown terrorists.
They have joined the villains of American history who have been sufficiently craven to inflict massive harm on innocent victims to achieve their political goals. A strong America has always stood firm in the face of terrorism. That tradition is in jeopardy, as Congress and President Barack careen toward an uncertain outcome in the tea party-manufactured debt crisis.
As we stumble closer to Aug. 2, it has become clear that many in the tea party are willing to inflict massive harm on the American people to obtain their political objective of a severely shrunken federal government."

Not to be outdone by the former aide of a drunken murderer, Obama Court Jester Joe Bite Me also compared the Tea Party to terrorists. Once again, from the Democrat Party's farm team, Politico :

"Vice President Joe Biden joined House Democrats in lashing tea party Republicans Monday, accusing them of having 'acted like terrorists' in the fight over raising the nation’s debt limit, according to several sources in the room."

Gee, call me crazy and off my meds, but I don't remember the Tea Party threatening anyone if they didn't get their way during the chaos of the Debt Limit Debacle of 2011. All I saw was a group of citizens and politicians who were rightly concerned that our bloated pig of a government was spending the United States into oblivion. Nothing less and nothing more.
What I do remember is a certain President of dubious eligibility making threat after threat that the troops risking their lives in Iraq, Trashcanistan, and Libya (remember that ?) weren't going to get paid. I also remember the threats that if this President with a shady, mysterious past didn't get his way, Socialist Security checks weren't going out, either.
So, ladies and gentleman, who here is the actual terrorist ? Who here is the one making threats ? Was it the group of concerned citizens and politicians or the President who causes the concern of the citizens and politicians ?
Obviously, it's our Dear Leader, Chairman Barack Hussein Obama who was the terrorist during the Debt Limit Debacle of 2011.
Let me save a few people some valuable time on God's green and cooling earth: Yes, I know. I'm a homophobic, climate change denying, bigoted teabagger. Blah, blah, blah. 2+2=5, yadda, yadda, yadda. Got it. To those morons I say: facts are facts. Obama threatened our troops, our veterans, amd our seniors to get his way. (To these morons I also say: PMSNBC is not an actual news source, but that's a rant for another time.)
See, the bottom line is Chairman Obama could have used the bully pulpit of the Presidency and said, "I am strongly urging Congress to fashion a bill that will ensure that the debt is serviced, our troops are paid, our veterans and our senior citizens are taken care of from our current tax income. This will buy us some time so we can have a good, honest debate about raising the debt ceiling." Reagan would have said that. Both Bush I and Bush II would have said that. Even Bill Caligula would have said that between sexual escapades.
But Chairman Obama didn't do that.
There will be some who say that Commander Zero's lack of executive experience caused this brain fart. There may be some validity to that, but not much. The Debt Limit Debacle of 2011 proved that Obama will use any and all means necessary to meet his goals. In this case, his goal was to keep the Alphabet Soup Federal Bureaucracy fat and happy. (If you'll note, the Failed Messiah never threatened to lay off the sycophants who inhabit the Alphabet Soup.) In the Debt Limit Debacle of 2011, Chairman Obama proved, once and for all, that he has no conscience, no morals, and there isn't a low he won't stoop to.
Hmmm....."No conscience, no morals, able to stoop to any low".....Aren't those al-Qaeda's job requirements ?
God help us all.

The Real Loser Of The Great Debt Limit Debacle Of 2011

Now that the dust is beginning to settle from the Great Debt Limit Debacle of 2011, one thing is clear: No one won.

The Establishment Republican Party lost. The RINO herd was exposed once again as the weak-kneed inheritors of the Neville Chamberlain's sorry legacy. The Authoritarian Left lost. Their overheated rhetoric was exposed for what it truly is: Utter crap on a stick. The Conseravtives and the Tea Party fought gallantly, but they too, went down to defeat as they were unable to defeat the apathy of the Establishment Republican Party. Fuhrer Obama lost when his famed Blitzkrieg stalled in the Russian winter known as "reality".

