Monday, July 12, 2010

The Department of Injustice

In yesterday's episode of "I'm Ashamed of My Government", the Department of Injustice, lead by Oprah's ex-boyfriend Steadman...I mean...Eric Holder, announced that it is going to sue the state of Arizona to put a stop to their immigration law. No, you read that right. The Department of Injustice is suing the state of Arizona for having the nerve to defend itself against what's basically a Mexican invasion.

Now, I'm not going to get into the legal mumbo-jumbo that's involved in this mockery of justice. I'm not a lawyer, despite spending last night in a Holiday Inn Express. I am an observant person, however. The Department of Justice has become an Orwellian parody. Its goals are no longer enforcing laws and upholding the Constitution, its goals are now to punish the enemies of the Big Mommy Regime in Washington and preserve Big Mommy's power base. In the last year and some change of Obama's Reign of Incompetent Terror, the Department of Justice has become an example of doublethink like the Ministry of Love or the Ministry of Truth. In short, the DOJ has become the O-Stapo, eliminating all opposition to Chairman Obama's schemes.

Yeah, yeah, I know. I'm a racist teabagger who doesn't recycle. I know, I should up my meds. Oh, you're right. I'm a conspiracy theorist. Humor me as we look at the facts. The Department of Injustice has, in the last year and some change:

•dropped the case against the New Black Panther party despite having video evidence that they were involved in voter intimidation during the '08 Popularity Contest.

•failed to investigate the obvious cases of bribery during the Obamacareless debate. (Remember the Cornhusker Kickback and the Louisiana Purchase ? Bart Stupidak's treachery ?)

•failed to prosecute the ringleaders of the Con Artists Formerly Known as ACORN for voter fraud.

•failed to investigate Chairman Obama's use of federal appointments to influence primary races. (The Jobgate scandals involving Andrew Romanoff and Joe Sestak.)

Yet, they're suing the state of Arizona for defending itself ? What kind of Third World, Banana Republic, straight out of Chavez's playbook crap is that ?

The only reason Chairman Obama is having the Department of Injustice sue is to preserve their power base. The last thing the Regime wants is the states doing any thinking for themselves. This isn't about civil rights. If the Regime was interested in that, Obamacareless would not have a provision in it that calls for jail time for not going along with the program, nor would they have ignored the New Black Panther party's blatant voter intimidation. This isn't about the Supremacy Clause of the Constitution, since Chairman Obama doesn't think the Constitution is worth the parchment it's hand-written on. This is about preserving power at any and all costs. It seems that Chairman Obama is willing to give Arizona back to Mexico just to prove that the Big Mommy Regime reigns supreme.

Folks, it's time for We The People to start calling out They The Progressiveviks on garbage like this. We can't survive as a free society if the nation's top law enforcement agency's main agenda is to punish dissent. It's time for an independent investigation of the Department of Injustice. It's time, for some folks like Steadman Holder, to be fired. It's time for some for some members of the Department of Injustice to wear orange jumpsuits and make new and interesting friends at Club Fed. Of course, that ain't gonna happen, so all we can do is shake our heads in disgust and say--

God help us all.

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