Friday, June 18, 2010

The Incompetent Tyranny

For the last year and a half, I have pondered the following question: Exactly what kind of a government do we have ?

One one hand, we have experienced a horrible power grab that made the Founding Fathers do 360's in their graves. We have seen:

•The Big Mommy Regime seize GM and Chrysler

•The Big Mommy Regime seize the student loan industry.

•The Big Mommy Regime seize the banking industry.

•The Big Mommy Regime seize the health care industry.

All and all, a reasonable individual not named "Olbermann" or "Maddcow" could see the handwriting on the Berlin Wall. We as a country are heading down the path to socialism, if not out and out communism. I, like many others, spent the last year and half hoarding food, building a bomb shelter, attending Tea Parties, and boring anyone who would give me 30 seconds of their time explaining the latest government plot to rob us of our freedom.

Then, it struck me. What the hell am I afraid of ? The morons in the federal government couldn't lead ants to a picnic, let alone establish the Fourth Reich. Keystone Kops on an acid trip could do a better job running the country. In addition to the abominations I've listed above, we've also seen:

•Janet From Another Planet Napolitano, the Secretary of Homeland Lack of Security, say "the system worked" after the Christmas Day Skid Mark Bomber almost blew up a plane over Detroit.

•A beer summit to smooth over Chairman Obama calling small town cops stupid.

•A Stimulus Package that included $198 million dollars for Fillipino World War II veterans.

•Turtle tunnels and fish ladders being built with Stimulus money.

So which is it ? Off to the FEMA camps for a "shower" or a rapid slide into anarchy fueled by sheer stupidity ?

Sadly, dear reader, we are on the path towards both, As Yogi Berra once famously quipped, "When you come to a crossroads, take it!" Apparently, the federal government has taken Yogi's advice to heart because that's what they're doing. Our country is becoming an Incompetent Tyranny. The government has become larger and larger while becoming less and less competent. Naturally, this trend can't continue. There will be a breaking point. I don't know what that point will be, however. Maybe it was the Bay of Rigs disater in the Gulf. Maybe it's the international incident that's on its way from Obama's gangster shakedown treatment of BP, which is not an American corporation that can be bullied like the rest of our Dear Leader's victims. Maybe Kim Jong Mentally Ill will find a missile that can reach Hawaii after all. Only The Big Conservative Upstairs can answer that, and I hope He's in a good mood when He does.

The moral to this demented tale is this: We need change. No, we're not talking about Obama's "Hopey Changey" crap on a stick, we're talking about honest to God change. We must, as Americans, reject the tyranny of the Big Mommy Regime as well as hold it accountable for its blunders. This requires some work on our part. We have to be vigilant and well informed. (You've made the first step by reading my column, so keep up the good work.) We have to resist listening to the Sarah Jessica Parkers of the world who tell us who to vote for. We have to look at our elected "leaders" once and a while and say, "Bullsh--! You work for us, not the other way around." If we don't, it will be an endless cycle of being hauled off to a FEMA camp and being released because some bureaucratic clod didn't fill out form IG-88 in triplicate.

God help us all.

(Yes, I know there are no such thing as FEMA camps. I like to say that to freak out Progressiveviks and make them huff and puff. However, we no longer no longer live in a time where we could sit back and say, "That could never happen here". We live times that require us to say: "Well, I hope that's not true. I really do".)

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