Saturday, March 20, 2010

F.U.N. With Acronyms!

Acronyms are a whole heap of fun, especially when you're at work and it's really slow, despite the fact that our all-knowing and all-seeing Chairman Obama has declared the American economy fit for human consumption. Hopefully, the few I was able to come up with will give you a laugh as We, The Victims wait for Princess Nancy, Ruler of The People's Republic of Pelosi, to drop the axe known as Soviet style health care on our collective necks. To shamelessly rip off Greg Gutfeld, enjoy, enjoyers!

DAD-- Democrats Are Dangerous (Look at today's vote, for further details.)

OPEC-- Obama Produced Economic Calamity (Shouldn't we drill for our own damn oil ?)

DOD-- Defenseless On Demand. (As in unilateral disarmament, I'm not making fun of the military, I can assure you of that.)

AIG-- America Is Gone (Poetic, eh ?)

VAT-- Vicious Arbitrary Tax (Need I say more ?)

FBI-- Failed Bureaucratic Initiative (No, I'm not making fun of the FBI. Please remove the snipers from my roof.)

SEIU-- Socialist Empire In Utero (The Purple Shirts are lurking in the shadows! Beware!)

GE--Government Electric (Licking their chops for Cap and Trade, aren't they ?)

IRS--Internal Rationing Service (Last time I checked, they'll be enforcing Obamacareless, so we might as well let them do this ugly little job, too.)

UAW--United American Waste (As in tax payer money.)

ACORN-- American Conservatives Organizing Resistance Now! (No funny business, I got dibs on this URL.)

CNN-- Communist News Network (That Anderson Cooper rocks, Comrade!)

TSA--Terrorists Struck Again! (See Christmas Day Skidmark Bomber for further details.)

NSA--Neo Socialist Agenda (See my explanations for FBI and DOD. My hands are starting to hurt, and I hear carpal tunnel syndrome can send you to the scrap heap under our Dear Leader's plan.)

TARP--Troubled Asset Recycling  Program (I'm fairly certain nothing was solved by yet another failed, yet remarkably expensive, government blunder. It's a safe bet to believe this problem will be back.)

CRA--Communist Redistribution Act (I dare anyone to say that that 1977's CRA wasn't a commie plot.)

CIA--Come In, Attack! (This sure seems to be the message Obama is sending with his foreign policies, isn't it ?)

Wasn't that fun ?  It was almost as fun as getting taxed for ten years and only getting six years of benefits.

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