Friday, October 16, 2009


This week's big story was Rush Limbaugh getting booted by the consortium attempting to buy the St. Louis Rams, right ?

No. The big story is how clueless the NFL has become thanks to the political correctness that is running amok in our culture.

For all its vaunted business acumen, the NFL has forgotten one thing: The great majority of  NFL fans are conservatives! That's right! Most of the "Bible and gun" gang the left despises so much make up the bulk of the NFL's fan base, regardless of what Roger Goodell would have you believe. We're the ones sitting in sub zero temperatures without shirts on, hoping our favorite millionaires beat the other millionaires.

You know what ? If the NFL rejects Rush, then they're rejecting me, too.

I share just about every view Rush has. He didn't forge my views, he just says them for me to a much larger audience. (For now. My multimedia empire is growing....) Sure, he's said some controversial things, but who in the public limelight hasn't ? (Take our Dear Leader, Chairman Obama, for instance. You just gotta love him throwing his own grandmother under bus and calling her a "typical white person.")

In particular, there's the Donavan McNabb flack from Rush's time on ESPN when Rush claimed that the press was rooting for a black quarterback. Well, he was right. Anyone who's watched the NFL knows that's true. Take Doug Williams when he beat the Broncos in the '87 SuperBowl. The press couldn't get over the fact that a black quarterback had led a team to the BigDance. The media might as well have worn Redskins jerseys to all the press conferences. The 2007 SuperBowl hype was even worse with two black head coaches, Tony Dungy of the Colts and Lovie Smith of the Bears going head to head. The sad thing about the '87 and '07 SuperBowls was this: The absolute brilliance of Doug Williams, Tony Dungy, and Lovie Smith was lost in the media's leftist approach to whole racial matter. The press was so busy talking about the history being made, they forgot about the history being made on the field. (Williams destroyed the Broncos and Tony Dungy coached a great game against Smith's monster defense.)

Another thing that bothers me is this: How on earth can the NFL take the high moral ground on anything ? You have Michael Vick with more dog kills than touchdown passes, you have Plaxico Burress walking the yellow line instead of running routes, you have Ricky Williams smoking grass instead of running on it, you have PacMan Jones with more time in jail than on a roster, well, you get the idea. These guys make Caligula look like a wall flower.

Thank you, liberals. Destroying my country just wasn't enough, was it ?


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