Monday, November 9, 2009

"Yeah, But..."

Is it me or all of Chairman Obama's drones unable to come up with a reasonable defense of their leader's failures ? Every time a Conservative brings up a valid point, they bring up the "yeah, but..." defense. For example:

Conservative: Obama's stimulus plan has failed. Unemployment is at 10.2%, the highest since 1983.

Drone: Yeah, but at least he's trying to do something. Bush never did anything. Gotta go collect my unemployment check. Later, dude.

Really, folks, is this what it's come to ? Do we really have to sit back and accept this below average perfomance from our government ?

Is Barack Obama's only accomplishment is that he's not George Bush ? Exactly what has been done to fix any of our country's problems ?

I'm doing my best not to be partisan here, so I'll come right out and say it: George Bush did a masterful job defending our country and taming the rogue dictators that Obama is attempting to cozy up to. I'll give him that. Did he ruffle a few feathers in Europe ? Sure, but Europe owes the US a debt of gratitude it could never, ever repay, so who cares ? Bush also did many questionable and downright incompetent things, too, like cutting taxes and not cutting spending. There was also his amnesty for illegals attempt and the utterly un-Constitutional No Child Left Behind nonsense. There were many things I admire Bush for and many things I criticize him for. I'd even be hard pressed to call Bush a Conservative, seeing how much government grew under his watch. Many Conservatives feel the same way. The main difference between the left and the right is we never use the "yeah, but..." defense. When our Conservative leaders fail, we are are usually the first sharks in the water, attracted to the scent of yet another government failure. (Just like Laura Ingraham was all over Bush's immigration fiasco, or Sean Hannity railing against Medicare Part D.)

Notice how the left never, ever does this with Chairman Obama. Sure, Cindy Sheehan meekly protested Obama during his 35 thousand dollar per week vacation at Martha's Vineyard, but the leftist press didn't even give her the time of day. She, like Iraq, was yesterday's news. The reason: Obama, like many other banana republic leaders, has a carefully cultivated cult of personality, which in a republic like ours can have devastating consequences.

Like yesterday's health care debacle in the House of Representatives and the Democrats' "yeah..but" mentality.

Imagine all the "yeah, but..." defenses you'll get with Soviet style health care. "The death panel said my mother can't have a hip replacement!" "Yeah...but now everyone has health insurance!" "I have to give up my private insurance because I can't afford the insurance and these hiked up taxes." "Yeah...but everyone has to have health insurance!" "I was laid off because my employer can't afford all these new taxes." "Yeah...but Obama got us health care!"

Really, America, don't we deserve better than "yeah...but" ? Does the country that Washington fought for deserve a "yeah...but" government ? Is this what Lincoln fought the Civil War for ? The "yeah...but" mentality ? Is this what thousands of US Marines died for on countless Pacific islands ? So we could accept the "yeah...but" excuse ? Is this drivel what eighteen year olds died for in Vietnam ? Iraq ? Afghanistan ? So we could have a government that can only be defended with the words "yeah...but" ?

We deserve better. We really do.

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