Saturday, November 28, 2009

Liberal Brain Twisters

Just for kicks, I like to give liberals mini strokes. No, I don't take their Milk Blu Rays and break them in front of them. No, I don't burn Bill Maher in effigy. Hell, I don't even throw a football at them and expect them to catch it. All of those things may be a lot of fun on a Saturday night, but nothing, and I do mean nothing, sends them into a near ischemic stroke faster than poking holes in their flawed logic by asking them semi tough questions.

Feel free to use these brain twisters when you're accosted by these mopes. Believe me, they work like Raid for liberals!

--If the health care scheme you liberals are trying to hatch is about "choice and competition", why are you so gung ho about a single payer health plan ?

--You do realize Al Gore majored in journalism and not science, right ?

--Why were you liberals so mortified by the Patriot Act, and yet you clamor for net neutrality and the Fairness Doctrine ?

--You liberals cried and cried about privacy during the Roe v. Wade trial and yet think it's a-ok that the government will be putting our medical histories in computer files they would be able to access at any time. What's the deal ?

--You realize your messianic savior, Barack Obama, received $110,332 in contributions from AIG, right ? (Thanks Morris & McGann and their fabulous book, Catastrophe.)

--Won't it be priceless watching Obama accept his Nobel Peace Prize after sending 30,000+ troops to Afghanistan ?

--Who said this priceless quote about the Iraq war : "A hard, fast, arbitrary deadline for withdrawal offers our commanders in the field and our diplomats in the region insufficient flexibility to implement that strategy." ? Give up ? I'll give you a hint. He was a Senator from Illinois and his middle name is Hussein. (Thanks Glenn Beck and An Inconvenient Book!)

--Allegedly, Carrie Prejean and Barack Obama share the same view on marriage: Neither one supports gay marriage.

--You do realize by banning DDT, the wacko environmentalists have condemned millions of children to die from malaria, right ?

--Here's one you won't find on the Organizing for America website: Chairman Obama recieved over $100k in campaign contributions from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. (Thanks once again to Catastrophe.)

--Remember that fantasy claim about how Obama would not sign a bill with earmarks ? One of the first bills he signed, the Omnibus spending bill, had over 9000 of them.

Be very careful not use all of these weapons at once on some hapless liberal. Overdose may cause cause the liberal permanent brain damage or you may hear incessant crying for hours.

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