Saturday, March 27, 2010

A Kick To America's Collective Groin

Recently, Chairman Obama requested 2.8 billion smackers for more aid to Haiti. In a letter to the Plastic Surgery Disaster known as Nancy Pelosi, Big Mommy wrote: "This request responds to urgent and essential needs," and my personal favorite "Therefore, I request these proposals be considered as emergency requirements." (Thanks, BBC!)

You know, it's funny how those words never flowed from our Chairman's lips or his pen when describing the situation in Afghanistan. During his speech at West Point that the cadets used as a sleep aid, he made a special point to moan about the cost of the surge, despite the fact that it was a question of national security. It's funny how those words never flowed from our Chairman's lips or his pen asking for actual tax cuts that would spur the economy. It's funny how those words flowed from his pen on the eve of the greatest tax hike in human history via the mystery meat known as Obamacare.

It's as if America took a kick to the groin without a cup.

I know, I'm a teabagging Nazi bigot homophobe who doesn't recycle while praying to St. Beck, I got it. I'm afraid I'm not letting this go, however. If I have to be the only Conservative in the United States to cry and sob about this, so be it. I don't care. I don't care because this money is coming out of my children's piggy banks. Their future is being mortgaged by nonsense like this. After all, we're broke. This money is being borrowed from China. Yes, I'm fully aware this isn't even 1% of the Stimulus bill. I know at this point 2.1 billion dollars is a rounding mistake when you take into consideration the massive costs of the government created stalemates in Iraq and Afghanistan, the Omnibus bill, Obamacareless, TARP, and all the other assorted bits of crap that the government fritters away our money on.

I'll be the first person to ask this, regardless of how many prayer vigils take place on my front lawn afterword: Why is this the on the backs of the American tax payer ? Why don't I have a say in where my money goes ? Given my druthers, since the money is going to be stolen from me no matter which party is in power, why not shore up the Indian Health Service ? There's a saying on the reservations that says: "Don't get sick after June" because that's when the funding for the IHS dries up. Those are Americans, original Americans might I add, being left to die. Why not beef that up ? Oh, that's not sexy enough for Obama's socialist and commie friends like Chavez and the Brothers Castro ? Ok, why not use that cold hard cash on The Big Tickle Fight on Terror ? I'll bet 2.1 billion smackers could buy a whole heap of ammo, body armor, and maybe some more drones to drop some more steel rain on al-Qaeda. Not only would that make loads of sense, it would be a 100% Constitutional expenditure. I know that may be foreign to Chairman Obama and his Merry Band of Socialists, but wouldn't it be cool if our Dear Leader had that same sense of urgency when it came to our troops ?

Yes, I understand it's a" humanitarian" thing to do, but I can say with 185.98% certainty that large amounts of this money will be wasted by Haiti's corrupt government. (But not as corrupt as "Crook County" in Illinois. Guess which city is in "Crook County" and guess which President started his fascist rise to power in that city.) They'll be back, hat in hand, begging for more. Now, of course, Chairman Obama will be more than happy to snatch more money out of his fellow citizens' hands, since they have enough already, and let's face it, it's good for everyone when you spread the wealth around. It doesn't matter that some working stiff is working longer hours than ever for it. It doesn't matter that every dollar we borrow from China bleeds a little more our sovereignty away. By God, that money doesn't belong to the individual, it belongs to the collective, not just the collective in the United States, but the collective of the whole world! We must think globally, as the Progressiveviks demand!

I'm fairly certain that this next paragraph will be thrown into the memory hole when I'm sent to The Ministry of Love for reeducation, but what the hell, I've got some time to kill while I'm waiting for my hate crime indictment for daring to question the left's newest sacred cow. I want the best for the people of Haiti, I really do. Here in Florida, we have a very large Haitian diaspora population, and as a whole, they are salt of the earth people. You won't meet a warmer or kinder people on God's green and not to mention scientifically proven cooling earth. There isn't a single nation on earth that doesn't deserve better than history has given them, that's for damn sure. There is a burning desire in Haiti to be free of oppression that pulls all the Libertarian strings in my heart, but I can't condone robbing Peter to pay Paul. We simply can't afford to adopt Haiti, not now, and certainly not after the Obamacareless debacle that was shoved down our throats. I've said it before, and I'll say it until the death panel offs me for being diabetic, private charities should be leading the way in Haiti, not the bloated, broke as hell federal government. We have a bunch of dolts running our federal government who couldn't lead ants to picnic, much less rebuild a country. (Do I really have to point out the difficulties we've had in endeavors such as this ? Do the words "Iraq" and "Afghanistan" ring a bell ? Sure, the situations in those hell holes are markedly different, but the failures in those countries don't give me any reason to believe Haiti will turn out any different.)

Do us all a favor, Chairman Obama. Kindly remove your jackboots before you kick us in the groin. It hurts!

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