Sunday, November 15, 2009

No, And Here's Why

Recently, I pondered the following: What if Chairman Obama got his way and all of his left wing fantasy legislation became law ? To expand my mind, I went to Congressman Barney Frank's special "friend" in Maine and picked up a mind enhancing "product" and I pondered. Here's what I came up with:

The end. The end of America.

Let's examine this to its logical conclusions.

If Obama and his Merry Band of Socialists in Congress have their way and Cap and Trade, Health Care "Reform", and Card Check passes, the effects would be devastating, especially when mixed because they all contradict each other. For example, how on God's green (and not to mention cooling) earth can the tax payer afford to pay higher taxes to pay for the new Soviet health care system when they are being hammered by the fuel price increases caused by Cap and Trade ? Here's another one: How can businesses afford to hire anyone new when Card Check forces employees into joining unions that have big fat union demands on salaries ? If corporations and small business owners can't hire anyone, who the hell is going to pay for all this ?  Does anyone have an answer ?

I do. No one will be able to pay for this and our country will be the first industrialized nation to willfully join the the Third World.

If  unemployment keeps growing and less and less tax payers exist to pay for the Soviet health care system, the health care system will crash and then you will see real rationing, the type of rationing that includes no doctors or nurses and hospitals becoming soup kitchens. At this rate, you'll see unemployment rates higher than the Great Depression because Obama and his cronies have scared away manufacturers with Cap and Trade and Card Check. The small business owner will be on the soup lines with us, and it won't be to keep us company. He'll be ruined by all this government interloping, too. Ever wanted to live in a banana republic like Liberia ? Here's your chance. America will descend into anarchy, willfully it seems.

In one of Chairman Obama's less presidential moments, he whined that the Republican party was the party of "no". He's right. "No" is not enough. The Republican party must become the party of "No, and here's why:"

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