Monday, May 24, 2010

Obama: Victim of Coincidence

You have to wonder: Did Chairman Obama break a mirror during the '08 Popularity Contest ? Or, did he break one while attending mosque as a child in Indonesia ? Perhaps he broke a mirror during his attendence at socialist rallies during his college days. Nonetheless, our Dear Leader has had the worst luck, culminating in the 44% approval rating he now has, according to Rassmussen. According to the lamestream media, we shoud diseregard all the facts and just chalk it all up to the fact that Chairman Obama is a victim of coincidence.


Let's take a look see at some of these coincidences, in no particular chronological order. Remember, Cass Sunstein, the Regulatory Czar, is watching, so it is in my best interests to portray all of this as one great misunderstanding.

--It is merely a coincidence that Tony Rezko, the disgraced Democrat party financier who helped the First Family buy a big ol' honking house in Chicago at a steal of a price is now sitting in prison.

--It is a coincidence that Rod Blagojevich tried to sell Chairman Obama's unused Imperial Senate seat.

--Bill Ayers just happened to be a guy who lived down the street, who just happened to be a terrorist, and who just happened to try to murder hundreds of people, and just happened to serve on every leftist, socialist, and Progressivevik board Chairman Obama sat on. Nothing to see here, citizens, move along.

--How can it possibly be Chairman Obama's fault that he appointed a communist czar in the case of the dearly departed Van Jones ? How is it Obama's fault that the guy is a BFF of a convicted cop killer ? Surely someone else dropped the ball during the vetting process.

--There is nothing to be gleaned from the fact that the Con Artists Formerly Known As Acorn were indicted all over the country for voter registration fraud after the '08 Popularity Contest. All Obama was only one of their favorite trainers, so how could he possibly know what had transpired in the inner bowels of the disgraced organization ?

--How could Chairman Obama have possibly known that Jeremiah Wright's church made David Dukes look and Robert Byrd look enlightened ? No one can possibly make a snap judgement after only 20 years of attendence and allowing the man to marry you to your wife and baptize your children. Let's get real, people.

--Attending socialist rallies while in college is just part of the extracurricular experience. After all, we want our future to be well rounded, right ?

--Surely, it's not alarming that Science Czar John Holdren believes in eugenics and was confirmed by the Imperial Senate anyway, right ? How was Chairman Obama supposed to know that ? After all, Holdren only put forth his ideas in a college text book. Who reads those ?

--There's no call for concern when one considers Hugo Chavez's treatment of the free press awe inspiring. To FCC "Diversity Czar" Mark Lloyd, it was a mere job requirement for appointment to the regime's inner circle. (or should we say, "Inner Party" ? Oops. I forgot: It's a mere co-winkydink. Sorry. I'll try to be more objective.)

--If you think Kevin Jennings and his praise for communist pedophile Harry Hay is alarming, you must be a homophobe Tea Bagger who wants to repeal the Matthew Shepherd Law. After all, how was Chairman Obama's vetting staff supposed to know that ? We can't expect everyone to know how to use Google and Youtube. It is your fault, not Chairman Obama's, if you wouldn't leave your kid alone with this guy for five minutes. After all, everyone who applied for the "School Safety" czar position thinks NAMBLA is a-ok. What's your problem ?

--It's a crazy, and I mean off your meds crazy, coincidence that SEIU, everyone's favorite Socialist Empire In Utero, plunked 60 million smackers into Chairman Obama's campaign coffers for the '08 Popularity Contest, giving "former" Reichsfuhrer-SEIU Andy Stern almost limitless access to the White House. Don't look anything into that "Workers of The World Unite" nonsense, either. How was Stern supposed to know that was the state motto of the Soviet Union ?

--It's even crazier to believe that Eliseo Medina, the Veep of SEIU who is fighting to the last hammer and sickle the Arizona Immigration law, is one of the most dangerous leftists in the United States. Anyone who is anyone has the Debs Award for being the nation's best socialist. The guy, after all, served on Obama's Transition Team dealing with immigration, so he's gotta be on the up and up, right ? Once again, it was the vetting process that was at fault, not His Chairmanship.

We could go on and on, but I'm afraid if I continue, I'll be the victim of "coincidence".

God help us all.

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