Thursday, October 22, 2009

Gotta Love That Nanny State Mentality

Check out what I found in the Miami Socialist--I mean Miami Herald (Sorry, I get them confused sometimes.) on October 20th.

This is a letter to the editor that should get Conservatives and all of us fun-loving Libertarians in quite a tizzy during a slow news week.


Nuisance Laws

We are small business owners in Miami Dade County. A few months ago an officer stopped my husband Manny, on US 1 because he did not have a sign on the side of his truck. My husband showed him his business license, his business insurance liability, and his motor vehicle registration. My husband explained that he did not like to put signs on his truck advertising his business because he is frequently followed home--and we have been robbed. The officer cited him anyway. My husband hired a lawyer and went to court. We had to pay court costs, the fine, and the lawyer. These laws make it very difficult for law abiding citizens to do business. Manny ordered the signs and before arriving home he stops and stores the signs in his van. Who do these laws protect ?

[Name Withheld]


I know someone whining over a traffic ticket isn't big news. That's not the point of the column. What is the point is the nanny statism that we are all living under that only stands to get worse, especially with Obama Hood and his Merry Band of Socialists in Congress.

Let's look at El Presidente's comments on how "no one should go broke over medical expenses". Does this man honestly believe he can legislate against bad fortune ? Should no one have any bad fortune whatsoever ? Maybe he could have another magical program that would help those whose car broke down. After all, no one should go broke because their head gasket blew. Maybe those of us who lost money in the stock market when it went belly up should get a program, too. After all, no one should go broke when governmental stupidity forces corporations into the red. Give me a break.

When the government, whether federal, state, or local comes up with laws to" protect" us, they're chipping away at our freedoms. They take us away from the things that are uniquely human--the freedom to succeed and the freedom to fail. Yes, failure is a freedom. If you can't fail, you can't become better after you pick yourself up off the mat. You stay mediocre and bland, just like Obama's beloved Europe.

Yeah, but what does that have to with letter you took from the Miami Herald ?

Believe it or not, it has everything to with letter from the Miami Socialist (Herald! I keep getting it confused! Sorry. The 90's were a blur.). Here, Miami Dade County was so worried about "protecting" its citizenry from looking at unsightly work trucks (The only reason a law that stupid could be enacted.) that it put poor Manny through hell. It's a vicious cycle--government tries to protect citizen and it ends up harrassing citizen. Over and over and over.....

Wait until you see it on a national scale....

Saturday, October 17, 2009

My Government Scares Me

In today's Eye on The Government segment, we look at Republican President Heinrich Von Mueller's controversial czar appointments. We'll first look at "Green Jobs" czar Gregor Von Hollis, who has been quoted as saying "You don't see white hids joining the Crips and The Bloods" and "Minorities have been pumping poisons into the white communities." Von Hollis was also the founder of STORMTROOPER, a radical National Socialist movement. Next, we have Fritz Schactheimer, School Safety Czar, who spoke passionately of the" loving" relationship Ernst Roehm had with his young storm troopers. Schactheimer, a non repentant former drug addict, will also be in charge of keeping drugs out of schools. We'll also explore Johann Schmidt, Science Czar who advocates planetary governance and compulsory abortion. Michael Berg was appointed as Regulatory Czar despite his bizarre views on how the First Amendment should be reformulated. There's Climate Czar Helga Schnell, who has ties to the National Socialist American Worker's Party, and finally White House Communications director Sonia Earhardt who spoke glowingly of Adolf Hitler. Stay tuned for Hardball with Chris Matthews.
If the above were true, we wouldn't have a moment's rest. These made-up individuals would be on every news magazine cover and on the front page of every newspaper. In fact, Walter Cronkite would probably return from the grave to start an investigation. And rightfully so, might I add, since these imaginary villians were promoting views that were openly hostile to the American way. The press would take the task on their shoulders to "protect the American people from these vicious rightwingers" (Yes, I am well aware the REAL Nazi party was actually on the political left, but work with me here.)
Well, where the hell is anyone other than FOX News on the real czars ? Their views are just as detestable as the imaginary czars in the above example. The dearly departed Van Jones DID start a Marxist group named STORM. Van Jones DID accuse whites of committing genocide against minorites. Kevin Jennings HAS written about how much fun it is to get stoned and watch planes take off and HAS spoken of his admiration of Harry Hay, a communist pedophile who masqueraded as a gay rights activist. John Holdren HAS written in his book Ecoscience about how planetary governance and compulsory abortion. Cass Sunstein HAS written about "reformulating the First Amendment". (Among many other dangerous anti-American sentiments,) Carol Browner DOES have ties to the Socialist party due to her membership in the Commission for a Sustainable World Society. Anita Dunn HAS said that Mao Zedong is one of her favorite philosophers. (Also known as Chairman Mao. Not to be confused with Chairman ObaMao here in the States.) Well MSNBC, where are you ? CNN ? ABC ? NBC ? ABC ? CBS ? Boston Globe ? New York Times (Slimes) ? LA Times ? Miami Herald ? Newsweek ? Time ? Where ,oh where, is the outrage ?
 I know where it is. Camped out on George W. Bush's lawn along with Cindy Sheehan.

