Monday, October 25, 2010

Want Spooky ? Check This Out!

One of the fastest ways to get cursed at on Twitter is to compare Nazism to socialism or communism. The Progressivevik trolls who spend day after day on the microblogging social network will defend the "honor" of these failed political systems to the death. Of course, they do so in their near infinite ignorance, since Nazism, socialism, and communism are the same thing.

Let's consider the following talking points I found on a fringe political website. This isn't for the faint of heart, folks.


"Environment: Transfer all funds from public welfare system and extraneous government into environmental cleanup. Restrict the amount of land that can be used. Redevelop inner cities. Reward with tax breaks those with few electrical appliances. End frivolous and pointless industries, and force widespread recycling in detail."


"Economics: The economy will serve the State, which serves the Nation, composed of its people. Speculative economics replaced by investment in human capital, agriculture, manufacturing and learning."


"1. Tax cuts for environmental objectives

Closing the chapter of environmental disaster in human history is our first objective. A simple mandate for change will not achieve its goal, as business is an ecosystem unto itself, and must be given a chance to transition gracefully to a new way of doing things, much as it absorbs any new cost or technology. Over a seven-year period, we will increase taxes while offering large tax cuts for those businesses that achieve environmental objectives; only those businesses which do not produce tangible goods or services, such as pornography and media producers, will remain at the higher tax rate. These tax cuts will be sizable enough to allow businesses to invest most of their income into adapting to environmental requirements, and at the same time, building up infrastructure and becoming more competitive.

The same program will be applied to individuals. Those households which own fewer objects, use less power and produce less waste, will be given a larger break than those who do. Television use will be a means of measuring a family's excess time and wealth. This will not be used excessively into pressuring individuals into a spartan existence, but to encourage limits on the excessive consumption of families as currently seen in the industrialized west."


Now where would I get these wacky ideas ?

Would it be --

A) Van Jones, the dearly departed UNELECTED "Green Jobs" Czar ?

B) The Tides Foundation ?

C) The Communist Party USA ?

D) The Libertarian National Socialist Green Party ?

The answer is : D (Hey, don't take my word for it. Check out and click on the platform tab.)

While thumbing through the website, something was missing, There wasn't the usual howling that everything was the fault of "international Jewish financiers" or "we must act to prevent the horrors of race mixing". (In other words, Geraldo Rivera would have a very boring show if he put these jokers on.) In fact, Steve Martinez (Yes, there's a Neo-Nazi out there named Steve Martinez. I guess they don't want to hear it from the ACLU.) writes in one of their blogs:


"As critically thinking individuals, we must be honest and admit Judaism is superior to our current culture, which is a hybrid of democratic thinking, Christian morality and an ethic of convenience regarding profit motive. Where contemporary culture in the West comprises two layers, one of spaced-out rhetoric of individuality and equality, and the other of directionless profit motive, Judaism unites the two around a single goal: ethnic-religious consciousness."


Not exactly Mein Kampf material is it ?

Definitely not, but the above snippets, minus the one extoling the virtues of Judaism written by Herr Martinez, sure do sound like leftist blogs like the Daily Kos, or one of the columns one might find in the HuffingtonandPuffington Post.

Therein lies the danger.

Folks, the American New Left, whether they want to call themselves Progressives, socialists, communists, Libertarian National Socialist Green Party members, or anything else their imaginations can come up with, are a clear and present danger to our way of life. The left couldn't care less about poverty, the environment, and whatever the pet cause is for this week. They are only interested in power and telling you how to live your life. Social issues are merely tools to these folks.

Make no mistake about it: I'm not interested in becoming the next Juan Williams- like casualty in the Lefty/Righty war. I'm not saying the Libertarian National Socialist Green Party is one of George Soros' puppets. I'm willing to bet these people are just another fringe group. It is, however, rather spooky that these weirdoes sound eerily similiar to George Soros' puppets.

And a certain socialist President.

God help us all.

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