Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Death Spiral Economics

I hate to be cynical, but you know, I think John Boehner is down playing the crisis that will be caused by Obamacareless. After all, he merely called it "armageddon", when the words "death spiral" are more appropriate. After all, that's what we're at the beginning of: America's death spiral.

Anyone who can't see the writing on the wall is willfully blind. When Catepillar, AT&T and others sent out notices that Obamacareless will cost them gazillions of dollars, they weren't kidding, despite what the Mayor of Whoville, Henry Waxman thinks. Those weren't CEO's bemoaning the fact that they can't buy another ivory backscratcher because they had to pay for the health care of their janitors, they were threatening layoffs. When the laid off workers can't find jobs in the coma like job market, they'll be on the government health plan, along with collecting unemployment. Big Mommy will be overwhelmed and will do the only thing she knows how to do: Raise taxes to pay for the added expenses. The economy will contract again. Then, these additional tax hikes will cause more contraction and more people will be on the government dole, so Big Mommy will do the only thing she knows how to do, she'll raise taxes, and maybe hand another $198 million dollars to Fillipino World War II veterans and call it a "Stimulus" plan. This vicious cycle will continue on and on, until our Not So Friendly Neighborhood Loan Shark buddy China decides to start nationalizing American businesses operating on Chinese soil. After all, the loans must be repaid, and it won't matter who pays it, Big Mommy or privately owned US corporations. Oh I forgot to mention, The United States's bond rating will be at FFF at this point and our currency will be worth less than Zimbabwe's. (Although, it will be kinda cool to have a billion dollar note in my wallet.)

The economy will break down like a 1978 Chevy that has over a million miles on it. Chairman Obama or some other Progressivevik half wit will decide that capitalism is dead, and not even crony capitalism can be trusted anymore. Thus, it will be in the "best interests" of the American Sheeple if Big Mommy runs the economy for a while, with a promise that once the crisis has abated, she will put down her emergency powers. However, that day will never come, since Rome wasn't built in a day, nor was it built on a scrap heap. Somewhere in Hell, Saul Alinsky will be smiling. America will be a Soviet Socialist Republic puppet state under China's control.

Hey barkeep! Give me another Victory gin with saccarine and cloves! I feel depressed again......

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