Saturday, October 3, 2009

Humpty Obama

Humpty Obama sat on a wall,
Humpty's popularity started to fall,
All Axelrod's plots and all of his men,
Could not stop Obama from failing again.

Unless you've been under a rock for the last eight or so hours, you may have heard that despite the magic that is Obama, the bid to pay back Richard Daley and the Chicago Machine has failed. The 2016 Olympics will be held in Rio, not Chicago. Apparently, Obama confidante Valerie Jarrett will have to find some other way to screw over the tenants that would have been thrown out of their homes for the construction of the Olympic Village. I  don't mean to gloat, but it's FREAKING HILARIOUS! WAY TO GO, PRESIDENT URKEL!

Seriously, Obama has done serious damage to the prestige of the Presidency. I am in absolute awe that Obama lost out the bid to a Third World nation like Brazil. Sure it's pretty, but Brazil ? It's like watching the Sisters of The Poor pounding USC at home.

The reality is sad and dangerous. The sadness comes from the fact that under Obama, the world no longer respects the United States. The danger comes from the fact the world no longer respects the United States. What did we expect when Obama did nothing to punish the Somali pirates ? What did we expect when Obama bowed to King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia ? What did we expect after that rambling surrender speech at Cairo ? What did we expect after Obama called our country "arrogant" and "dismissive" during his apology tour in Europe ? What did we expect after waiving the white flag at the UN ?

The bottom line is this: Obama is even worse than Jimmy Carter when it comes to foreign affairs. If he can't even win a bid for the Olympics, how is he going to negotiate with loons like Chavez, Qadaffi, Kim Jong Mentally Ill, and let's not forget Ahmadinejad, Holocaust denier extrodinaire ?

Can we have Bush back for a couple of months ? Please ?

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