Saturday, October 17, 2009

Welcome To The Land Of The Lazy

The following letter appeared this week in Broward County, Florida's very own socialist newspaper, The Sun Sentinel :
" I have been following your story on the criminals who are taking care of of the children and elderly in our state, and it brought to mind an experience I just had. I HAVE BEEN OUT OF WORK DUE TO A DISABILITY SINCE 2002. I AM ABLE TO GET AROUND A LITTLE, SO I FIGURED I'D VOLUTEER MY TIME AT A LOCAL HOSPITAL. ALTHOUGH I WOULDN'T BE ABLE TO SPEND MUCH TIME THERE, I FIGURED ANY TIME WOULD BE WELCOMED."
The letter then goes on about the unfairness of a background check for hospital volunteers, then it goes into this: "HAVING FILED BANKRUPTCY THREE YEARS AGO DUE TO MY ILLNESS AND INABILITY TO WORK, I KNEW THIS WOULD BE BAD."
[The background check.]
Guess what ? This column ain't about background checks for volunteers. It's about social entitlement induced laziness.
Huh ? What ?  You homophobe, racist conservatives are all the same! You want to crucify everyone who helps others!
This little letter to the editor is a story that's way more important than anything else you would have found in the Sentinel that day. Think of the absurdity of the letter: We have an individual who is capable of working (If you can volunteer you can work.) who is in a financial bind talking about VOLUNTEERING. Never mind this leech wasn't paying his or her bills, this leech is probably drawing a disability check while attempting to volunteer. Isn't this madness ? Isn't the entitlement mentality why this country is heading down the path it is now ?
This one stupid letter to the editor reminded me why I'm a conservative in the first place. I am sick and tired of being a slave to others. Yes, I said slave. No, I'm not taking back, No, I'm not a homophobic bigot. I am someone who is sick and tired of funding other people's lives of leisure at what is basically gunpoint. Either I pay my taxes (or become a Democratic legislator or Treasury Secretary.) or my life is ruined. Where is the justice in that ? As someone with a job, I've become a slave to those unwilling to work. I thought the days of serfdom were over.
That brings us to one of my main arguments against the health care sham being floated about in Congress. Have you heard about the tax increases in all of the bills ? They're absurd. My question is: Why ? Why am I indebted to those who were too lazy to work and buy their own insurance ? Why is it my problem ? Want insurance ? Get a job! Don't make enough money to afford it ? Get a part time job! Leave me alone, already. I don't have anything more to give. My problems are my problems, your problems are your problems.
You see ? You're selfish! Oh yeah, you're a homophobe and a racist.
No. I'm one of the last Rugged Individualists left in America. And you know what ? I'm damn proud of it. Keep the change, Chairman Obama.

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Anonymous said...

The problem with some disabilities is that they don't affect you the same everyday. However, they affect you often enough that employers don't want to hire you because your disability makes you unreliable. Would you hire someone that might be able to show up three days a week, especially when you have no idea what three days they may be?