Saturday, October 3, 2009

Hey Look! We Still Have A Recession!

Despite cheerleading from the unstable Joe Biden, we're still in a recession. Unemployment is rampant at a Carter-esque 9.8%. Some states, like my beloved Florida, currently stand at 10.7%. I asked Carl Sagan and Stephen Hawking to give me Michigan's unemployment numbers and they told me they're still trying to figure it out. Yeah, it's that bad.
Why ?
Of course, I could give you the Keynes/Friedman arguement, but it's really boring and let's face it, hackneyed. I'll give you my simple answer: No one has confidence in our President, Mr. Olympics himself, Barack Obama. Right or wrong, most responsible people in the United States base their financial decisions on what the yahoos in Washington DC do. (A frightening prospect, since DC now stands for District Of Communism, but that's another rant for another time.)
No, it's not because I'm a racist who cringes at the sight of Obama. No, I'm not being patisan. (Well...maybe a little. I don't work for Fox News and I'm not bound to that "fair and balanced" thing.) I'm basing my theory on fact.
According to Rasmussen on 10/3, only 9% of Americans believe taxes will go down. Only 38% believe Obama knows what he's doing when it comes to the economy, and only 33% trust him with the recession he and his Democratic Comrades started. (And to be fair, the Republican party didn't help, either. Cutting taxes is great, but let's face it, they dropped the ball and never cut spending. Call me crazy, but don't you get deficits spending more than you take in ? If I ever ran my household finances that way, I'd be homeless. What do you know ? I am fair and balanced!) Wondering why there's no confidence ?
When only 9% of Americans believe taxes will go down, they tend not to spend money. Most reasonable people see the writing on the wall: Barack 2016 was full of it when he promised that no one's that no one's taxes would go up who earned less than 250k. The really scary part of it is even raisnig taxes won't stave off the hyperinflation all of Obama's spending will inevitably cause.
Only 38% of Americans believe Obama knows what he's doing with the economy. Hmmm....Toughie, here, right ? Nope. I honestly don't think Americans want the the government running car companies, banks, school loans, mortgages or anything else that remotely affects their lives. Anyone who has stood in line at the DMV would agree with me on that. (Just wait until Uncle Sugar gets his fat, greedy, greasy paws on our health care. You'll consider the DMV a vacation spot.)
Finally, we have the 33% of Americans who approve of how Obama is handling the financial crisis he helped create. Put aside the 786 billion dollar stimulus plan. No, really, put it aside. Is it me, or does Obama and his cronies screw up every thing they touch ? Let's see:
Pimping for the Olympics: Failed (Yes, I know this has nothing to do with handling the crisis, but I almost wet myself laughing when I typed it. It is, however, yet another Obama screw up.)
Throwing billions of dollars at banks and corporations like AIG to solve credit crisis: Failed. The banks are hoarding the cash. They're not lending it to anyone.
Pumping money into GM and Chrysler to prevent them from going bankrupt: Failed. They did go bankrupt, Saturn is dead, GM dealerships shriveled up and died. Hummer was sold to the ChiComs. A real gold medal effort, Mr. President.
And to think we're not even a year into this....

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