Thursday, November 5, 2009

Let's Not Get Cocky

This week, Conservatism took it to the Socialist Democrats, bouncing Jon Corzine from the Governor's Mansion in New Jersey and Creigh Deeds was turned into a laughing stock in Virginia. All is well, right ?

Nope. There is still work to do.

While Cristie and McDonnell ran fantastic campaigns, we as Conservatives have to keep our eyes trained on the Republican Party before they screw it all up again. We can't allow another Scazzofava mishap that was perpetrated in New York 23. Dede Scazzofava, if you'll recall, wasn't to the right of anyone. This loon made Fidel Castro look like Rush Limbaugh. Then, in a momment of sheer stupidity, Newt Gingrich endorsed Scuzzo-fava, for the sake of party "unity". When Scuzzo-fava was outed as a Socialist by Glenn Beck and Fox News, her campaign whithered, after wasting 900k from the RNC's coffers that should have gone to Doug Hoffman's campaign, Scuzzo-fava endorsed the Pelosi drone Bill Owens and the seat was lost. It was almost as if Gingrich and the RNC was thumbing its nose at the Tea Party Movement.

Not wise, Newt. You should have known better than to endorse someone ACORN and The Working Families party endorsed. Where were you, Michael Steele ? Don't you think you should have stepped in ?

Make no mistake about it. We in the Tea Party movement are still angry at the Republican party. We want Conservatives running our country. We have lost our patience with the John McCains, Lindsey Grahams, and Charlie Crists of the world. We don't give a rat's rear end about big tents, we want our country back. The days of voting for somebody with -R at the end of their name and hoping for the best are over. The Tea Party Movement is not an outgrowth of the Republican party, but a reaction to the party's many failures the last nine years. I won't speak for the others, but I'd vote for a Conservative Democrat long before I'd vote for a Susan Collins, Olympia Snowe, John McCain, and definitely before Lindsay Graham. (That goes triple for you, Charlie Crist! I still remember you acting like an Obama groupie begging for Stimulus money!)

Here's a little reminder list for the RNC so they don't screw up 2010:

We want smaller government.

We want far lower taxes.

We want pro-life candidates.

We oppose gay marriage.

We oppose Obamacare. (If it passes by some fluke, we want candidates who will work to repeal it.)

We oppose Cap and Trade.

We don't believe in hate crime legislation.

We oppose gun control laws.

We value free speech.

We do not want any part of Obama's agenda.

We want to fight the War on Terror to win it.

Any questions ?

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