Welcome To The Land Of The Lazy

The following letter appeared this week in Broward County, Florida's very own socialist newspaper, The Sun Sentinel :
" I have been following your story on the criminals who are taking care of of the children and elderly in our state, and it brought to mind an experience I just had. I HAVE BEEN OUT OF WORK DUE TO A DISABILITY SINCE 2002. I AM ABLE TO GET AROUND A LITTLE, SO I FIGURED I'D VOLUTEER MY TIME AT A LOCAL HOSPITAL. ALTHOUGH I WOULDN'T BE ABLE TO SPEND MUCH TIME THERE, I FIGURED ANY TIME WOULD BE WELCOMED."
The letter then goes on about the unfairness of a background check for hospital volunteers, then it goes into this: "HAVING FILED BANKRUPTCY THREE YEARS AGO DUE TO MY ILLNESS AND INABILITY TO WORK, I KNEW THIS WOULD BE BAD."
[The background check.]
Guess what ? This column ain't about background checks for volunteers. It's about social entitlement induced laziness.
Huh ? What ?  You homophobe, racist conservatives are all the same! You want to crucify everyone who helps others!
This little letter to the editor is a story that's way more important than anything else you would have found in the Sentinel that day. Think of the absurdity of the letter: We have an individual who is capable of working (If you can volunteer you can work.) who is in a financial bind talking about VOLUNTEERING. Never mind this leech wasn't paying his or her bills, this leech is probably drawing a disability check while attempting to volunteer. Isn't this madness ? Isn't the entitlement mentality why this country is heading down the path it is now ?
This one stupid letter to the editor reminded me why I'm a conservative in the first place. I am sick and tired of being a slave to others. Yes, I said slave. No, I'm not taking back, No, I'm not a homophobic bigot. I am someone who is sick and tired of funding other people's lives of leisure at what is basically gunpoint. Either I pay my taxes (or become a Democratic legislator or Treasury Secretary.) or my life is ruined. Where is the justice in that ? As someone with a job, I've become a slave to those unwilling to work. I thought the days of serfdom were over.
That brings us to one of my main arguments against the health care sham being floated about in Congress. Have you heard about the tax increases in all of the bills ? They're absurd. My question is: Why ? Why am I indebted to those who were too lazy to work and buy their own insurance ? Why is it my problem ? Want insurance ? Get a job! Don't make enough money to afford it ? Get a part time job! Leave me alone, already. I don't have anything more to give. My problems are my problems, your problems are your problems.
You see ? You're selfish! Oh yeah, you're a homophobe and a racist.
No. I'm one of the last Rugged Individualists left in America. And you know what ? I'm damn proud of it. Keep the change, Chairman Obama.

Friday, October 16, 2009


This week's big story was Rush Limbaugh getting booted by the consortium attempting to buy the St. Louis Rams, right ?

No. The big story is how clueless the NFL has become thanks to the political correctness that is running amok in our culture.

For all its vaunted business acumen, the NFL has forgotten one thing: The great majority of  NFL fans are conservatives! That's right! Most of the "Bible and gun" gang the left despises so much make up the bulk of the NFL's fan base, regardless of what Roger Goodell would have you believe. We're the ones sitting in sub zero temperatures without shirts on, hoping our favorite millionaires beat the other millionaires.

You know what ? If the NFL rejects Rush, then they're rejecting me, too.

I share just about every view Rush has. He didn't forge my views, he just says them for me to a much larger audience. (For now. My multimedia empire is growing....) Sure, he's said some controversial things, but who in the public limelight hasn't ? (Take our Dear Leader, Chairman Obama, for instance. You just gotta love him throwing his own grandmother under bus and calling her a "typical white person.")

