Thursday, March 18, 2010


Sometimes, when something is descibed as having layers, that's a good thing, like layers of oozing mozzarella, or gooey chocolate and nougat. Sometimes, when something is described as having layers, it's a bad thing, like layers of pus and infection. Clearly, there are good layers and bad layers.

See, capitalism and the free market is like layers of mozzarella or chocolate and nougat. The bottom layer is the customer. He ascends to the first layer by purchaisng a good or service. If that product or service is good, he stays on that layer, which in capitalism happens most of the time. If the customer is annoyed by a shoddy product or an obnoxious customer service rep snapping her gum on the phone, the customer moves to the next layer, a competitor. The customer can keep moving up these layers as much as he wants in a free market capitalist system. If that widget or service caused him harm or terrible inconvenience, he can skip many levels and take his case to court, and eventually the Supreme Court if need be. Like Nona's lasagna, these are layers filled with goodness.

When Big Mommy, also known as the federal government takes over producing goods or services, there are layers, too, and just like layers of pus and infection, these are less than desirable layers. For example, let's take Obamacareless. If Big Mommy lets you down with her fascistic yet maternal hugs, where is there any resolution to any greviences ? If you're unhappy with government service, tough toenails. You're stuck with it because Big Mommy doesn't allow competitors. In other words, if the death panel says no to that kidney transplant, it means no. There's no next layer, other than another bureaucrat who will bamboozle you with all kinds of nonsense and idiotic forms. Everything that the death panel says or does won't have your best intentions at heart, it will have the best intentions of the collective. "I'm sorry Ma'am...there's nothing we can do. Follow the green line to the exit."

Is that the American way ?

Under single payer health care, which is and always has been Chairman Obama's goal, people you don't know and didn't vote for will have your life in their hands. I know there's always the Progressivevik out there who will scream "The insurance companies do that, too!" Maybe, but your participation in their programs is voluntary, and it behooves the purchaser of a policy to read it and ask questions if they come across something they don't understand. With Big Mommy running the show, there is no choice in the matter. Do it their way or drop dead. I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm boning up on my Webmd skills, and if this monstrosity passes, I suggest you do the same. After all, Webmd may soon replace your doctor.

I hate to pee on everyone's parade, but it seems like no matter what we say or do, this socialist beast is going to pass the Shack of Representatives by hook or by crook. Therefore, it's imperative that this wave of elections in 2010 be dedicated to repealing Obamacareless. That should be the first thing any sane voter looks for when deciding who to vote for. I've said it before, but it bears repeating: I don't care if the candidate makes Barry Goldwater look like a bleeding heart liberal. If he isn't going to repeal Obamacareless, he isn't getting my vote. Same thing goes in 2012. If the GOP screws the pooch again and nominates another one of those bland moderates like John McPain, I'll make sure I'm one of the ten people nationwide voting for Ralph Nader or the "Who the hell is that ?" Libertarian candidate. (Hey, I may be a Libertarian, but I know damn well they'll never win the White House. Being a Libertarian is like being a Cubs fan. There's always the next election.)

Layers of mozzarella or layers of pus and infection.....The choice is yours, America

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