Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Go Pee Up A Rope, Progressiveviks!

“The race to the bottom in the Republican party this year – whether it is around revisiting the 14th amendment, whether it’s around immigration, or whether it is around this now [the 9/11 Mosquerade] – the race to the bottom means 2012 could be very, very depressing to watch. It’s almost like the party decided to update itself as the Know-nothing version 2.0.” --Anita Dunn, former head Maoist of the Obama administration

Is it me, or is this the only way the Progressiveviks know how to answer any question ? Oh, you don't like Obamacare(less) ? You're a racist. Oh, you want to protect our borders ? You're an Archie Bunker wanna-be. Oh, you don't want to be taxed to death ? You want to see school children in the inner cities suffer. Against gay marriage ? You are a homophobe. Not thrilled with the 9/11 Mosquerade ? You're an Islamophobe. It goes on and on, ad nauseum.

Take heart, True Believer. This means We The People are winning and They The 2+2=5 Progressiveviks are losing.

See, the reason useful idiots like Anita Dunn lash out with crap like this is simple. They can't defend anything they believe in. No one in their right mind can possibly agree with the Progressivevik dystopian vision. For example, I once tried to explain Keynsian economics to my cats. Bootsies and Buddi immediately began making protest signs and joined up with Freedomworks. Yes, folks, even non simians can't be fooled into believing in anything that Chairman Obama and his cronies are trying to force us to believe in. (However, the cats are still forbidden to read Animal Farm. Better safe than sorry.)

The moral to this little rant is this: Let 'em go pee up a rope. Let the Anita Dunns, the Van Joneses, the talentless Keith Olbermanns, and the Rachel Maddcows of the world call us racists, poopheads, teabaggers, or anything else their simple minds can conjure up. Only sticks and stones will brake our bones, after all. The point is, we've got 'em on the ropes, (not the ones they peed up, of course.) and soon we'll be knocking 'em out. It will be a November To Remember in Progressivakia for sure.

Normally, I'd end this column with : "God help us all", but Anita's whining is proof that The Big Conservative Upstairs is listening and He's on our side.

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