In particular, there's the Donavan McNabb flack from Rush's time on ESPN when Rush claimed that the press was rooting for a black quarterback. Well, he was right. Anyone who's watched the NFL knows that's true. Take Doug Williams when he beat the Broncos in the '87 SuperBowl. The press couldn't get over the fact that a black quarterback had led a team to the BigDance. The media might as well have worn Redskins jerseys to all the press conferences. The 2007 SuperBowl hype was even worse with two black head coaches, Tony Dungy of the Colts and Lovie Smith of the Bears going head to head. The sad thing about the '87 and '07 SuperBowls was this: The absolute brilliance of Doug Williams, Tony Dungy, and Lovie Smith was lost in the media's leftist approach to whole racial matter. The press was so busy talking about the history being made, they forgot about the history being made on the field. (Williams destroyed the Broncos and Tony Dungy coached a great game against Smith's monster defense.)

Another thing that bothers me is this: How on earth can the NFL take the high moral ground on anything ? You have Michael Vick with more dog kills than touchdown passes, you have Plaxico Burress walking the yellow line instead of running routes, you have Ricky Williams smoking grass instead of running on it, you have PacMan Jones with more time in jail than on a roster, well, you get the idea. These guys make Caligula look like a wall flower.

Thank you, liberals. Destroying my country just wasn't enough, was it ?


Sunday, October 11, 2009

CBS: Communist Broadcasting System

"People can't go around without health insurance. This is America."

"45 million people don't have health insurance."

"Homophobic corporate monster."

I'll bet you all the Hummers being built in China that you'd never be able figure out who screeched these leftist lines. Princess Nancy, Ruler of the People's Republic of Pelosi ? Keith Olbermann ? Socialist of The Year Award Winner Barack Obama ?


These are lines spoken by Wanda Sykes and Julia Louis Dreyfuss and CBS' bland sitcom The New Adventures of Old Christine. In this episode, Christine finds out she has a suspicious mole on her breast, tries to go to the doctor, but won't be seen because her insurance was canceled. In supposed desperation, Christine goes to the emergency room where she meets a woman who gave birth in the waiting room, a nurse who refuses to help because she has no insurance, and as the coup de grace, is thrown out of the hospital for not having insurance.

Well, we know where CBS' management stands, don't we ? CSI had an episode where a dying man loses his COBRA insurance and goes on a killing rampage. (Also on CBS.)  Do the leftists in the entertainment industry have any shame ? Apparently not. Just like the "mainstream" news, they've poisoned entertainment, too. NBC pulled its own stunt last year by having a Sunday Night Football game's studios dark for the half time show, to show how "green" they are. (As a side benefit, no one had to see Olbermann , so it wasn't so bad.)

Here's the funny part: CBS and NBC are losing viewers almost as fast as the national debt is growing. We are winning the culture war folks....

Kevin Jennings: A WMD In Education

Kevin Jennings, our UNELECTED school safety czar, is an icon.

He's an icon for what's wrong with the American education system.

Kevin Jennings is a classic example of the horrible mix of politics and what passes for an education in the US. Instead of teaching important subjects, like the Constitution, we have Educrats like Jennings pushing a leftist agenda. At this rate, the only thing high school graduates are going to be qualified to do is protest in San Francisco and parrot Al Gore. Is this really what we need to keep pumping money into ? Honestly, what's more important: A high school grad who can do simple math in his head or a high school grad who can quote verbatim the nonsensical ramblings of a communist pedophile like Harry Hay or the nonscientific ramblings of the failure known as Al Gore ?

Now, don't get me wrong. I believe it's important to teach tolerance to children. I also believe it's important to teach children to turn off lights when they're not in a room and not to litter. I know a group of people who could teach that to the kids way better than any egg-headed leftist from the Department of Education could ever do: Here in America, we call them parents.

If my son or my daughter ever said a derogatory remark about ANY social group in front of me, someone won't be yakking on their cell phone or playing XBOX 360 for a long, long time. (Although, making fun of liberals is A-Ok.) Leaving the lights on for no reason is also the Eighth Deadly sin, just like being a jerk and littering. (When the kids get cute and attempt to get on my good side and remind me that we live in a democracy, I remind them that democracy for them begins when they go out the front door. At my house, it's the People's Republic of Dadistan and I am Dear Leader For Life, or however long the death panels allow me to live. So far, so good. No insurgency to date.)

