Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Truth That Really Hurts

Once you push aside the kittens and lollipop promises of health care utopia for all, once you recover from the doubleplusungood kool-aid hangover, once you pry open the disgusting running sore and push the pus and infection to one side, once you recover from the ethical bypass that Congress (emphasis on the "Con" part) has inflicted on the American people, you are not only left with a run-on sentence that would make an English teacher retire in protest, you are left with the biggest question in the whole Obamacareless hubaloo: Can the federal government create rights ?
This, by and far is the biggest question on the docket. It's just as big as some Mengele wanna-be offing Grandma at a death panel hearing.
The Progressivevik, traitorous left has always thought so. FDR tried create a Second Bill of Rights during World War II. It never gained any traction with the American people, since most Americans believed in the Constitution and, well, let's face it, FDR was starting to freak out the folks, despite the personal popularity FDR enjoyed. (I realize this may seem a little out there for some of you, especially if you were educationally deprived in our nation's shoddy public school system. So, to that group, I say this: put down the Wii controller for a second and really think this through. Not terribly long after FDR's death, the Twenty-second Amendment was ratified to limit Presidents to two terms. The Amendment excluded Harry S. Truman, but he got the hint and did not run again for office. If World War II taught us anything, it taught us politicians holding on to their offices for too long with unheard of power was a terrible idea.) The Progressiveviks, however, are slow learning group. One might even say they're "f-ing ret"[Message from Thought Police: *Ahem!* Room 101 is mighty cold this time of year.--Just sayin'.] to coin a phrase from Rahm Emmanuel. They tried the same con in the late 1960's with LBJ's Not-so-Great-quite-frankly-it-sucks-Society. This time, they pretended that welfare was a right. Unlike FDR's imaginary Second Bill of Rights, this dangerous notion had consequences, and it helped begin the urban decay of the 1970's. As we can see from the mistakes and outright stupidity of the last two generations, the idea of Big Mommy creating rights is a giant (insert favorite curse word here. Void where prohibited by ceremonial proclamations in broke Left Coast states that gave us the joy of watching Babs Boxer in action) up.
It's not going out on a limb to say that the Progressiveviks ignore history's teachings. If they did, they would never utter that "health care is a right" nonsense that is poisoning the debate. Health care is not a right; it's a service. Yes, doctors are bound by the Hippocratic oath to save lives and yes, for the sake of public sanity, I think states have every right to say that hospitals can't turn anyone away who needs help. However, the responsibility of maintaining one's health with doctor's visits and additional care rests on the shoulders of the individual, if they are physically able to do so, or are mentally competent enough to do so. There's no need for any mandate on this matter. Just good ol' common sense and tons of case law that goes back to the beginning of the 20th century. By stating that health care is a right, you remove the personal responsibilty of the matter and deem it morally permissable to take health care from one individual and give it to another. The Progressiveviks have the nerve to call this social justice, the rest of the human race calls it health care rationing and socialism. There is also the threat of the government taking away rights that they create, which is as unAmerican as it gets. I see you're staring at my Official Insider Extreme Glenn Beck tinfoil hat. Perhaps you think it's a tad too tight or I've read Nineteen Eighty-Four way too many times. Fair enough, but what do you make of the fact that the Constitution was never amended for Social Security, Medicare, Medicare, The VA's veterans benefits, and most recently, the give away known as S-CHIP ? Why weren't they made into rights ? Easy. The federal government would not be able to pull the plug on them when things got hairy, or they when they got another swell socialist idea like Obamacareless.
It's not terribly hard to decode the Progressivevik code. The Progressiveviks are like the Riddler, leaving absurd little hints all over Gotham City about his next nefarious plot. It's up to a Conservative Batman like me to put the puzzle together. Chairman Obama, Big Mommy himself, wasn't kidding when he claimed we were "five days away from fundamentally changing America." David Axelrod, Obama's chief advisor and my vote for Political Hack of The Year, recently told the New York Slimes even slimier Magazine "There's a constant tension between the need to get things done within the system and the commitment to CHANGE the system...Finding that line at any given moment is really, really difficult." (From the "Limits of Rahmism" on March 14th's issue. Don't worry. I force myself to read this crap so you don't have to. What I won't do for my fellow Americans...)
C'mon David! It's not so hard, especially if you're ignoring the Declaration of Independence, The Constitution, and making it up as you go along. Yes, creating rights that don't exist in the Bill of Rights is making it up as you go along.
Just sayin'. [Message From Thought Police and Glenn Beck's lawyer: Make up your own damn catchphrase.]

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