Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Real NAACP That Will Keep It Real

In this column, I am proud to announce the formation of my new political action committe, The National Association for the Adavancement of Conservative Principles (NAACP).

Unlike the racist fraud that also uses this acronym, my NAACP will stand with interlocked arms of all races against the tyranny of the Progressives that have infested our government. When the ACLU uses its lies and calumny to have The Ten Commandments removed from a city hall, we will be there to put them back up. When the government uses its new and decidedly fascist "hate crime" law to intimidate members of the clergy (of any religion) to perform gay marriage cermonies, we will be there to lend our support. When returning veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan are harrangued by the idiots from Code Pink, we'll be there. In short, whenever Progressives try strike at the heart of liberty, we'll be there to stop them.

What's that you say ? There is already an organization that does all that stuff ?

Yes, folks, the gig is up. There is an organization that already does that stuff. It's called the Tea Party.

I don't know what drugs the Ben Jealous, the head of the NAACP (the racist variety, of course), does, but man, are they altering his sense of reality! Recently, Jealous and his communist allies have called on the Tea Party to condemn the racist elements of the organization. Now, I've been to many Tea Parties here in socialist South Florida. You know how many racists I found ? Zero. Zilch. I did see a bunch of patriots running around with American Flags. (Something curiously absent from SEIU and ACORN "protests" and shakedowns.) I did see a whole bunch of white folks, that's true, but they were either wearing Elect Allen West t-shirts (who, at last check, is black.) or waiving Marco Rubio signs. (Who just happens to be Hispanic.)

Now, I'll give Jealous his due. There are Obama signs with our Dear Leader sporting the Hitler 'stache at every Tea Party. I know that, because I've waived a few. It wasn't because Obama is black, it's because I think he's grabbed way, way, too much power. I don't oppose Obamacare(less) because Obama is the first black President, I oppose it because I don't want some faceless Health-ocrat deciding whether or not I live or die. It isn't white fear that fuels my opposition to the Stimulus plan, it's the assault to common sense that the plan represents. Of course, I have a better chance at finding Rachel Maddcow a date for Saturday night than I do convicing the Left that the Tea Party is not a bunch of Skoal spitting rednecks. Why is that, you ask ? Cries of racism are the only defense the Left has. They can't defend their track record on any single issue. The economy ? In shambles, making Zimbabwe look a member of the G4. Afghanistan ? Slowly, but surely, turning into a quagmire. Obamacare(less) ? As popular as the fat kid with acne at the prom. The Bay of Rigs oil spill ? Made Bush's FEMA look competent. All in all, the United States went from the mighty Yankees to a Triple A farm club in less than two years under Chairman Obama's watch. Who could possibly defend that ?

God help us all.

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