Now of course, one needs proof, so I'll give it to you. Ask any recent high school grad to name an American general during World War II (As Mona Charen does in her magnificent book Do-Gooders.) and you might get an answer like George Bush. If this graduate isn't going through the McDonald's hiring process, you might get an explanation of the evils of segregation in the Armed Forces or the internment of Japanese Americans. (Again, read this book by Mona Charen! By the way, I think the segregation in the Armed Forces WAS horrible and the internment of Japanese America WAS one of the greatest crimes in American history. Both occurred under the Patriarch of Liberalism Franklin Delano Roosevelt's watch. For those of you who graduated from a public school like I did, he was a Democrat who tried to make himself dictator for life.) It's enough to worry you straight to the grave, isn't it ?

As a nation, we don't need anymore San Francisco marchers or GreenPeace groupies. We need people who can actually write a sentence with a subject and a predicate. We need people who know "From each according to his ability to each according to his need" is NOT in the Constitution. In short, the last thing these kids should be doing is singing hosannas to a certain Socialist Leader (You didn't think I'd leave HIM out, did you ?), quoting Harry Hay, or genuflecting to Mother Earth.

Call me crazy.

Kevin Jennings: It's Time To Resign......

If you've watched Hannity recently on FOX, I'm sure you've heard about the man who has the nerve to call himself a teacher, Kevin Jennings, the UNELECTED school safety czar. You've heard about the book he wrote a blurb in called Queering Elementary Education. You've also heard about about Brewster, a young man who was being raped by a predator in a public rest room, but Jennings did nothing of value to help. That's bad enough--but the admiration Jennings shows for Harry Hay--Well, it's time to join the ranks of the unemployed, Kevin.

Harry Hay was more than just a gay activist. Harry Hay was a communist and (as if being a communist isn't bad enough) Hay had a long standing connection with NAMBLA, or the North American Man/Boy Love Association. Are you kidding me ? This is someone in the White House working for the federal government would speak glowingly of  ? Van Jones may have been a bigot, but at least he was funny. This is totally outrageous!

When Hay was finished drinking vodka with the Reds and being a traitor during the Korean War, he hooked up with the pedophiles at NAMBLA and made this wonderful statement in 1983 : "Because if the parents and friends of gays are truly friends of gays, they would know from their gay kids that the relationship with an older man is precisely what 13, 14, and 15 year old kids need more than anything else in the world."


Saturday, October 10, 2009

Watch What You Think, Comrades

Ahhh....Those sneaky liberals. In the Slimeball Move of The Year, the Socialist Democratic party attached their Thought Control--I mean hate crime bill to a defense bill attempting to force the Republicans and those masquerading as Republicans to vote for it. "It's a very exciting day for us here in the Capitol," cackled Princess Nancy, ruler of the People's Republic of Pelosi. "Please stop shredding me," begged the Constitution in response.

Now, I decry bigotry just like any other sane person. I don't think anyone should be assaulted on the basis of religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability, or any other trait. That sort of garbage is just un-American. It is just as un-American to attempt to control the thoughts of others.

Under this bill, it would be illegal for clergy to preach against homosexuality, for example. The bill's supporters claim that wouldn't be the case, but the clergyman would be held accountable if some loon in the congregation went on a killing spree. Is that reasonable ? Will it now be a crime to criticize religions such as, I don't know, Islam ? (Just a random shot in the dark.) Will it be a crime to mention that terrorists from the Middle East are fueled by a fanatical view of their religion ? How much longer until this applies to political speech ?

Will only certain groups be protected by this bill ? Who will decide what is inflammatory and what is not ? And, there's always my favorite libertarian arguement: Who's watching the watchmen ? It seems to me that the First Amendment is getting ready to tap out.

I, like the government, can read your mind. What a bunch of Glenn Beckian nonsense. Take off the tinfoil hat for a change. Get a hobby for God's sake!

Ok, maybe I do need a hobby other than political talking head. But what do make of this ?

Recently, McClatchey ran a teenie tiny piece called "Sotomayor taking active role" by Michael Doyle. The article discusses how the Supreme Court's schedule is shaping up. (On a side note, Comrade Doyle dutifully bows his head to his leftist masters and goes on to explain how Sonia Sotomayor asked more questions than Clarence Thomas has in several years. Hey, Doyle! It's the Supreme Court's job to listen! Wake up, McFly!)

