Friday, November 6, 2009

Political Correctness Is A Danger To Us All...

Our country is in danger.

It is something worse than Nancy Pelosi's death panels. Worse than Barack Obama's destruction of our economy. Worse than Al Gore's climate change scam. Worse than Lindsey Graham's let 'em all in strategy in dealing with illegal immigration.

Political correctness is a clear and present danger to the security of the United States. Look at the carnage at Fort Hood if you need any further proof.

Since the 60's, political correctness has grown like a cancer in our country. One can not make any Conservative statement without being branded a bigot. Against gay marriage ? You're a homophobe. Against illegal immigrants coming across the border and letting them soak up as many benefits as they can ? You're a bigot. Deny Obama's divinity ? You're a racist and probably a rightwing extremist. The stupidity never ends.

What does that have to do with the murdering traitor Nidal Hasan, a disgrace to the US Army ?

Political correctness is almost as responsible as Hasan for his one man jihad.

Retired Colonel Terry Lee, who served with Hasan, recently revealed to FOX News that Hasan was very hostile to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and made many treasonous statements, even claiming Muslims all over the world should stand up to the "aggressors". "Lock it up, major." was Lee's only reply to this verbal treason. Why was that ? Why didn't Lee and others report this very odd behavior to military police, civillian authorities, or at least his own commanding officer ?

I'm not a mind reader, so I can only speculate. Colonel Lee probably didn't want to be called a racist. Lee did not want to be recommended for sensitivity training and be made to feel he's in the wrong. If this is the case, I can't blame Lee. That sort of nonsense could have real detrimental effect on an officer's career and there's no possible way he could have known something like this mindless slaughter could be a result. Political correctness is so inbred into our culture that it's becoming hard for some to use common sense.

To illustrate that point, all one has to do is look at the coverage this tragedy has received from the leftist media. Other than FOX, most of the state-controlled media attempted, in a round about way, to blame Hasan's fellow solidiers for this tragedy. The media couldn't wait to blame this on racism by Hasan's fellow solidiers. (Hasan was a major, not some hapless private. A major is two steps away from becoming a general, so it's not clear who could have picked on him. Sounds like a bunch of psychobabble, doesn't it ?) Most in the media have ignored the inspiration for the attack--radical Islam. Yes, the Fort Hood killing spree was an act of terror.

We, as Americans, have to be more vigilant. Does that mean we rat on our neighbors for every little comment ? No, that only happens in Obama's Socialist Utopia. When you see something, tell someone. Use a little common sense. I promise it won't hurt. What ever you do, don't become a PC lemming like the lackwit who wrote this in today's Miami Herald's letters to the editor:


On 9/11 we were attacked by cowardly enemies who hate everything our nation stands for. They hate our freedom, our innovative spirit, and our good will. They label us imperialists who wish only to attack Islam and Muslim nations. What is our answer as a nation ? We take 7.5 tons of steel from Ground Zero and use our innovative spirit to meld debris taken from the ashes of destruction into a new warship. [The USS New York]

Imagine the message if we used the steel to forge a new school, a center for religious tolerance or, dare I say a mosque in New York. Imagine the cognitive dissonance it would create in the minds of those who hate us if we had built a mosque with the very steel from a building destroyed by those who think we as a nation hate Islam.


See ? Political correctness is a cancer. Apparently, it causes brain damage.

PS-- The USS New York is a beautiful ship, but I would have rather seen the steel used to build hydrogen bombs with the words "Good Bye Ayatollah" and "See you in hell, Kim Jong Il" painted on them. Unfortunately, no one asked me for my opinion.

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