Friday, May 28, 2010

Citizen Of The World

Remember when our Dear Leader said this at a campaign rally in Berlin during the '08 Popularity Contest ?

"I come to Berlin as so many of my countrymen have come before. Tonight, I speak to you not as a candidate for President, but as a citizen - a proud citizen of the United States, and a fellow citizen of the world."

Aside from the fact that it's creepy as hell for me as a Jew to watch some demogogue whip Germans into a frenzy, this quote has stuck with me as an example of Chairman Obama's citizen of the world mentality that has had disastrous results for the United States. Now, there's some who will say my Official Glenn Beck Tinfoil Hat is too tight and I'm just another member of the "Vast Right Wing Conspiracy". However, as usual, I have proof. No PMSNBC reporting here.

My first example is not for the faint of heart, but let's have some Spauldings about it. Recently, Chairman Obama sent 1200 troops to the Arizona border, to, well...I don't know what they're going to do since they aren't there to stop the fence jumpers. An Obama drone would point out that Chairman Obama is on the case, backing up the embattled Border Patrol with troops. A person who is conscious and uses their head for more than a hat rack would point out that this is just more cynical partisanship by our Failed Messiah and this is merely an attempt to cut off the Republican party's argument that Obama is for amnesty. Why would a conscious person with full control of their mental faculties come to that conclusion ? Alinskyite Prime sent more troops to Haiti for "Operation Meals on Wheels" than he did to secure our border. Obama sent 10000 troops to Haiti along with the aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson and the USS Bataan along with the troops with the lightning like precision the United States military is known for, and yet he can only muster 1200 troops to defend the US border ? What kind of crap is that ? I could be snarky and also mention that his Chairmanship sent the exact number of troops to Haiti that he shorted General McChrystal in Afghanistan, but why kick a guy when he's already down in the polls ?

I know there will be some crybaby Progressiveviks who will scream that it's the responsibilty of the United States to take care of a poor country like Haiti, but is it really ? Where in the Constitution does it say that the United States is the world's Rapid Response Team ? How was national security threatened by an earthquake in Haiti ? Yes, it's a tragedy, but why is this a burden for our military or the tax payer to shoulder ? (Regardless of what the lamestream media would have you believe, The United States is at, uh...involved in an Overseas Contigency Plan.) How on God's green, and not to mention, cooling earth can Obama justify this outrage ? I'm no Constitutional expert, but I'm fairly certain defending our borders and stopping Islamo-Nazis from getting their filthy paws on nuclear weapons is why we have a military in the first place. However, according to the Citizen of The World In Chief, being the world's best friend is far more important than national security. The result of this: The war in Afghanistan is becoming a quagmire and ranchers in southern Arizona are being threatened by illegal aliens or being murdered. Nice, huh ?

Speaking of speed, wouldn't it have been great if Chairman Obama had reacted as quickly to the BP brouhaha as he did to Haiti ? Why, the "damn hole" would have been plugged by now. However, that is not how Chairman Obama operates. Our Dear Leader believes that tragedies only occur in other countries, while American greed is the cause of all of our problems. As a result, there is an oil slick the size of New York state in the Gulf of Mexico that is threatening the property and jobs of millions of Americans who live on the East Coast. Sure, Obama and his Purpleshirts have their jackboots "on BP's throat" (Remember the quote I opened with ? Don't forget the speech that the quote was taken from was in Berlin.) but as usual, nothing positive has been accomplished by Obama and the Big Government That Couldn't. We are now heading into day 39 of this disaster with no end in sight. The reason this is becoming a Biblical disaster is Obama's inaction. Why wasn't the Coast Guard there pronto ? Why wasn't the US Navy there ? The US Navy sent an aircraft carrier and an amphibious warship to hand out meals in Haiti, but Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal needs permits to build protective berms to protect the coastline of Louisiana ? It may be cliche', but I have to say it: WTF ?!

The moral to this sad and demented tale is this: We need a President who puts America first. We can't be the world's Rapid Response Team anymore. (No, I didn't like it when Bush sent the Navy to Indonesia after the tsunami, either.) We can't keep supporting the world. If a country like Greece spends its self into oblivion, too bad. If a country like Haiti allows its corrupt government to keep it in the Third World, it sucks to be them. Chairman Obama may be a citizen of the world, but We The People are not. If Chairman Obama wants to play sugar daddy to the rest of the world, let him do it with his own money. Not ours.

God help us all.

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