One case that draws interest the case of Robert J. Stevens, who was sentenced to 37 months in the pokey for selling dogfighting videos which violates a 1999 federal law that forbids depictions of animal cruelty. Some on the fringe (I.E. The Soddom and Gamorrah gang in Hollywood) have called this a "Free Speech issue." Believe it or not, that's not the story.

The real story is the Obama administration's comments. (Another side note, why is the Executive Branch sticking its fat snout in Judicial Branch affairs, anyway ?) "The Obama administration," Comrade Doyle writes, "defends the law as reasonable, saying that the 'value of the speech' is outweighed by its 'social costs' " Say it with me, kids. Uh-oh.

No, I'm not hanging with Michael Vick on the weekends or anything, so all you PETA losers need to get off of my lawn. Obviously, as sane human being, I don't condone dogfighting or selling videos of it, but do we really need the Obama gang with people like Cass Sunstein, regulatory czar, commenting on Free Speech ? (If you doubt me, check out Cass' book Democracy and the Problem of Free Speech. It'll warm your inner fascist.) The whole idea of someone like that having anything to do with Free Speech scares the hell out of me. There's just something about the Executive Branch discussing limits of Free Speech that's just so...unsettling.

Watch what you say and think, comrades.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Thank Mother Nature, He's Not Bush! Hosanna!

This just in...A new song celebrating Obama's Nobel Peace Prize "win"!

MMM..MMM..MMM...Barack Hussein Obama!
He said that all must lend a hand
to make this world fair again!
MMM..MMM..MMM...Barack Hussein Obama!
Yellow, brown, black, or white,
we're all terror appeasers in his sight!
MMM..MMM..MMM...Barack Hussein Obama!
He threw Israel under the bus,
so the Palestinians won't make a fuss!
MMM..MMM..MMM...Barack Hussein Obama!

It's funny how Europe makes California seem like a right wing paradise.

I'm going to answer the one question that had Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity vomitting today as they pondered today's events. Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize for two reasons: 1) Obama is a progressive internationalist ( Odd how similiar he is to the last two Presidents who won the award, Teddy Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson, isn't it ? With that whole anti-American progressive schtick, you'd think he was a reincarnation of Wilson.) 2) He's helping to throw Israel under the bus, as anti Semitism is still alive and well in Europe.

I know, I know, I'm just another PO'ed right wing loon. I just can't stand to see Obama succeed at anything, right ?


I don't buy that February 1st deadline garbage for votes for the Nobel Peace Prize. I think Thorbjorn Jagland and the rest of the EuroElites  were watching Obama with glee. After all, finally someone with their hatred of all that is American was now in the White House. The EuroElites had someone who was going to turn the economic juggernaut that is the United States into Portugal. Obama was going to bring Cap and Trade to the US. Obama was bringing socialized medicine to the US. Obama was making the playing field even for lazy, tired Europe. In short, Obama has set out to kill the last remnants of America's superiority over its bland parent. Time for the pay back. The funny thing is, removing the missile defense systems from Poland and The Czech Republic gives Thorbjorn and the EuroElites a whole lot of cover, if questioned. (Removing the missile defense systems also gave Poland and The Czech Republic bad cases of nervous diarrhea, too.)

The second charge of European anti Semitism isn't as hard to prove as one might think. After all, when was the last time you heard any European country (other than the UK) defend Israel ? Just because the Holocaust is over doesn't mean Europe all of a sudden is going to start lighting the Menorah and dancing the Hora. For over 2000 years, Europe has persecuted the Jews. That hatred didn't just go away when Hitler offed himself. (Himmler didn't have a whole lot of trouble recruiting for the Waffen SS, did he ?) The EuroElites applauded with gusto when Obama squarely put himself on Hamas' side and criticized Israeli settlements. If you don't believe me, just check out a BBC news broadcast. (Make sure you drink heavily first.)

There is one theory I have forgotten to explore, and to you, dear reader, I apologize.

I hear ACORN passed out the nomination slips and registered the voters for the Nobel Peace Prize. Nothing to see here, citizen. (Wink, Wink)

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Hey Look! We Still Have A Recession!

