Sunday, October 11, 2009

Kevin Jennings: A WMD In Education

Kevin Jennings, our UNELECTED school safety czar, is an icon.

He's an icon for what's wrong with the American education system.

Kevin Jennings is a classic example of the horrible mix of politics and what passes for an education in the US. Instead of teaching important subjects, like the Constitution, we have Educrats like Jennings pushing a leftist agenda. At this rate, the only thing high school graduates are going to be qualified to do is protest in San Francisco and parrot Al Gore. Is this really what we need to keep pumping money into ? Honestly, what's more important: A high school grad who can do simple math in his head or a high school grad who can quote verbatim the nonsensical ramblings of a communist pedophile like Harry Hay or the nonscientific ramblings of the failure known as Al Gore ?

Now, don't get me wrong. I believe it's important to teach tolerance to children. I also believe it's important to teach children to turn off lights when they're not in a room and not to litter. I know a group of people who could teach that to the kids way better than any egg-headed leftist from the Department of Education could ever do: Here in America, we call them parents.

If my son or my daughter ever said a derogatory remark about ANY social group in front of me, someone won't be yakking on their cell phone or playing XBOX 360 for a long, long time. (Although, making fun of liberals is A-Ok.) Leaving the lights on for no reason is also the Eighth Deadly sin, just like being a jerk and littering. (When the kids get cute and attempt to get on my good side and remind me that we live in a democracy, I remind them that democracy for them begins when they go out the front door. At my house, it's the People's Republic of Dadistan and I am Dear Leader For Life, or however long the death panels allow me to live. So far, so good. No insurgency to date.)

Now of course, one needs proof, so I'll give it to you. Ask any recent high school grad to name an American general during World War II (As Mona Charen does in her magnificent book Do-Gooders.) and you might get an answer like George Bush. If this graduate isn't going through the McDonald's hiring process, you might get an explanation of the evils of segregation in the Armed Forces or the internment of Japanese Americans. (Again, read this book by Mona Charen! By the way, I think the segregation in the Armed Forces WAS horrible and the internment of Japanese America WAS one of the greatest crimes in American history. Both occurred under the Patriarch of Liberalism Franklin Delano Roosevelt's watch. For those of you who graduated from a public school like I did, he was a Democrat who tried to make himself dictator for life.) It's enough to worry you straight to the grave, isn't it ?

As a nation, we don't need anymore San Francisco marchers or GreenPeace groupies. We need people who can actually write a sentence with a subject and a predicate. We need people who know "From each according to his ability to each according to his need" is NOT in the Constitution. In short, the last thing these kids should be doing is singing hosannas to a certain Socialist Leader (You didn't think I'd leave HIM out, did you ?), quoting Harry Hay, or genuflecting to Mother Earth.

Call me crazy.

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