Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Yes Chris, Calling al Qaeda Is A Crime!

Last night, the clown prince of political commentary Chris Matthews wondered aloud if calling al-Qaeda is a crime. "It's not a crime to call al-Qaeda is it ?" asked Matthews. Wow. The lengths the liberals will go to protect Chairman Obama is indeed frightening.

The leftist press has begun its spin, calling alleged Fort Hood murderer and traitor Nidal Hasan a crazed gunman, rather than what he is: a terrorist and a traitor. Mother Nature forbid that Chairman Obama's softness on jihadism should be revealed for what it is: A weakening of of our defense from terrorists and their heinous acts. The leftist press did the same thing with the Little Rock Army recruitment station shooter Abulhakim Mujahid Muhammad (AKA Carlos Bledsoe). Muhammad admits to having to religious and  political motives for his actions, but you sure wouldn't known that if you had followed the state-controlled media's coverage of the event. (Don't take my word for it, check out  The word terrorist is used exactly once and only to descibe the charges against Muhammad, not Muhammad himself.)

The reality is this: Under Obama's less than stellar leadership, we have had two terror attacks and his softness on terrorists is to blame. We've heard more from Obama's gang about the horrors of the Bush administration than we've heard about the horrors of those the Bush administration sent to Club Gitmo. All of Obama's touchie- feelie-let's- make- nice- with- rabid- killers nonsense is having deadlier and deadlier results. Muhammad only killed one solidier, Hasan allegedly killed 13. How much longer do we have before civillians start getting killed, too ? Every time Obama and his leftists attack the brave men and women in the CIA, more and more lives are at risk. Want to know why no one in the Army did anything about Hasan's behavior ? No one wanted the hassle. No one wanted to be charged with a hate crime or be dragged before Eric Holder and be called a racist or intolerant. You reap what you sow. If you start criminalizing protecting our country, why would anyone want to do it ? (Don't get me started on giving captured terrorists Miranda warnings and the cute terms Overseas Contingency Plans and Man Made Disasters, either.)

Underground bunkers and hoarding food are starting to look like great ideas, aren't they ?

(PS--Chris--You might find this definition helpful--treason (n) Violation of allegiance toward one's country or sovereign. Webster's II New Riverside Pocket Dictionary, 1991. See, when al-Qaeda is killing American troops, it is generally considered treason for an officer in the US Army to send them emails. Last time I checked, treason is against the law, you dimwitted drone.)

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