Despite cheerleading from the unstable Joe Biden, we're still in a recession. Unemployment is rampant at a Carter-esque 9.8%. Some states, like my beloved Florida, currently stand at 10.7%. I asked Carl Sagan and Stephen Hawking to give me Michigan's unemployment numbers and they told me they're still trying to figure it out. Yeah, it's that bad.
Why ?
Of course, I could give you the Keynes/Friedman arguement, but it's really boring and let's face it, hackneyed. I'll give you my simple answer: No one has confidence in our President, Mr. Olympics himself, Barack Obama. Right or wrong, most responsible people in the United States base their financial decisions on what the yahoos in Washington DC do. (A frightening prospect, since DC now stands for District Of Communism, but that's another rant for another time.)
No, it's not because I'm a racist who cringes at the sight of Obama. No, I'm not being patisan. (Well...maybe a little. I don't work for Fox News and I'm not bound to that "fair and balanced" thing.) I'm basing my theory on fact.
According to Rasmussen on 10/3, only 9% of Americans believe taxes will go down. Only 38% believe Obama knows what he's doing when it comes to the economy, and only 33% trust him with the recession he and his Democratic Comrades started. (And to be fair, the Republican party didn't help, either. Cutting taxes is great, but let's face it, they dropped the ball and never cut spending. Call me crazy, but don't you get deficits spending more than you take in ? If I ever ran my household finances that way, I'd be homeless. What do you know ? I am fair and balanced!) Wondering why there's no confidence ?
When only 9% of Americans believe taxes will go down, they tend not to spend money. Most reasonable people see the writing on the wall: Barack 2016 was full of it when he promised that no one's that no one's taxes would go up who earned less than 250k. The really scary part of it is even raisnig taxes won't stave off the hyperinflation all of Obama's spending will inevitably cause.
Only 38% of Americans believe Obama knows what he's doing with the economy. Hmmm....Toughie, here, right ? Nope. I honestly don't think Americans want the the government running car companies, banks, school loans, mortgages or anything else that remotely affects their lives. Anyone who has stood in line at the DMV would agree with me on that. (Just wait until Uncle Sugar gets his fat, greedy, greasy paws on our health care. You'll consider the DMV a vacation spot.)
Finally, we have the 33% of Americans who approve of how Obama is handling the financial crisis he helped create. Put aside the 786 billion dollar stimulus plan. No, really, put it aside. Is it me, or does Obama and his cronies screw up every thing they touch ? Let's see:
Pimping for the Olympics: Failed (Yes, I know this has nothing to do with handling the crisis, but I almost wet myself laughing when I typed it. It is, however, yet another Obama screw up.)
Throwing billions of dollars at banks and corporations like AIG to solve credit crisis: Failed. The banks are hoarding the cash. They're not lending it to anyone.
Pumping money into GM and Chrysler to prevent them from going bankrupt: Failed. They did go bankrupt, Saturn is dead, GM dealerships shriveled up and died. Hummer was sold to the ChiComs. A real gold medal effort, Mr. President.
And to think we're not even a year into this....

Wanna Play Rough, Alan ?

They say California is the land of fruits and nuts. Here in Florida we have a saying, too. All of the nuts settle to the bottom. There's no bigger nut than the embarrassing Alan Grayson, the socialist congressman from Orlando. This reject has apologized "to the dead" who have supposedly died in the "holocaust" of health care in the US.

You wanna play rough, Alan ? Guess what, little Marxist, I'm the master at it.

You want to talk holocausts ? How about the one you and your cronies are trying to unleash by cutting Medicare ? What would you call denying senior citizens medical care ? A walk in the park ? How are you going to sleep at night knowing your little social justice program is going to deny someone's mother or grandmother medical care ? Does it make you feel good knowing you'll be denying care to people who were forced into paying into Medicare and Social Security ?

The Republican party has plenty to answer for, but I don't recall any Republican President appointing eugenicists like John Holdren. You remember, don't you, Alan ? Your precious Obama's science czar. I don't recall any Republican Presidents appointing race baiters like Van Jones, the former green jobs czar. Wasn't it lovely how he accused whites of pumping "poisons" into minority communities ? How about school safety czar Kevin Jennings ? Wasn't it great how he decided not to report the rape of a student ? We musn't forget Cass Sunstein and his attacks on Free Speech. If these things don't scream fascism, I don't know what does.

I know, Alan, I'm just another right wing extremist crying about the czars. How about Hillary Clinton handing 900 million dollars to Hamas, you know the terrorist group that wants to wipe Israel off the map ? That would be aiding genocide, wouldn't it ? Where was your big mouth then ? Where was your big mouth when Obama wanted to sit down with Ahmadinejad, Holocaust denier-in-chief of  The Islamic Republic of Iran ?

