Sunday, October 11, 2009

CBS: Communist Broadcasting System

"People can't go around without health insurance. This is America."

"45 million people don't have health insurance."

"Homophobic corporate monster."

I'll bet you all the Hummers being built in China that you'd never be able figure out who screeched these leftist lines. Princess Nancy, Ruler of the People's Republic of Pelosi ? Keith Olbermann ? Socialist of The Year Award Winner Barack Obama ?


These are lines spoken by Wanda Sykes and Julia Louis Dreyfuss and CBS' bland sitcom The New Adventures of Old Christine. In this episode, Christine finds out she has a suspicious mole on her breast, tries to go to the doctor, but won't be seen because her insurance was canceled. In supposed desperation, Christine goes to the emergency room where she meets a woman who gave birth in the waiting room, a nurse who refuses to help because she has no insurance, and as the coup de grace, is thrown out of the hospital for not having insurance.

Well, we know where CBS' management stands, don't we ? CSI had an episode where a dying man loses his COBRA insurance and goes on a killing rampage. (Also on CBS.)  Do the leftists in the entertainment industry have any shame ? Apparently not. Just like the "mainstream" news, they've poisoned entertainment, too. NBC pulled its own stunt last year by having a Sunday Night Football game's studios dark for the half time show, to show how "green" they are. (As a side benefit, no one had to see Olbermann , so it wasn't so bad.)

Here's the funny part: CBS and NBC are losing viewers almost as fast as the national debt is growing. We are winning the culture war folks....

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