Saturday, October 3, 2009

What Do Liberals Smoke Anyway

Try as I might, I don't think I'll ever understand the liberals and their mindset. I could have a bong hitting contest with Cheech and Chong and never get it. I could smack my head into concrete until I have a brain swelling injury and never get it. (Maybe I won't try that. I don't want to be asked to do my duty and die by the death panel.) I hate to be crude, but what the hell is the matter with these people ?

Are we supposed to trust people...

who want to throw people in jail for not having health insurance and free the terrorists at Club Gitmo ?
who fought tooth and nail for Roe V. Wade with interesting slogans like "Keep your government off of my body" but now want the government to decide who lives and dies ?
who defended former UNELECTED czar Van Jones and his racist tirade of "poisons" being sent to minority communities by whites but call Tea Party protesters racist ? (Good bye and Good Riddance, Van.)
who call peaceful tea party protesters an angry mob, but say nothing when leftists riot in Pittsburgh ?
like Rachel Maddow (MadCow) who spends 11 minutes on TV defending ACORN and then has the udders to call the segment the truth about ACORN ? (Granted, it was on MSNBC and only a couple of people saw it. Those eight people were riled up, let me tell you!)
who cried and cried how important Cash for Clunkers was to the American auto industry, yet the majority of the new car sales were from foreign automakers ?
who claim to be the party of the little guy, but are willing to starve migrant farm workers in California and deny them water all to keep some delta smelt around ? (Easy solution. Catch the little critters and breed them in a fish farm. How difficult is that ? The farmers get water and the fish does not become extinct. Or maybe they don't want migrant workers around. Racists.)
who see how miserably Soviet-style health care has failed in Massachusetts, Tennessee, and Hawaii but just want to implement it on a national scale, anyway ?
who claimed the Republican party was in bed with corporations but then coined terms like "too big to fail" and bailed out corporation after corporation ? (As a side note, isn't it weird how the Republican party has turned into JFK Democrats ? In 1933, the Republican Party fought bitterly against Social Security and in 1965 called Medicare and Medicaid "socialism". Now, in 2009, they're leading the charge to protect Medicare. The Republicans are fighting to protect social programs ? Weird.)
who only want to fiscally responsible with your health care and national defense but are willing to hand criminals like ACORN 8.3 billion dollars ? (They would have gotten away with it too, if it wasn't for those pesky kids.)
who called George Bush a fascist and a Nazi but look the other way when children are being forced to sing songs to the Failed Messiah ? (You didn't think I'd leave Obama out, did you ?)

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