Do me a favor, Alan. Clean up your own back yard before you knock on your neighbor's door.

This Won't Hurt A Bit

This H1N1 or swine flu thing has me a bit worried. I'm not scared of actually catching it, because it's pretty easily treated with Tamiflu and a couple of days in bed. I'm scared of what our government will actually force us to do to combat it. It's sort of like the old Dead Kennedys song: "You're a hyperactive child! Got too much of a mind! Wouldn't you rather be happy ? Now this won't hurt a bit!"

Imagine this nightmare scenario:


Hi, I have a few questions about this inoculation you want to give me.

Sir, there are a lot of people in line waiting. Everything is on the pamphlet you were handed when you walked through the door. Roll up your sleeve, please.

No, seriously, I have some questions. Didn't a bunch of people get sick in the 70's from swine flu shots ?

Sir, the government has deemed the shot safe, just like the pamphlet said. And, just like the pamphlet says, you must be inoculated by law. We are trying to protect you and your fellow citizens. Roll up your sleeve, please.

Wait a minute. You expect me to trust a government that appoints people like John Holdren ? You know, the science czar who wanted to put chemicals in drinking water to act as a sterilant ? The guy who approves of  involuntary abortions ? Give me a break.

If you're unhappy, write to your congressman or whatever. Roll up your sleeve, or I'll report you as noncompliant, and you will be assessed a fine or one year in jail. The sleeve, please.

So, what you're telling me is if I don't give in, you'll either punish me financially or ruin my life ?

Don't look it that way. It's for the common good. We're all in this together. That's it. Here we go. That didn't hurt a bit, did it ?

Hmm...I guess 2+2=5 after all.

Whatever. Here's your certificate that will allow you to return to work. Have a nice day.

Before you dismiss me as a tinfoil hat wearing Glenn Beck zombie, think about it. If Obama has his way and his socialist health care program succeeds, there won't be anything the government won't be able to do in the name of "public health concerns." This disturbing trend has already started with Max Baucus' penalty for not having health insurance. Do it our way or else.

Do you really want to live that way ? 2+2=5 ?

Humpty Obama

Humpty Obama sat on a wall,
Humpty's popularity started to fall,
All Axelrod's plots and all of his men,
Could not stop Obama from failing again.

Unless you've been under a rock for the last eight or so hours, you may have heard that despite the magic that is Obama, the bid to pay back Richard Daley and the Chicago Machine has failed. The 2016 Olympics will be held in Rio, not Chicago. Apparently, Obama confidante Valerie Jarrett will have to find some other way to screw over the tenants that would have been thrown out of their homes for the construction of the Olympic Village. I  don't mean to gloat, but it's FREAKING HILARIOUS! WAY TO GO, PRESIDENT URKEL!

Seriously, Obama has done serious damage to the prestige of the Presidency. I am in absolute awe that Obama lost out the bid to a Third World nation like Brazil. Sure it's pretty, but Brazil ? It's like watching the Sisters of The Poor pounding USC at home.

The reality is sad and dangerous. The sadness comes from the fact that under Obama, the world no longer respects the United States. The danger comes from the fact the world no longer respects the United States. What did we expect when Obama did nothing to punish the Somali pirates ? What did we expect when Obama bowed to King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia ? What did we expect after that rambling surrender speech at Cairo ? What did we expect after Obama called our country "arrogant" and "dismissive" during his apology tour in Europe ? What did we expect after waiving the white flag at the UN ?

The bottom line is this: Obama is even worse than Jimmy Carter when it comes to foreign affairs. If he can't even win a bid for the Olympics, how is he going to negotiate with loons like Chavez, Qadaffi, Kim Jong Mentally Ill, and let's not forget Ahmadinejad, Holocaust denier extrodinaire ?

Can we have Bush back for a couple of months ? Please ?

How To Make Liberals Vomit

Recently, alleged frog murderer and political commentator Glenn Beck released a fabulous book called Arguing With Idiots. It's witty. It's hilarious. It fails to do one thing, however. It fails to give one liners to end all discussions when the liberal is forced to upchuck his tofu.

Here's a few of my favorites:

"All of you conservatives are nothing more than Archie Bunkers!"

Vomit inducer: "You say Archie Bunker like it's a bad thing." (I'm not a racist, calm down.)