Everyone took a beating, but the real loser, I'm sorry to report, are the future taxpayers of the United States .(Also known as our children and grandchildren, whether they're unaborted, real, living humans or are still sparkles in your spouse's eye.) They're the ones who are truly going to pay for The Great Debt Limit Debacle of 2011. After all, they're the ones who will have it taken from their hides.
As Rush Limbaugh and others have pointed out, The Great Debt Limit Debacle of 2011 is nothing more than a disatrous tax increase. Chairman Obama and his socialist allies have gotten their grubby paws on 2.4 trillion dollars, which will undoubtably be wasted on all kinds of useless crap. That money is going to have be paid back somehow, either by direct taxation, indirect taxation by taxes raised on corporations, or by inflation. (Or a combination of all three. Won't that be swell ?) This tsunami may not hit right away, but believe me it's coming. When it hits, there won't be time to negotiate reasonable austerity. We'll have Greece-like austerity with the added treat of having the rest of the world hating us for setting off a global depression. With that hate will come more terrorism and more wars to be fought by a military that will have to buy its gear at Kmart. Like I said earlier, this may not be something that you, me, or the temporary politicians that have brought us to the brink will have to deal with. Our children and grandchildren will be stuck paying the check.
Is there a way out ?
God, I hope so.

The Broken Clock Known As Bill O'Reilly

Recently, Poop-ulist Bill O'Reilly had this to say on the O'Reilly Factor:

"From the beginning I have supported the Tea Party because I believe it empowers individual Americans, which is always a good thing. Also, the Tea Party wants fiscal responsibility and a smaller federal government. Again, those are good things as well.
But now the Tea Party has come to a crossroads. Some of its members simply do not want to raise the debt ceiling, and that could be catastrophic. Thursday, Standard and Poor's met with Republicans in the House to tell them there is a 50/50 chance America's Triple A bond rating will be cut if no debt compromise is reached.
The goal of any legislation should be to strengthen the country. And there is a way to raise the national debt ceiling while at the same time drastically cutting federal spending and reforming the unfair tax code. If America starts to spend responsibly the national debt will come down and there will be no need to ever raise the debt ceiling again.
So the Tea Party people should reassess the issue. I mean, when you have a senator like Tom Coburn, a very staunch conservative and fiscal hawk, when you have him willing to compromise, you have to take notice. In addition, the Tea Party should be looking out for itself.
Remember, the Yippie Movement in the 1960's. At one point it had some power and influence, but it blew up because it was fanatical. And Americans turned away.
Right now, 19 percent of registered voters consider themselves part of the Tea Party Movement, according to a Fox News survey. That includes 25 percent Republicans, 13 percent independents and six percent Democrats. But 19 percent is not enough to carry the day on anything. And if the Tea Party is perceived by most Americans as being unreasonable, it will not grow any larger.
In fact, if a compromise on the debt is not reached, and the economy gets even worse, the Tea Party will be blamed. At this point in history the Tea Party could become a tremendous force for good in the country. But it could also evaporate.
Most Americans do not like extremism in politics. We need a sane compromise and tough economic reform in this country. I hope the Tea Party will be a part of it.
And that's 'The Memo.' "

A broken clock is right twice a day.
Bill O'Reilly of Fox News proves that on a nightly basis.
Sometimes, O'Reilly is ridiculously on point with some of the best journalism and commentary you'll see on TV. (Who could possibly forget how O'Reilly blasted Barney Fwank for his role in the 2008 Financial Meltdown ?) However, there are times, like the "Talking Points Memo" above, O'Reilly makes himself look like a fill-in host on MSNBC.
The above "Talking Points Memo" is an example of not thinking through and just bloviating to hear yourself bloviate. The Tea Party isn't being "extreme" about its refusal to allow the debt ceiling to be raised. It's the most common sense approach. The Tea Party is the lone adult sitting at the kid's table at Aunt Hilda's Passover dinner. While everyone at the table is flicking matzoh (this would be the Ignorant Left saying that that the Republicans want to off Granny) at each other while pretending that they're drinking real wine (this would be RINOs like Mitch McConman and Tom Coburn throwing Chairman Obama lifelines), the lone adult at the table is trying keep a semblance of order. (Call me crazy and off my meds, but I don't think allowing a socialist president with a serious spending problem to borrow more money from Red China when you're trillions of dollars in debt is a hot idea.)
It's pretty obvious that Bill O'Reilly doesn't know the difference between a Tupperware party and a Tea Party. The Tea Party can't be measured by polls. There is no one organization that speaks for it. There is no leader. It is the manifestation of decades of anger at a bloated, rogue federal "government" that is becoming more and more fascist by the second. As O'Reilly himself pointed out, not everyone in the Tea Party is a Republican. Not everyone is a Conservative. Some are Democrats who decided not to jump into Lake Commie with Chairman Obama. Some are liberals who feel Obama betrayed or disappointed them. Some are libertarians who couldn't give a hoot about social Conservatism. Some want Socialist Security to be gone, some want to protect it. The point is this: You can't be "extreme" if you don't have a set ideology and you're a cross section of the political, ethnic, and socioeconomic spectrum. (In non-pseudo intellectual pointy-head talk, this means you're the majority.)
When the clock strikes thirteen at the Nobama Cave, odds are the O'Reilly Factor will be on. Like I said earlier, when O'Reilly is on top of his game, he can't be beat. Whether it stays on past the "Talking Point Memo" will be up to O'Reilly.

