Thursday, May 27, 2010

Steel In His Spine ?

Remember when Schmoe Biden said this about candidate Obama during the '08 Popularity Contest:

"They're[Obama's critics or the voices in Schmoe's head] going to find this guy's got steel in his spine."

Um...We're still waiting, Joe. Where's that steel ?

Is it me or is it not in Chairman Obama's DNA to make any sort of quick and decisive decision ? In the last year and some change, we've seen Chairman Obama blither and dither for months about sending additional troops to Afghanistan despite the fact that the al-Qaeda and Taliban whackjobs were getting closer and closer to getting their filthy paws on Pakistan's nuclear weapons, we've seen Chairman Obama sit on his hands as Kim Jong Mentally Ill's murderers sank a South Korean ship, and the only thing he was able to contribute to the BP disaster was this bit of wisdom: "Plug the damn hole". (Some accounts had him shrieking that at hapless staffers.)

Call me crazy and off my meds, but I'd be hard pressed to call any of the above actions examples of having steel in one's spine.

It makes me wonder: What if we had a 9/11 style terrorist attack in the US ? What if another Katrina hits the southeasten US ? What if Chairman Obama's Keynsian-economics-on-steroids policies cause a meltdown that makes the '08 Meltdown look like a bull market ? What if North Korea's Homicidal Muppet starts firing working missiles at Hawaii ? What will he do then ? It's obvious that his confidence is broken. We don't seem to see our Dear Leader on TV every ten seconds anymore, unless another one of his socialist sound bites is the target of a Glenn Beck monologue. He's now even ducking the lamestream media, who pushed him over the goalline during the '08 Popularity Contest. (Or should I say "Goldline", Congressman Weiner ?) Forget steel in his spine, this guy has nothing but fluff and pansies in his spine.

To steal a line from our Failed Messiah, let me be perfectly clear: Obama must go in '12. This guy has done the impossible. He has made the Carter Error look like a Golden Age. If Chairman Obama suddenly went all capitalist on us and bought a funeral parlor, no one would die for at least twenty years, even with Obamacareless denying health care to the elderly. He's the worst kind of socialist: an incompetent one.

I could be snarky and remind you about that insane statement Obama made about how his election was going recede the oceans and heal the earth, but I'm not going to do that. I don't have time. I'm too busy building my bomb shelter and hoarding food. If you're smart, you'll put down your laptop and do the same.

Oh, yes, I forgot. Liquidate all your holdings and buy gold from Goldline! A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, after all! Never know when it will come in handy with the world ending soon!

God help us all.

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