Sunday, June 20, 2010

No Longer Hussein In The Membrane

A quick scan of the Rasmussen poll shows that America is no longer "Hussein in the Membrane". Obamamania has gone the way of Hulkamania, following it into the bowels of the Memory Hole of Really Bad ideas. According to the Rasmussen polls, his Imperial Chairmanship has not only lost the independent vote, but he's losing moderate Democrats as well. Normally, under different circumstances, I'd be doing my happy dance while chanting "See, I told you so!" However, I can't do that just yet, because this will make Obama more dangerous, like a wounded animal backed into a corner. (As of this writing, our Dear Leader has a 43% approval rating according to Rassmussen.)

In most cases, crappy approval ratings like this are the kiss of death to most politicians. Chairman Obama is not like other politicians. The CSPAN and lecture circuit doesn't mean squat to him. As he's claimed in the past, Obama doesn't care if he's a one-term wonder. The only thing that matters to the Dear Leader is destroying our way of life and pursuing his agenda, consequences be damned. Some members of Congress, like the Ruler of The People's Republic of Pelosi, Princess Nancy, are willing to hold hands with the Failed Messiah as he jumps off the cliff. After all, she has a parachute made up of the brains of the people of San Francisco. Dennis Kucinich will wait for the mother ship to come and beam him up. Others, like North Carolina jiu-jitsu master Bob Etheridge will fight to the last man, just ask the kid he roughed up. All and all, it seems the Progressivevik left will honor the suicide pact they made with Obama back in January of 2009.

Where will that lead us ? To the end of liberty, that's where.

As of right now, Obama Hood and his Merry Band of Socialists have nothing to fear. They know their Progressivevik tofu gooses are cooked. The handwriting has been on the Berlin Wall for months. (Just ask Evan Bayh and Bart Stupidak who cowardly jumped ship during the Obamacareless debate.) They know they're going to get slaugtered in the Midtems, so they feel they have nothing to lose. Cap and Trade ? Why not ? Fairness Doctrine ? Why not ? Card Check ? You betcha! The socialist beast will be unleashed once again, this time it will have Barry Bonds as its personal trainer. It will be bigger, uglier, have wild mood swings, and plenty of backne.

With the Midterms coming up, We The People should be looking for one word when listening to the candidates babble: repeal. Repeal of Obamacareless, the "Stimulus" plan, financial institution reform, and the coming Cap and Trade, and all the rest of the damage Obama and his cronies have done. If We The People don't hear that, then We The People should not vote for that candidate. I don't care if the candidate is a Tea Party favorite. I don't care if Sarah Palin endorsed him. I wouldn't even care if Ronald Reagan appeared to me like the way Obi-Wan appeared to Luke Skywalker and told me to vote for someone. If that person doesn't mention repealing all of Obama's socialist crap on a stick, he's not getting my vote. It's that simple. I understand that the Dear Leader won't go along with repealing anything he's done to us so far, but there are other ways to get this done, like refusing to fund these socialist missteps in the first place. The point is, We The People are no longer Hussein in The Membrane. We've woken up, and quite frankly, We The People are pissed off.

God help us all.

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