Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Rapidly Losing Faith

I'm rapidly losing faith in the federal government.

Now, this isn't just the usual Right Wing overheated rhetoric. No, Inner Party Member Sunstein, I don't need the rat mask affixed to my face again in Room 101. I'm seriously losing my faith in the federal government. Why is that you ask ? The Progressivevik media and its propaganda spewers like Rachel Maddcow would say it's becaue I'm a racist teabagger, as would any random Hollywood leftist like Jay Leno and Danny Glover. Sherlock Napolitano, the figurehead running the Department of Homeland Lack of Security, would say I've been brainwashed by some Right Wing Extremist antigovernment group and I'm some sort of security threat.

As usual, the above nimrods are wrong.

Chairman Obama, you have some serious competition. There's one person who makes me resent government as much as you.


My beef with Anthony Weiner (S-NY) is his investigation of Goldline and Glenn Beck. In fairness and complete disclosure, I am a huge Beck fan, but that has nothing to do with my utter distaste for Weiner. (Go ahead, feel free to insert whatever joke your twisted mind can come up with in regards to that last sentence. Mmmhmmm. Yes. That's hilarious, yes. You should be a comedian.) With our nation in complete economic and political chaos, we have a sitting (on his hands) Congressman worried about what some political commentator is hawking on his radio show. Weiner claims that it's all about protecting the middle class from mindlessly throwing away their savings on fool's gold becuase Glenn Beck ordered them to do so. If you believe that, you might also be interested in the bridge he's selling, slightly used, or you might believe the earth has a fever because of global warming.

Now, I could be snarky and say that the people who can actually afford to invest in gold are a dying breed, but that's too easy. That's like shooting paralyzed fish in a barrel with an M-16A2 on full auto. (Take that, Rosie!) No, this is a deeper problem. Instead of watching Beck like a weird gym teacher watching the kids shower, maybe Weiner could investigate:

--the Department of Justice dropping its case against the New Black Panther Party bringing billy clubs to Pennsylvania polling places.

--why nothing has been accomplished by Chairman Obama and his gang in the Gulf Oil Spill fiasco.

--exactly how many communists like the dearly departed Van Jones are still lurking in the ranks of our Dear Leader's UNELECTED czars.

--how the Christmas Day Skidmark Bomber got on a plane headed towards the United States despite the fact that his own father warned the State Department in Nigeria that his son has become a radicalized Islamic psychopath.

--why the Army didn't react sooner to Maj. Nidal Hassan's increasingly loony behavior and why DHS didn't step in when it was learned that Hassan was communicating with al-Qaeda. (Yes, Chrissy Matthews, calling al-Qaeda is a crime.)

--why, most importantly, is the Department of Justice not investigating the whole Jobgate mess involving Joe Sestak (S-PA) and that whole business about the Obama administration offering the Congressman a job if he dropped out of his primary race against Benedict Arlen. Why, that sounds like "high crimes and misdemeanors" to me!

Anthony Weiner is an example of what is wrong with the Big Mommy Regime in DC. He is more interested in eliminating its enemies rather than fixing problems in a logical, coherent way. To a hack like Weiner, someone like Beck who speaks his mind is far more dangerous than Black Panthers wielding billy clubs at polling places. Welcome to Wonderland, kids.

We are wearing hamburger flavored bathing suits in shark infested waters. It doesn't get any more dangerous than this. The government is trying to silence its critics, once again proving me, Beck, and all of the rest of us "Extremists" right when we don't even want to be right.

God help us all.

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