Saturday, March 20, 2010

Damn Kids Have No Respect!

Recently, in Washington Township, NJ, a little punk got on a Walmart public address system and said, "All black people, leave the store now" as a prank. The little snot was arrested after the Washington Township PD discovered several postings on the teeny-bopper sites Facebook, MySpace, and YouTube by the perp. The kid was with a friend and his mother, who may face charges of not reporting a crime, according to Washington Township Police Chief Rafael Muniz. The perp will be charged with "bias" and "intimidation" which could land him a year in juvie.

Seriously, are you #@#$$ing me ?

Now, I'll admit the kid is a little creep who breathes out of his mouth, but a year in juvie for this ? Really ? Is this really the best use of the justice system ? And, the people he was with may be charged with not reporting a crime ? I sit here stunned.

The reason why I'm stunned is: Why isn't Al Sharpton sitting in a jail cell ? After all, back in 1991, Al tried to start a race war between Jews and blacks with colorful quotes like "If the Jews want to get in on, tell them to pin their yamulkes back and come on over to my house." If spewing hatred is a crime, why isn't Jeremiah Wright in jail ? We could certainly charge him "bias" and "intimidation" after his ever so cuddly "God Damn America" "sermons". What about Big Lou Farrakhan ? At times, he makes David Dukes look enlightened, doesn't he ? I don't know about you, but I found his "The white Right is trying to have Obama assassinated" far more offensive that what this little snot puppy did. It's rather funny that the New Black Panther party has yet to see one indictment for their truly intimidating voters in Pennsylvania during the 2008 selection process, I mean, election. (Sorry, I get confused sometimes.) Why isn't Jay-Z sitting in a cell after his pronouncement to a crowd on Inauguration Day: "No more white lies...The m-fing President is black." Why wasn't the ACLU disbanded after trying to get permits for the American Nazi Party to have the right to march on Skokie, Illinois back in the 70's ? Talk about intimidation! Skokie had, at the time, a very sizable Holocaust survivor population. Where were the bracelets of justice then ?

See, none of those offenses are punishable since we have this little thing called the First Amendment. I may not agree with anything Big Lou Farrakhan or the rest of the clowns I just mentioned say or do, but I'll go to my grave protecting their right to say it. I may think they're dorks, but that doesn't give anyone the right to shut them up, no matter how offensive and repulsive their views are. Now, what the kid at Walmart did has nothing to do with the First Amendment, since you can't just go about causing trouble as you see fit. What does bother me are the "bias" and "intimidation" charges. I'm not a lawyer, but couldn't the Township have found something else to charge him with ?
What's even more, to steal a liberal phrase, troubling about this sordid affair is the inequality of the application of justice. If it's a crime for some, it's a crime for all, or better yet, if it's not a crime for some, it's a crime for no one.

No one ever promised Liberty would be easy.

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