"You oppose Obama because he's black."

Vomit inducer: "I guess the folks who voted for Obama BECAUSE he's black are living Dr. King's dream, eh ?"

"We have to pass Cap and Trade! It will save our planet from climate change!"

Vomit inducer: "Maybe Al Gore needs to have another speech in a snow storm to convince me about the dangers of global warming." OR
"Whatever happened to the coming Ice Age scam you liberals cooked up in the '70's ?" OR "You do realize Al Gore majored in journalism and not science in college, right ?"

"Meat is murder!"

Vomit inducer:"Funny how Adolf Hitler thought the same thing." (Yup. The man responsible for the deaths of over 60 million people was a committed vegan.)

"If we get the guns out of people's hands, there will be less crime!"

Vomit inducer:"I'm quite certain criminals will put their guns down the moment the government says so."

"The government will do a much better job with health care than the greedy private sector."

Vomit inducer: "Just like the great job they did with Hurricane Katrina." OR "Just like the great job the post office does."

"You should fall in line with the President. You claim to be a patriot but all you people do is attack the President."

Vomit inducer: "Wasn't the liberal mantra for the last eight years 'dissent is patriotic!' ?"

"The Republican party is in bed with corporations and doesn't care about the little guy!"

Vomit inducer: "Wasn't it the democrats who coined the phrase 'too big to fail' as they handed out zillions of dollars to AIG and car companies ?" OR "Which party wants to cut Medicare and which party wants to save it ?"

"The stimulus is working! It saved the country from a depression."

Vomit inducer: "I'm sure the 2.8 million people who lost their jobs since it was rammed through Congress would disagree."

"We've never had a President as smart or as eloquent as Obama. We have a genius in the White House."

Vomit inducer:" No, we have a guy who doesn't speak Austrian, wants to visit all 57 states, and makes fun of the Special Olympics on late night TV."


What Do Liberals Smoke Anyway

Try as I might, I don't think I'll ever understand the liberals and their mindset. I could have a bong hitting contest with Cheech and Chong and never get it. I could smack my head into concrete until I have a brain swelling injury and never get it. (Maybe I won't try that. I don't want to be asked to do my duty and die by the death panel.) I hate to be crude, but what the hell is the matter with these people ?

Are we supposed to trust people...

who want to throw people in jail for not having health insurance and free the terrorists at Club Gitmo ?
who fought tooth and nail for Roe V. Wade with interesting slogans like "Keep your government off of my body" but now want the government to decide who lives and dies ?
who defended former UNELECTED czar Van Jones and his racist tirade of "poisons" being sent to minority communities by whites but call Tea Party protesters racist ? (Good bye and Good Riddance, Van.)
who call peaceful tea party protesters an angry mob, but say nothing when leftists riot in Pittsburgh ?
like Rachel Maddow (MadCow) who spends 11 minutes on TV defending ACORN and then has the udders to call the segment the truth about ACORN ? (Granted, it was on MSNBC and only a couple of people saw it. Those eight people were riled up, let me tell you!)
who cried and cried how important Cash for Clunkers was to the American auto industry, yet the majority of the new car sales were from foreign automakers ?
who claim to be the party of the little guy, but are willing to starve migrant farm workers in California and deny them water all to keep some delta smelt around ? (Easy solution. Catch the little critters and breed them in a fish farm. How difficult is that ? The farmers get water and the fish does not become extinct. Or maybe they don't want migrant workers around. Racists.)
who see how miserably Soviet-style health care has failed in Massachusetts, Tennessee, and Hawaii but just want to implement it on a national scale, anyway ?
who claimed the Republican party was in bed with corporations but then coined terms like "too big to fail" and bailed out corporation after corporation ? (As a side note, isn't it weird how the Republican party has turned into JFK Democrats ? In 1933, the Republican Party fought bitterly against Social Security and in 1965 called Medicare and Medicaid "socialism". Now, in 2009, they're leading the charge to protect Medicare. The Republicans are fighting to protect social programs ? Weird.)
who only want to fiscally responsible with your health care and national defense but are willing to hand criminals like ACORN 8.3 billion dollars ? (They would have gotten away with it too, if it wasn't for those pesky kids.)
who called George Bush a fascist and a Nazi but look the other way when children are being forced to sing songs to the Failed Messiah ? (You didn't think I'd leave Obama out, did you ?)