Thursday, August 5, 2010

What Happened To The Party Of No ?

You can relax, Chairman Obama. The Republican Party has ceased being the "Party of No" and has instead become "The Party of Maybe".

Your plan to subvert the Constitution is safe, O Master of Wealth Redistribution. Five "Republicans" jumped ship and voted for your latest disaster of an appointee, the Evil Hobbit known as Elena Kagan, to join the Supreme Court of the United States. Once again, the will of the people is thwarted. Congrats.

That's right, True Believers, Elena Kagan is going to become the 112th Supreme Court Justice. How can that be, you ask ? How can that be when there are 41 Republican Imperial Senators, which is the magic number to filibuster any of Chairman Obama's socialist plots ? That's easy. There were five "Republican" traitors: Richard Lugar of Indiana, Judd Nelson of New Hampshire, Lindsey Grahamnesty of South Carolina, and Maine's Olympia Snowejob and Susan Collins. (Benedict Nelson of Nebraska voted "no" in a transparent attempt to salvage his reputation in Cornhusker country.)

There is ABSOLUTELY no justification for voting "yes" to send Elena Kagan to the Supreme Court. She isn't some harmless centrist, she's a leftist ideologue. Elena Kagan wrote a paper in college that bemoaned the failure of socialism in early 20th century New York, harassed military recruiters during her tenure at Haw-Vard, and has spoken openly about limiting Free Speech. I'd be hard pressed to say any of those actions or views fall in line with the values of the Republican Party. Yet, these five PROGRESSIVEVIK "Republicans" voted for her confirmation anyway. Why ? Why did they go along with the rest of the 2+2=5 Junta that controls the Senate ? Why ?!

I'm sure we'll get the usual mealy-mouthed politician answer like, "We have to be bipartisan, blah, blah, blah", but that doesn't cut it when we're on the edge of a socialist takeover of our country. Crap like this is the reason why the Republican Party has lost thousands upon thousands of supporters, myself included. The Republican Party talks a great game, but when Progressivevik push comes to shove, they abandon their Conservative values and become their usual pantywaist selves. This was a golden opportunity to tell Chairman Obama where he could shove his Hopey-Changey nonsense, but like the Chicago Cubs, the Republican Party screwed the pooch yet again and blew it.

We The People are truly alone in this fight against socialist tyranny......

God help us all.

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