Saturday, November 14, 2009

This Is What They're Worried About ?

"I haven't worked in six months."
"What do they mean by 'death panel' ?"
"What do you mean my utilities bills are going to skyrocket ? Why would you do that to me ?"
"Gas prices seem to be getting higher."
"I haven't worked since this guy got in office."
"I took a pay cut."
"My son is going to Afghanistan for the third time."
"My daughter is going to Iraq for the fourth time."
"My job wasn't saved, and I'm still waiting for one to be created."
"So my mother can't have the surgery ?"
"But I pressed 1 for English!"
"What do you mean killing 13 people while screaming in Arabic is not a terrorist act ?"

Despite what Obama and his Truth Squads will have you believe, this is a smattering of what America is actually worried about. If you'll note, none of the above statements have anything to with the 9/11 plotters getting a fair shake in court. Quite frankly, the only people who are going to all giddy by this news will be the leftist loons at the Huffington Post, or my pals at Most Americans with jobs and insurance that Obama's bungling threatens to take away could care less if Khalid Sheikh Mohammed was taken out to a field and shot in the back of the head Sopranos style. The grand majority Americans aren't worried about due process for the murderers of 3000 innocent people. If KSM and his buddies rotted at Club Gitmo for the rest of their lives, so be it.

Now, here's the ten thousand dollar question: Why is Chairman Obama risking one of these monsters walking by providing a civilian trial to vermin who simply don't deserve the benefits of our Constitutional rights or protections ? What is that rascal up to now ?

One can only guess why our Wise Leader would insult the people of New York by having a big show trial in their city. One can only wonder why Obama would risk leaking classified information in a civilian court. Despite what Evan Thomas of Newsweek believes, Obama is not God, and his motives aren't divine. Here's my theories:

1) Obama must accomplish something. --If you haven't noticed, our failing President hasn't accomplished a blessed thing since his selection by the media to replace the Almighty. The Stimulus Plan has failed and now unemployment is at 10.2% and climbing. Sending more troops to Afghanistan won't provide immediate results, to well, whatever it is he is trying to accomplish there. (The real reason we have troops in Afghanistan is to stop the Taliban from taking over Pakistan and its rather large nuclear arsenal. You certainly wouldn't know that from listening to Obama, however. In fact, he's been annoyingly tight lipped on the whole thing.) Obama was humiliated in the Olympics fiasco, and let's face it, he has egg on face after the populist revolt on his health care plan. At this point, Chairman Obama doesn't care if it's a bad idea or not. He just wants to see something through, from beginning to end.

2) The show trial would be a great way to get indictments against the Bush administration-- Now, I wouldn't put it past Eric Holder to cut into the Bush administration, would you ? Imagine the euphoria of actually being able to put Cheney or Ashcroft on the stand! Top secret info ? Who cares ? We have Republican war mongers to put on trial! Actually winning the case would be irrevelant, even if, God forbid KSM walks. The trial would be about the waterboarding of these dirtbags, not about what they've done. I can just see it now: Eric Holder with a big ol' smile on his puss as some bleeding heart liberal judge declares any information gleened from waterboarding as inadmissable. Boy o boy will Chairman Obama's hacks have a field day with that one!

3) Chairman Obama must pay back the far left-- It doesn't look like Herr Obama's beloved public option will see the light of day. Obama is losing the support of the gays and let's face it, he doesn't have the mystique anymore to push through Cap and Trade or Card Check. Our Enlightened Leader is getting nervous. He knows full well the consequences of alienating his base, and does not want to end up the way Bush ended up after he alienated his base. (What Conservative doesn't groan when he hears the words "virtual fence" or "compassionate Conservatism" ?) If Obama can't give his base what they elected him to do, the show trial will at least keep the leftists busy for a while. Dealing with far left idealogues is like dealing with small children. Sometimes you have to give them little treats to keep them happy. Dispensing European non-justice to terrorists will shut them up until Christmas. (OOPS! I forgot the word "Christmas" can be construed as hateful. What I meant to say was Kwanzaa or Winter Holiday Season. Sorry.)

Be afraid America. Be very afraid.

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