Friday, November 13, 2009

Economic Slavery

The Thirteenth Amendment of the Constitution reads: "Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States , or any place subject to their jurisdiction."

Among the many other changes Obama's "Hopey Changey thing" has brought, the near nullification of the Thirteenth Amendment is the worst.

I'm talking about the economic slavery Obama has brought to our country in his quest for "social justice". (Or whatever term the liberals find fashionable these days to hide their hatred of capitalism.) In this little scheme, we have masters (the welfare recipient), the indentured worker (anyone with a job) and chains. (The Cloward/Piven strategy that Obama and his Merry Band of Socialists consider canon.)

Think I'm kidding ? Think it's a lousy thing to say ? Let's examine this closely.

Meet my friend "Bob". He has a sales job he once loved because he made a lot of money at it. It wasn't a physically grueling job and he liked his co-workers. All was right in the universe, and "Bob" was reasonably happy with his middle class existence. Then, the housing market went belly up and the recession hit, despite Barney Frank's assurances that there was no call for concern with either Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac. "Bob" didn't pay attention because he was stiill doing well personally and had survived recessions before. Things like that were simply part of life. Without warning, a certain street agitator was elected President who firmly believed in "spreading the wealth". "Bob" became vey concerned at that point. "Bob" never gave a rat's behind about politics before, but there was something about this demogogue named Obama he didn't trust.

"Bob" watched in horror as the economy floundered due to Obama's fear mongering. He watched his carefully planned out investments go up in a cloud of smoke. "Bob" was lucky, in one sense. He didn't lose his job, but he had a take a 25% pay cut to do it. "Bob" was no longer happy at his job. In fact, he had noticed despite Chairman Obama's Stimulus Scheme, the unemployment rate was rising way above the bench mark of 8%. "Bob" became glued to his TV and watched FOX News religiously. There was no way he was going to miss any important information again, or be ambushed by these warmed over socialists in Washington. In fact, "Bob" even started to go to tea party protests to show his displeasure with current government policy.

Despite all of "Bob"'s protesting, and the protesting of millions of others, the Imperial Government in DC still passed its mammoth health care "reform" and its "cap and trade" scams. "Bob" became very bitter as he knew, as long as he had a job, he would have to help foot the bills for all of this governmental generosity. "Bob" became angrier and angrier as he saw the government extend unemployment benefits instead of creating jobs. "Bob" felt like he was a slave to the supposedly disadvantaged. What's worse is "Bob" is terrified to leave the job he had learned to hate because he was afraid of losing his health coverage and being at the mercy of the government. "Bob"'s supervisor took full advantage of the situation and started to treat "Bob" and his co-workers poorly. If anyone didn't like it, they could leave, and good luck in your future endeavors became "Bob"'s employer's new policy. In short, "Bob" and his remaining co-workers were screwed and they knew it. "Bob" had become an indentured servant to his job and a slave to Obama's skid row constituents who were benefiting from his hard work. (Let's not forget who the government forcefully takes their cut from "Bob"'s paycheck and the joys of April 15th.)

Folks, is that not slavery ? In our story, "Bob" isn't working to better his station in life, he's working to keep others afloat and his supervisor rich. The American Dream of getting fed up with your boss and striking out on you own is becoming impossible with Obama and his cronies running the country. They're all hopped up on the Cloward/Piven strategy of overloading the system with dependents. (You don't believe me ? Here's an example: The Democrats actually defeated an amendment to cap and trade that would shut that mess down if unemployment reached 15%. Why on God's green and not mention cooling earth would the liberals want to sponsor a bill that could lead to 15% unemployment ?)

America, we have a choice to make. Freedom or economic slavery.

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