Friday, March 26, 2010

Government Run Health Care...It's To Die For!

It takes a big man to admit it when he's wrong. After months and months of pissing and moaning about government run health care, I've actually found two examples of it being run well. Gosh, if I were sick, I'd go to these places if I didn't already have insurance that I PAID FOR MYSELF BY WORKING MYSELF TO DEATH AND NOT ONE PENNY WAS STOLEN FROM SOMEONE ELSE. Oh , never mind the stories you've heard about veterans getting hepatitis at VA hospitals from colonoscopies being performed with equipment that wasn't sterilized. Accidents happen, right ? Oh, those troubling rumors about the Indian Health Service ? You mean the one that has inspired the saying "Don't get sick after June" because the funding runs out ? Don't worry about that. It must be those Native American Teapartiers up to their old tricks again, don't fall for it! The government can run health care, and I can prove it!

At the "evil" place known as Club Gitmo, I found medical nirvana, but not quite the nirvana Chrissy Matthews gets when he thinks of Chairman Obama shirtless. Here's the four star review it got from on Feb. 18 2005:

"In every case, enemy combatants held here recieve medical care that is as 'as good as or better than anything we would offer our own solidiers, sailors, airmen or Marines,' the general in charge of US detention center said."

Nice, eh ? Our own guys go to filthy Walter Reed or get hepatitis at VA hospitals that have the cleanliness of a Turkish prison, but monsters like Khalid Shiekh Mohammed are treated like medical royalty. Why in the hell should we should close Gitmo ? We should use it as another Mayo Clinic! But you know, these scions of all that is unholy about humanity are people, too. If you think otherwise, you're a bigot Nazi teabagging homophobe that wears fur and doesn't recycle while listening to Rush Limbaugh and smoking. You know, nothing is too good for the fascist goon bags that want to murder innocent Americans and enslave us with Shariah law. No sir. To make sure these little lambs are good and healthy for their next jihad they, according to article, have Navy Corpsman (not Corpse-men, your Messiah-ship.) visit the cell blocks every two days or, "WHENEVER A DETAINEE REQUESTS CARE". That's right, Massachusetts, you of the Scott Brown miracle victory over Marcia/Martha whatever the hell her name was. (So, Congressman Kennedy, what was her name anyway ?) Yes, Commonwealth of the 50 Day Wait to See A Doctor, a dirt bag IED thrower who blew the legs off of a nineteen year old Marine can get medical care anytime his stone heart wants, but you, the tax payer who foots the bill, has to wait 50 days if you get a case of the sniffles or 70 days if you want to visit an OB/GYN. Gosh, I've never felt so patriotic.

So, as we can see, government health care works wonders for those who want to ram planes into buildings, but what about your plain jane crack and meth dealers ? They're people too, just like the pedohiles and rapists the Progressivevik left wanted to give Viagra to. According to the District of Coulumbia's FAQ for their Department of Corrections site:

"All inmates have access to a medical care review on a daily basis in their housing units."

My o my, is that compassion or what ? Rapists and murderers recieving all sorts of care on demand! Gee, if that were the policy in the Indian Health Service, maybe Ta'shon Rain Little Light of Montana would still be alive. Oh, you've never heard of her ? Why would you have ? Her grandmother wasn't a liberal activist. She wasn't left to die by evil private sector insurers. No, this little girl who loved to dress up in her Native American traditional clothing and dance as her ancestors did, was left to die by the incompetent IHS, and that would have certainly peed on our Chairman's big parade, and we couldn't have that, could we ? Ta'shon's mother constantly brought this poor girl to the IHS clinics because she couldn't walk and her stomach always hurt. IHS said it was "depression", but the sad reality is, she had terminal cancer. This poor child died in a hotel bed at Disneyworld. (A charity sent her and her family there as a dying wish for the child.)Whatever you do, don't take my word for any of this. Check out Ta'shon's story at under the article "Indian Health Care's Broken Promises." that ran Jun 15, 2009.

Yup... Government run health's to die for unless you're a terrorist or meth dealer.

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