Ignoring The 800 Pound Simian In The Room

Why is the arrogant and lazy mainstream media so clueless ?

Can they not see it ? Can they not hear it ? Can they they not smell the big ol' messy Democrat it takes every couple of hours ?

Why are they ignoring the 800 pound simian in the room ? ( Please note :Poiliticalcorrectpol has outlawed the original saying unless the word "gorilla" is replaced by the word "simian". Any failure to adhere to this policy will result in a nasty protest letter signed by 400 of George $oros' most politically reliable rabbis. Other penalties may include angry denunciations from the floor of the House of Representatives by Inner Party members Debbie "Sergeant" Schultz and Sheila Jerkson-Lee and Al Sharptongueton instigating a riot in front of your place of business.)

The 800 pound simian in the room is the arrogant and lazy mainstream media and their lib bias.

The most glaring example of this is the media frenzy over presidential candidate Michele Bachmann's migraine headaches.

Now, before we get started, let's get one thing perfectly clear. This column's purpose is not to shill for Michele Bachmann. I will never shill for any political candidate in this space. Unlike the ethically-challenged Keith Olbermann, I understand that it's my role to comment on events as they happen, not try to make them happen. Thus, you'll never hear from me (in this column, at any rate) "Vote for this one" or "Vote for that one." That doesn't mean I won't tell you how to vote, however. For example: I could say "Ron Rupaul is a nut job who will get Americans killed with his foreign policy if he's ever in the White House" and "Myth Romney is just like Chairman Obama, only with bigger hair and a birth certificate that wasn't forged". In those examples, I'm simply stating fact and trusting you, the reader, to draw your own conclusions. (In other words, I trust your judgment, unlike the "government".)

Now that we've gotten that bit of housekeeping out of the way, I can continue my rant in good conscience.

Recently, The Daily Caller (which is now nipping the heels of Politico as the website of choice for establishment RINOs) reported that Michelle Bachmann suffers from migraine headaches that allegedly puts her out actions for days on end. ( ) The arrogant and lazy mainstream media, which wouldn't normally give the Daily Caller the time of day, was all over the story like white on rice. [Message from Politicalcorrectthinkpol: We'll let this one slide, but remember "brown on rice" is also acceptable.] The frenzy came to a head when ABC News assigned investigative reporter Brian Ross to the story, who had to be restrained by Bachmann's security team.
Uh-oh. The 800 pound simian is getting angry....he's doesn't like to be ignored.....Ok, here we go....
Think about it. Take off whatever partisan shaded sunglasses you're wearing and look at the following facts:
  • In 2008, it was a generally accepted fact that the future Chairman Obama had ties to domestic terrorists (Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn) and an Islamic terrorist (Rashid Khalidi).
  • In 2008, it was generally known that the future Chairman Obama had used cocaine.
  • In 2008, it was known that a young Barack Obama liked hang out with Marxist college professors and discuss the works of Frantz Fannon, a favorite writer of Leftist terrorists the world over.
  • In 2008, it was common knowledge that our future Dear Leader had strong ties to "Reverend" Jeremiah Wrong, a vicious race-baiter who not only believed that the United States deserved 9/11, but also the government created the AIDS virus to kill off the black community. (Basically, Jeremiah Wrong is a one man Moveon.dork rally.)
  • Oh yeah, before I forget, no one was sure that Obama was born in the United States or whether or not he was even elligible to be president.
You know, it's funny, but I don't remember ABC News or anyone else from the arrogant and lazy mainstream media assigning an investigative reporter to any of the above stories. I do, however, remember Obama's sycophants covering up for him. (A great example of this is when the Los Angeles Slimes refused to release information about our Dear Leader's ties to Rashid Khalidi.) You'd think someone would have wanted a Pulitzer, right ? With what passes for journalism in the United States, it's liberalism first, partisanship second, and then back to liberalism. It's truly a sad state of affairs when the media thinks migraine headaches are more newsworthy than ties to terrorism or a presidential candidate who may or may not have been born in the United States.
God help us all.

Need More Taxpayers ? Let's Start With Mother Jones!

