Saturday, October 17, 2009

My Government Scares Me

In today's Eye on The Government segment, we look at Republican President Heinrich Von Mueller's controversial czar appointments. We'll first look at "Green Jobs" czar Gregor Von Hollis, who has been quoted as saying "You don't see white hids joining the Crips and The Bloods" and "Minorities have been pumping poisons into the white communities." Von Hollis was also the founder of STORMTROOPER, a radical National Socialist movement. Next, we have Fritz Schactheimer, School Safety Czar, who spoke passionately of the" loving" relationship Ernst Roehm had with his young storm troopers. Schactheimer, a non repentant former drug addict, will also be in charge of keeping drugs out of schools. We'll also explore Johann Schmidt, Science Czar who advocates planetary governance and compulsory abortion. Michael Berg was appointed as Regulatory Czar despite his bizarre views on how the First Amendment should be reformulated. There's Climate Czar Helga Schnell, who has ties to the National Socialist American Worker's Party, and finally White House Communications director Sonia Earhardt who spoke glowingly of Adolf Hitler. Stay tuned for Hardball with Chris Matthews.
If the above were true, we wouldn't have a moment's rest. These made-up individuals would be on every news magazine cover and on the front page of every newspaper. In fact, Walter Cronkite would probably return from the grave to start an investigation. And rightfully so, might I add, since these imaginary villians were promoting views that were openly hostile to the American way. The press would take the task on their shoulders to "protect the American people from these vicious rightwingers" (Yes, I am well aware the REAL Nazi party was actually on the political left, but work with me here.)
Well, where the hell is anyone other than FOX News on the real czars ? Their views are just as detestable as the imaginary czars in the above example. The dearly departed Van Jones DID start a Marxist group named STORM. Van Jones DID accuse whites of committing genocide against minorites. Kevin Jennings HAS written about how much fun it is to get stoned and watch planes take off and HAS spoken of his admiration of Harry Hay, a communist pedophile who masqueraded as a gay rights activist. John Holdren HAS written in his book Ecoscience about how planetary governance and compulsory abortion. Cass Sunstein HAS written about "reformulating the First Amendment". (Among many other dangerous anti-American sentiments,) Carol Browner DOES have ties to the Socialist party due to her membership in the Commission for a Sustainable World Society. Anita Dunn HAS said that Mao Zedong is one of her favorite philosophers. (Also known as Chairman Mao. Not to be confused with Chairman ObaMao here in the States.) Well MSNBC, where are you ? CNN ? ABC ? NBC ? ABC ? CBS ? Boston Globe ? New York Times (Slimes) ? LA Times ? Miami Herald ? Newsweek ? Time ? Where ,oh where, is the outrage ?
 I know where it is. Camped out on George W. Bush's lawn along with Cindy Sheehan.

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