Sunday, November 22, 2009

Another Socialist Scam

The Associated Depressed has reported that hackers have broken into the computers of the University of East Anglia, a "respected" climate change research center in Great Britain. Almost 1000 emails and 3000 documents have been posted all over the internet showing how some "scientists" in the US and UK have been playing hanky panky with climate change statistics to make things look worse than they actually are. In fact, the Associated Press actually reports Phil Jones, the center's director, even implores his colleagues to "hide the decline" when creating graphics that show recent global temperature changes.

Now, I'm not going to sit here and cheer for the hackers, they're criminals, no question about it. But, let's face it, they proved what any sane and rational person already knows: This climate change/global warming nonsense is just another way to redistribute wealth and push yet another socialist agenda. Rasmussen reported in its November 9th poll, that only 37% of Americans even believe that global warming is caused by man's actions. The only reason people like Al Gore, Father Earth himself, push this nonsense is redistribute wealth, preferably into his own pockets and also Jeffery Immelt's pockets, who is the CEO of GE, who will sell all kinds of energy saving snake oil products, which also happens to own NBC and MSNBC where you find that new and annoying green peacock and as much Chairman Obama cheerleading as you can possibly stand. I'm no Glenn Beck, but I know a screw job when I see one.

That screw job, ladies and gentlemen, is called Cap and Trade, or what we here at Absolutely Nobama call Crap and Traitor. We call it "crap" because the science behind it is sketchy at best and fraudulent at its worst. We call it "traitor" because it fritters away the sovereignty of the United States and places our country into the socialist hands of the United Nations. The science part is pretty easy to disprove. According to to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Admininstration's web site, the months of July and August were the third hottest months on record since they started keeping track in 1880. The hottest was in 1998. The second hottest was in 2005. Now, if 2009 had the third hottest, that would mean TEMPERATURES ARE GOING DOWN AND NOT UP. All it simply means that July and August this year was just too damn hot. Nothing more. The treason part is fairly easy to prove, too. Obama and his Merry Band of Socialists want to enter our country into binding treaties like the failed Kyoto treaty, which none of the EU members have lived up to.. (Their CO2 emissions have actually gone up, while most Europeans have seen their taxes rise over 50%.) The funny thing about it is, the Kyoto treaty exempted China, who in turn became an economic and manufacturing giant, while the signatories in Europe stagnated and are in actually far worse shape than we are.(Thank God our Imperial Senate did something right and did not ratify Kyoto. It dosen't in any way, shape or form excuse them from the rest of their bungling, but that's another story for another time.) The Copenhagen meeting Obama is all hopped up on would actually punish our country while putting the Third World Nations ahead of us, by exempting them from the unpleasantness of Cap and Trade. We would suffer, they would prosper. Last time I checked, putting any other country before ours is a traitorous act.

The way Cap and Trade works is simple. Utility companies and other "carbon polluters" buy "credits" for the right to emit CO2. Like stocks, they can be sold and traded in a marketplace. The reality is companies aren't buying them. You, the consumer will. Utility companies, with all sympathy of the Gestapo, will simply pass the cost of these carbon credits to you.The Shack of Representives have already passed their version of this garbage. (The Waxman/ Markey Bill passed the day celebrity child molester Michael Jackson retired to his grave, so no one noticed.) One of its sponsors, Ed Markey (S-Massachusetts) had the nerve to claim it would only cost the consumer "a postage stamp a day". Others have suggested it will end up costing American families over $1700 a year. (Even if we take Markey at his word, that still comes out to $176 a year! Keep your filthy, socialist paws out of my pocket, if you don't mind.) GE fits in by hawking all kinds of energy saving doodads, netting them billions. Al Gore, Father Earth, will get in on the ground floor of this scam, netting him billions in the Cap and Trade Exchange. NBC and MSNBC are simply the public relations arm of this scam.

Hey, didn't they throw Bernie Madoff in jail for crap like this ?

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