Monday, May 31, 2010

I Will Now Say It....

If you take a scan of my previous columns, you'll note one word is curiously absent.

It starts with an "i", has the name of a fruit in the middle, and ends with a nice condiment.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I have never mentioned the word impeachment. That is until now.

The whole Job Gate mess involving Joe Sestak, where either former President and Walking Hormone Bill Clinton or, more likely, someone in the White House offered Sestak some sort of job to drop out of the Imperial Senate primary race against Benedict Arlen, who was offered help by the White House if he jumped ship and became a Democrat...... Sorry. I lost my train of thought. I threw up in my mouth a little. Corruption tends to make gag. Or scream "High Crimes and Misdemeanors!" while tossing my cookies.

We all know what happened. Sestak whupped Benedict at the polls, and ding dong, the wicked witch was dead. Now, the only thing that remains is that pesky question "what job was offered ?" Some are speculating that it was the Secretary of The Navy, which would require Chairman Obama's approval. Now, I'm going to shoot that one down right away. Chairman Obama may not be much of a leader, but he's a graduate of Chicago politics. The first thing you learn in Machine politics is never leave an evidence trail leading the Feds toward you. The Secretary of the Navy job would have done that, and I can't see his Chairmanship making that kind of mistake. Actually, I find the White House's version of events much more creepy and more believable. The White House claims that they offered Sestak an unpaid advisory role that he could keep while serving in Congress. That story is more believable, and quite frankly, far more dangerous. What kind of advisory job ? Would this give Sestak more power than the average Congressman ? Would this give Sestak unprecedented access to our Dear Leader ? Would Joe Sestak become some sort of czar ? Would Sestak be straddling both sides of the fence between the Executive and Legislative Branches ? Would he be mole for the administration, leaking information to them ?

I've resisted saying it since day one of this National Nightmare, but screw it, here it goes: OBAMA MUST BE IMPEACHED. This is a terrible precedent to be setting. Granted, the whole idea of Biden running the show would give me and anyone else with else with a functioning brain nervous diarrhea, but this obvious act of corruption must be investigated and ultimately punished. I know I have a better shot at playing quarterback in the NFL than actually seeing this happen, but we, as Conservatives, must start pounding on the war drums. We need to get the few remaining Conservatives in Congress on this bandwagon. If we don't--

God help us all.

We will have emboldened Chairman Obama and reinforced his belief that he can do anything he wants. We'll go from "In God We Trust" to "Ein Volk, Ein Reich, Ein Chairman." If nothing is done, if this is allowed to blow over, fascism will be the result. So let me say it again--

God help us all.

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