Friday, March 12, 2010

Freedom Is Slavery

One of the lines from Nineteen Eighty-Four that hits me the hardest is: Freedom is slavery.

Three simple words. It takes almost no lung capacity to say it. It takes but a fraction of a second to say. Yet, those three words sum up the Progressivevik position better than any old pile of musty books form the Haw-vard library. Those three words can sum up the direction our country is headed in a whole lot better than 10 episodes of Glenn Beck.

The funny thing is, there's been no effort by the Progressivevik fascist left to hide their tracks. They'll always shoot the messenger by calling him a racist or a homphobe. They'll drum up illogical hatred of societal institutions and norms. Hell, they'll even try to snuff out Grandma with death panels before they'll defend themselves from the charges that insist that the Progressivievik movement is all about destroying the Constitution and Individual Liberty.

Need proof, do you ? Show you, I will. Clear your mind, Padawan. Unlearn what you have learned. [Message From Thought Police: Kindly refrain from ripping off more than cultural icon at a time. Or else.]

Let's look at Obamacareless, for example. It promises us lollipops and kittens along with universal health care coverage for all. Yet, there's possible jail time for malcontents like yours truly who think being forced to do anything but pay taxes or going to war when drafted is unConstitutional. Following the dictates of Uncle Sugar ensures my freedom from prison but kills my Liberty. Yet, to the Progressivevik, that very Liberty to do as I please is the real slavery, since to them, I'm just another one of the sheeple who's too stupid to take responsibility for myself and act accordingly. The only freedoms Progressiveviks are interested in is the freedom from responsibilty and the freedom of the government to run roughshod over everything and everyone. The Progressivevik earnestly believes that ensuring Liberty reigns supreme is slavery.

Princess Nancy, Ruler of the People's Republic of Pelosi, had an interesting exchange with a reporter from CNS who had the nerve to ask her if she thought the current health care power grab was Constitutional. Her reply ? "Are you kidding ? Are you kidding ?" No, Your Royal Highness, no one is kidding. Unfortunately for us, she was genuinely puzzled by the question. Her Majesty honestly believes that the freedom to make your own choices is slavery to a system that she finds unfair. So to free us, she'll make us slaves. I ask you: Is that "Change We Can Believe In" ? Are we willing to trade the cherished Liberty that we have taken for granted far too long and become wards of the state ?

I'd say keep the Change if I could, but change is all I have left.

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