Monday, March 22, 2010

The Beginning of The Fourth Reich

The fix is in. As of this writing, Bart Stupidak (S-Mich) sold us down the river and caved. It looks like Aktion T4 is back from the dead. Adios, Grandma!

Nice going, Bart.

You're crazy if you think we're going to forget this. You're crazy if you think you won't be in the fight of your life in November. If you think you've been through hell and back, just wait. I think I can safely speak for the rest of the opponents of this creeping fascism when I say we will do our best to make you pay for this treachery. Your career, sir, is over. You are going to become a political unperson. You respect life, but you support health care rationing ? That's why from now on, in this column, until I take my last dying breath, you'll always be Bart Stupidak, socialist traitor from Michigan.

When a grandmother is told that she can't have a life saving procedure, her blood will be on your hands. When the flimsy Executive Order that you sold your soul for is rescinded by the next leftist Progressivevik who seizes power with the help of our king maker lamestream media, the blood of those unborn children will be on your hands. Was it worth it ? Is your $165,000 salary worth it ? Are your little perks worth it ? Are your luncheons and dinners with lobbyists worth having your name attached to this legislative power grab ? This genocide ?

Make no mistake about it. You will be held accountable this November, along with the rest of your fascist brothers, sisters, and whatever that plastic surgery disaster Nancy Pelosi calls itself. There will be no more playing nice. We will send you into an early retirement so you can have plenty of time to reflect on your role in this travesty. From here on out, you'll be remembered as the man who sold out the Pro-Life movement for thirty pieces of silver and a song.

Enjoy your new nickname, Mr. Stupidak. You've certainly earned it.

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