Monday, July 12, 2010

Let's Take A Stroll Down Memory Hole Lane

Ok, Right Wing Extremists, it's time for a stroll down Memory Hole Lane. This is a magical place where the unicorns run free and eat organic, gluten-free eco-pixie dust. It's a place that all the voices in Joe Biden's head all sing in harmony. Most importantly, it's a special place where Progressivevik lies are stored until their use during campaigns.

Lucky for you, Dear Reader, the security on Memory Hole Lane is very lax. One could say I could crash a State Dinner with the Prime Minister of India while trying out for a Bravo reality show if it were held on Memory Hole Lane. In an act of supreme bravery, I led a Conservative covert-op team into the Progressivevik stronghold and...ok...ok...fine. Be a killjoy. Look at this rather odd quote I found from Chairman Obama while tooling around Google looking for a cure for my writer's block:


"Transparency and the rule of law will be the touchstones of this presidency." -- Chairman Obama, January 21, 2009 on CNN


Now, I ask you, not as a Right Wingnut, but as a reasonable person with an IQ above 20, have we had anything remotely close to transparency during Chairman Obama's Reign of Incompetent Terror ? Did the closed door meetings with Big Insurance and Big Pharma during the Obamacareless debate look transparent to you ? Was the "rule of law" observed by the Regime when it was handing out federal appointments to Andrew Romanoff and Joe Sestak to drop out of their primary races so key political allies would remain in the Imperial Senate ? Was there any transparency or "rule of law"observed when the Department of Injustice dropped its voter intimidation case against the New Black Panther party despite having video evidence of the thugs wielding billy clubs at a Philadelphia polling place ?

I may be clinging to my guns and religion because I'm a bitter, racist, illiterate, redneck teabagger, but I know a snow job when I see one.

However as ugly and as impeachable as the outrages listed above are, Chairman Obama is the master of pulling dead rabbits out of his hat. Just when you think he's sunk lower than PMSNBC's ratings, our Dear Leader has another ethical lapse. In this case, it was the recess appointment of Dr. Donald Berwick to head the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). Like all of Chairman Obama's appointments, Berwick has a cemetery full of skeletons in his closet. Unfortunately for us Proles, Berwick's skeletons aren't as simple as being unable to figure out how to use Turbo Tax despite being appointed to run the IRS. No, Donald Berwick's skeletons rise from the dead every full moon. Donald Berwick just happens to be a socialist and a health care ratioining guru.

Unlike the talentless Keith Olbermann, I don't just make wild claims to hear myself talk. (Although, with Keith's ratings, he's probably the only one listening.) Let's take a look at some of the statements that Berwick made that most people who are not members of the Communist Party USA might find a touch questionable:


“I find little evidence anywhere that market forces bluntly used — that is just consumer choice among an array of products, competitors fighting it out — leads to the health-care system you want and need..."-- Donald Berwick


In other words, Dr. Doom doesn't think that capitalism isn't responsible for the myriad of prescription drugs and medical procedures that have people all over the world living longer lives. So tell me Doc, which government bureaucracy invented Janumet, the wonder drug that's keeping me and millions of my fellow diabetics alive ? I have a better question: which UNELECTED Czar invented the triple bypass ? Knee replacement surgery ? Cornea transplants ?

See, the bottom line is this: Some executive at Merck decided an oral glucose control medication with relatively few side effects would be great money maker, so he got his research team to design the miracle drug that keeps me from having to inject insulin every two minutes like my mother and father-in-law do. Doctors realized there was a whole heap of money to be made by replacing and repairing old and abused body parts, so they came up with triple bypasses, knee repalcements, and cornea transplants. The common denominator in these examples is the profit motive. Without the lure of untold riches and fame, few would take the risks to develop these modern marvels.

The very fact that Berwick denies this obvious truth makes me wonder exactly how much experience he has in the real world. The above statement leads me to believe that Dr. Doom is just another academic egghead hiding in a lecture hall because he can't hack it in the real world. I daresay we have enough of those nincompoops wandering the halls of Congress and the White House already.

However, that isn't Dr. Doom's most out there comment. Check out this gem:


“The decision is not whether or not we will ration care — the decision is whether we will ration with our eyes open. And right now, we are doing it blindly.”


All I have to say is this: Nona, there's plenty of room and hoarded food in my bomb shelter for you. I sure hope you can make sauce out of the tomatoes I'm growing in my crisis garden!

Is there any wonder why Chairman Obama didn't want Dr. Doom to be questioned by the Repubicans in the Imperial Senate ? The Good Doctor is a walking personification of all that's wrong with the Progressivevik Counter-Revolution. He's also the Obamacareless boogie man that the Conservative Revolution warned everyone about. So what does our Benevolent Dictator do ? He appoints Berwick in the midst of a gaziilion scandals hoping no one would notice. Is that transparent ? Is that giving a nod to the "rule of law" ?

Sure... in Oceania.

God help us all.

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