One of the few Congress Critters I still have respect for is the junior Senator from my home state of Florida, Marco Rubio. Senator Rubio is the only one who seems to understand a basic truth--- The Regime doesn't need taxpayers to pay more, it needs more people paying taxes. (Why can't this guy be the Senate Minority Leader instead of that has-been Rectal Itch McConnell ? Another rant for another time.)
Hmmm....where can we find more taxpayers ? In order to pay taxes, an individual or group must have an income. There are no jobs out there. Chairman Obama's "Stimulus" plan certainly didn't do much to stimulate the US economy, despite its 786 billion dollar price tag. (It did, I'll admit, give a big ol' bump to the Mexican undertakers and coffin makers with Project Gunrunner. Again, another rant for another time.) Now....who has an income but pays no taxes....c'mon, Alan, think.....Aha! Got it! Let's have Mother Jones pay taxes!
Ummm, who's Mother Jones ? Why are you picking on some nun ?
Good question! Mother Jones isn't a "who" it's a "what". From David Horowitz's Discoverthenetworks:

"Mother Jones is a bimonthly magazine and website named for socialist 'union organizer' Mary Harris 'Mother' Jones (1830-1930). It prides itself on continuing her pursuit of socialist 'social justice' by doing investigative reporting that mostly targets corporations, capitalists, private property, and Republican political officeholders.

Well-known leftist editors and writers on this magazine's masthead include Todd Gitlin, Molly Ivins, Bill McKibben, Richard Rodriguez, William Saletan, Orville Schell, Eric Schlosser, and Amy Wilentz.

Mother Jones began taking shape in 1974 when theWatergate scandal was demonstrating how investigative reporting could weaken and oust a Republican President elected by an overwhelming majority. Its genesis was a failed attempt to save the reigning radical magazine of the day, Ramparts. Ramparts editor David Horowitz had put together a team consisting of labor journalist Paul Jacobs, leftist entrepreneur Richard Parker, and leftist millionaire Adam Hochschild to take over Ramparts from its retiring editors, Horowitz and Peter Collier. When the trio had a falling out with Ramparts staffers, they elected to leave and create their own magazine, which became Mother Jones.

The magazine was launched in February 1976.

Mother Jones focuses heavily on the evils of capitalism and the alleged desirability of government control over business. On a global level, the magazine reserves its harshest condemnations for the U.S. and Israel, and is staunchly supportive of Marxist regimes like Fidel Castro's Cuba."

The hissy fit mentioned above created a viable magazine. (Not in content, mind you. This crap is Moveon.dork with words.) Granted it's not on the level of the National Socialist, er, uh, Nation or The Huffingtonandpuffington Post, but it does manage to rake in millions of dollars from the donations of the rubes who read the print verson and the internet version. In fact, the president and publisher of Mother Jones, John Harris, took a salary of $161, 997 in 2009. Co-editors in chief Clara Jeffrey and Monika Bauerlein raked in salaries of $174,767 and $161,997, repsectively in 2009. (Gee, where's the social justice in that ? What would Mother Jones think of that ? Talk about doublethink!)
If Mother Jones was a capitalist operation, I'd say God bless and best of luck, even if I don't agree with their ignorant viewpoint. However, Mother Jones is not a capitalist venture. They're a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt outfit that survives on donations while selling ads in their print magazine and their website. Call me crazy and off my meds, but that hardly sounds fair to for profit magazines and websites.
Hmmmmm.....wait a minute.....I seem to remember something about 501(c)(3) tax exempt organizations when I outed Moveon.dork.....

"To be tax-exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, an organization must be organized and operated
exclusively for exempt purposes set forth in section 501(c)(3), and none of its earnings may inure to any private shareholder or individual. In addition, it may not be an action organization, i.e., it may not attempt to influence legislation as a substantial part of its activities and it may not participate in any campaign activity for or against political candidates."

Hmmm.... According to the IRS rule I've posted above, Mother Jones would breaking the law if they ran stories like these:
"Mitt Romney, The Job Creator ? Not So Fast" (It should be noted that I don't shill for candidates in this column, and if I did, I wouldn't exactly start with Myth Romney. Right is right and wrong is wrong.)
"Herman Cain's Immigration Plan: A Great Wall of China and an Alligator Filled Moat" (Here is the opening line of the article: "The longer Herman Cain is on the campaign trail, the more bizarre and error-filled his pronouncements become.")
We could go on and on with all of the other Republican candidates, but you're an intelligent person, True Believer. I'm fairly certain you get the drift.
I say this at the end of every one of my investigative articles, and each time I hear nothing but crickets. However, this time, I'm feeling lucky. Yoo-hoo....arrogant and lazy mainstream media.....where are you ?