Saturday, October 3, 2009

Wanna Play Rough, Alan ?

They say California is the land of fruits and nuts. Here in Florida we have a saying, too. All of the nuts settle to the bottom. There's no bigger nut than the embarrassing Alan Grayson, the socialist congressman from Orlando. This reject has apologized "to the dead" who have supposedly died in the "holocaust" of health care in the US.

You wanna play rough, Alan ? Guess what, little Marxist, I'm the master at it.

You want to talk holocausts ? How about the one you and your cronies are trying to unleash by cutting Medicare ? What would you call denying senior citizens medical care ? A walk in the park ? How are you going to sleep at night knowing your little social justice program is going to deny someone's mother or grandmother medical care ? Does it make you feel good knowing you'll be denying care to people who were forced into paying into Medicare and Social Security ?

The Republican party has plenty to answer for, but I don't recall any Republican President appointing eugenicists like John Holdren. You remember, don't you, Alan ? Your precious Obama's science czar. I don't recall any Republican Presidents appointing race baiters like Van Jones, the former green jobs czar. Wasn't it lovely how he accused whites of pumping "poisons" into minority communities ? How about school safety czar Kevin Jennings ? Wasn't it great how he decided not to report the rape of a student ? We musn't forget Cass Sunstein and his attacks on Free Speech. If these things don't scream fascism, I don't know what does.

I know, Alan, I'm just another right wing extremist crying about the czars. How about Hillary Clinton handing 900 million dollars to Hamas, you know the terrorist group that wants to wipe Israel off the map ? That would be aiding genocide, wouldn't it ? Where was your big mouth then ? Where was your big mouth when Obama wanted to sit down with Ahmadinejad, Holocaust denier-in-chief of  The Islamic Republic of Iran ?

Do me a favor, Alan. Clean up your own back yard before you knock on your neighbor's door.

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