Wednesday, August 4, 2010


I have to warn you: I'm angrier than usual at the Big Mommy Regime in Washington DC and the 2+2=5 Progressivevik Junta that runs it.

I may bite.

I've just seen the "Summer Time Blues" report by Imperial Senators Tom Coburn and John McPain (No, I don't care if McPain wants to pretend he's a Conservative. I still wouldn't pee on him if he was on fire.) that outlines the waste that is Chairman Obama's "Stimulus" Scam. I have to tell you, never, ever, in my life have I seen such waste and total disregard for the American tax payer. Let's take a look at some of these atrocities, straight from the report itself.


1. Forest Service to Replace Windows in Visitor Center

Closed in 2007 (Amboy, WA) - $554,763

Despite having no plans to reopen a shuttered visitor center at Mount St. Helens in Washington state,

the U.S. Forest Service is spending more than $554,000 to replace its windows. One government official

likened it to .“keeping a vacant house in good repair,.” while another official noted that there is hope to

find some purpose for the building in the future, whether as a hotel, science camp or restaurant. Despite

those efforts, there are no current plans to use the empty space.

Spending $11.5 million in 1993, the Forest Service opened the Coldwater Ridge Visitor Center to provide

visitors to Mount St. Helens a .“sweeping view of the volcano.” through the center.’s soaring windows. In

2007, however, the Forest Service closed down the visitor center after just 14 years in operation. Former

USDA official, Mark Rey, said at the time regarding Mount St. Helens, .“we have more visitor center

capacity than the public can reasonably use."

Officials are hoping to maintain the facility so that another use can be found, such as a lodge or

educational facility. But the Forest Service has been criticized in the past for poor facilities

management, especially within the Mount St. Helens National Monument, and there is no sign that an

economically viable use for the center is close to being found.


2. “Dance Draw.” - Interactive Dance Software Development

(Charlotte, NC) - $762,372

The University of North Carolina at Charlotte received more than $750,000 in stimulus funds to help

develop a computerized choreography program that its creators believe could lead to a YouTube-like

.“Dance Tube.” online application.The grant says UNC-Charlotte will “define an evolving system that

assists in the design and production of interactive dance performances with real-time audience


A device is attached to each dancer, which will be recorded on video, and their movements will be

logged and analyzed. .“This will allow choreographers to explore interactive dance without always

having a full cast of dancers present,.” the grant states. One day, dance performances may enjoy the

popularity of YouTube hits like “double rainbow.” or .“dramatic-look prairie dog..” States the grant:

“The system will be extended into a Web-based .‘Dance Tube.’ application that will allow the public to

engage in interactive dance choreography..”

Administrative expenses are unusually high for this project, however. The project.’s lead researcher noted

that the university is taking a 44 percent cut to cover “overhead expenses."


6. Ants Talk. Taxpayers Listen (San Francisco, CA) - $1.9


The California Academy of Sciences is receiving nearly $2 million to

send researchers to the Southwest Indian Ocean Islands and east

Africa, to capture, photograph, and analyze thousands of exotic ants.

The photographs of the ants – over 3,000 species.’ worth, according to

the grant proposal – will be posted on AntWeb, a website devoted to

organizing and displaying pictures and information on the world.’s

thousands of ant species.

The project.’s goals are, to the lay person, both laudable and arcane: In

addition to .“foster[ing].…a large pool of ant taxonomists,.” it also strives

to document .“the vast majority of ant species known from [Africa]..”

.“[Ants] give us back the most data on the environment than any other

group. Their life cycle is shorter, they change very quickly,” says the

project.’s Principal Investigator in a promotional article on the

Academy.’s website. .“Everyone has run into ants . . . now we need to

listen to them..”


We can go on and on.Why is it like this ? Who said "We need to spend $700,000 right away on dance software" ? Who authorized this crap ? Was he or she stoned out of their mind or were they suffering from a serious head injury ? How can this even be remotely justified ? When Joe Bite Me said that there was a 30% chance that the "Stimulus" plan would be FUBAR, he was drastically underestimating the stupidity of his fellow "lawmakers". It's 199.68% FUBAR. Yeah, Yeah, I'm a racist for bringing this up. Got it. You forgot to mention that I hate poor people as well.

Folks, we deserve better than this. No I'm not saying let's all run out and vote Republican. They haven't met a tax payer dollar that they couldn't waste, either. It's obvious that we need more than ever actual Conservatives running the show. I don't care which party they're from, Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, Tea Party, Green, whatever. We need people in Washington who are not going to treat the money we slaved away for like Monopoly money. We need politicians who aren't going to treat us like children at best and serfs at worst.

FUBAR is an old Army slang term from World War II that means "f-ed up beyond all recognition." I can't think of a better word to use when describing our federal "government", can you ?

God help us all.

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